K. Hanekoma
Full Name K. Hanekoma
Current Age  ?
Gender Male
Location Mushibuya
Current Status Alive
Class Producer
Mr. Hanekoma, KAT
Latest Appearance The Mushroom Kingdom Ends With You
K. Hanekoma is a major character in The Mushroom Kingdom Ends With You.


Hanekoma's personality is laid back and enigmatic. He shows many talents, but does not reveal why to most, except perhaps Peach. He has a tendency to show up wherever the characters are to assist them, or drop a clue about their situation. Although he gets a kick out of seeing Mario flustered, Hanekoma often gives Mario the more powerful pieces of advice that he reflects upon throughout the game.


Hanekoma is introduced in the first week as sort of a "rule keeper" and a guardian to the players, though he is very enigmatic at times. Besides though it may seem that he is the source of Mario's nickname, "Phones", the one called him the first time by this nickname was Wario when these players meet at the beginning of Luigi's week in Day 2.

Hanekoma is the Game's Producer, who carries out requests for special items by the Composer, and observes the game's events in general. He wrote the Secret Reports, and is involved in many things "behind the scenes" (e.g., he designed and built the Player Pins). He claims to be an "Angel" from a "Higher Plane," and some of the reports seem to note that he has powers even greater than the Composer's. Hanekoma taught Sho Koopinamimoto how to produce Taboo Noise in the hopes that Koopinamimoto would be able to stop the Composer from winning his own game and destroying Shibuya. This crime led to his new status as a "Fallen Angel", though he "Happily accept(s) the stigma of Fallen Angel for this cause[of saving Shibuya]".