Justice Shield
Justice Shield as depicted by Sorastitch.
Full Name Justice Shield
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Anti-Hero
The Law
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Shield of Law
Ability/ies Upholding the law, good with a shield
Vulnerable To Uncontrollable when he has his helmet taken off.
First Appearance Justice Shield: Justice for All
Latest Appearance Justice Shield: Justice for All
Your no hero! Yep. *smirks*
Person and Justice Shield, Justice Shield: Justice For All

Justice Shield is a character created by Sorastitch (tbc). He first appeared in Justice Shield: Justice For All. He is a anti-hero that frequently appears to serve his own ideals and what is right. Often has he been called out on how he isn't a hero.


Justice Shield wears a helemet that covers his eyes, nose and the top of his face. The helmet is adorned with deer horns. It is unknown what his real face looks like.

He wears a yellow and black knight templar suit, with one leg black and the other yellow. He also carries around a shield, as he considers swords and guns as part of crime. However, he knows everything about swords and guns, and uses it to his avantage.


Justice Shield wants to be always right, and when put into a postiton of authority, he will punish people for the smallest of crimes, be it merely a wrong turn signal.

He also frowns upon people for using weapons like swords and guns, seeing them as criminal weapons.

He wants to fix the world, and he wants it done his way. Many frown upon that ideal, but he honestly thinks he's doing a good job.


I can do no wrong. There is only right and death.
Justice Shield, Justice Shield: Justice For All

Got a girlfriend? Yeah, it's called the law.
Valdrika and Justice Shield, Justice Shield: Justice For All


  • Justice Shield was inspired by Judge Dredd, Batman, and Captain America.
  • Like Valdrika, this character was created by Sorastitch but has no relation to the Doodleland series.
  • His helmet has been taken off, but nobody has lived to see what's under it.