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Just Desserts Theater is a new game for the Evo-Gem, developed by Gear Games and published by Nintendo. The new game stars Lady Iced Craeme, a actor recently hired for the Lady Riced Memorial Theater, and her battle against the Phantomfeast Troupe.




Name Description Class Tree

Iced Craeme

(Starter Character)

Lady Iced Craeme is the newest member of the Lady Riced Memorial Theater and one of the most popular actors as well. While she is cheerful and very athletic on the stage, she is also not that smart and often struggles at making plans at times.
  • Actor
    • Director
    • ???


(Starter Character)

A close friend to Iced Craeme and one of the employees of the Lady Riced Memorial Theater. She helps spread the news of plays by using her blog, and while she is mostly kind and caring, if she is pushed over the edge, she can be rather frightening and wrathful.
  • Gossiper
    • ???
    • ???


(Starter Character)

The owner of the Lady Riced Memorial Theater, who lost her arm in a accident during the theater's construction. She often makes many costly and successful plays, and while she loves "upgrading" her theater, Iced and the other employees have to talk her out of "upgrading" herself.
  • Director (Starts as a Promoted Class)


(Unlocked in Chapter 1, Stage 2)

The tailor of the Lady Riced Memorial Theater, who makes exotic costumes. Souperri once apprenticed under the famous Fabric Master Raviole, but ever since his master's death, he strives to become better then him. He often uses Iced and Clookie to test his latest clothes, much to the former's protest.


(Unlocked in Chapter 1, Stage 2)

The protege to Clookie, and the most famous actor in Lady Riced Memorial Theater. Juicetta is often overconfident about her acting prowess and has a humongous ego, though she is often worried of Iced upstaging and becoming more popular than her.


(Unlocked in Chapter 1, Stage 4)

The Janitor of the Lady Riced Memorial Theater, and a former clown. Deppdish only moves around on his trusted unicycle when cleaning, and he is often chosen as a opening act before the play. Unfortunately, Deppdish has a bad case of stage fright and often falls off his unicycle when in a crowd.

Frybot V7

(Unlocked in Chapter 2, Stage 1)

Frybot V7 is the seventh version of Frybot. This Frybot is made in order to fix up materials for frying machines and other food making machines, but his lack of emotion-chip caused him to have lack of empathy.

Princess Jell

(Unlocked in Chapter 2, Stage 2)

Princess Jell is the daughter of the ruler of the royal Jelatin Kingdom that rules the Mael Continent, and is a major fan of Lady Riced Memorial Theater. She is soft and fair, but is not above to stop anything that threaten her Jelatin Kingdom and the Lady Riced Memorial Theater.


(Unlocked in Chapter 2, Stage 2)

The cowardly royal pet of Princess Jell. While his shyness is a bit embarressing for Princess Jell, he will protect her from any danger...but rarely, he just ran away. He have a simple mind, and does not always understand complicated things.


(Unlocked in Chapter 2, Stage 3)

The SFX Designer of the Lady Riced Memorial Theater, as well as it's renovator. Heinz often designs the stage and special effects of each play, although he often gets carried away and rebuilds the entire inside of the theater, which makes most of the employees dislike him. He has a secret crush on Iced Craeme, but she often doesn't notice him. 


(Unlocked in ???)


Class Name Description Abilities



Actors are the most basic kind of role at theaters, and the master of building up various roles to play as. The Actor Class is mainly focused on using Cane Props and have high Movement and Speed and low Health and Luck. With the Promotion Heart, the Actor can become either the Director Class or the Playwright Class.
  • Cane Attack: A Actor's basic attack, which involves the user using their cane to cut through a enemy.
  • Cane Dash: A speedy cane attack where the user rushes around the opponent while attacking with various Cane strikes, before ending one Tile in front of the opponent.
  • Cane Counter: The user holds its Cane in a defensive position for the Turn, attacking any enemies that attack during the enemy's turn.
  • Cane Toss: The user throws its Cane at the opponent as a ranged attack that sacrifices the Cane used for the attack.
  • Repeater: The user copies the last move to attack her using a Cane, and depending on the ability last used against her, different things could happen.
  • Last Stand: The user unleashes a supreme Cane Attack, which deals as much damage as the damage the user currently has.



Tailors are the roles in the theater that build the costumes actors wear, and they mend the costumes when they tear. The Tailors are skilled in using Sewing Needle Props as ranged weapons, and can heal allies by using Costume Mend. Tailors tend to have high Smartness and Armor, and low Health and Attack. With the Promotion Heart, the Tailor can become either the Fabric Master Class or the ??? Class.
  • Sewing Launch: A Tailor's basic attack, where the user throws their sewing needles at the opponent before returning them with string.
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

SFX Designer


SFX Designers build all of the special effects in a play and usually design flashy and dramatic special effects to dazzle the audience. While SFX Designers mainly use Hammer Props in self defense, they mainly excel in laying explosive Special Effects on the field, which can deal damage to enemies that get close on it. SFX Designers tend to have all-around stats. With the Promotion Heart, the SFX Designer can become either the ??? Class or the ??? Class.



Artists paint the various props used in plays, and also paint the background of plays as well. Painters use various Cane and Paintbrush Props and with their paint, they can lower Enemy stats by painting them with negative colors. Artists tend to have high Health and Armor, and low Movement and Attack. With the Promotion Heart, the Artist can become either the ??? Class or the ??? Class.



Gossipers are the people who spread the word about plays, and either speak goodly or badly about them. Gossipers are capable of using Megaphone Props to attack from far away, and they can also spread gossip that can turn enemies against each other. Gossipers have high Smartness and Luck, and low Health and Attack. With the Promotion Heart, the Gossiper can either become the Critic Class or the ??? Class.



Janitors are the people who clean the various Theaters, and are often resourceful and strong. Janitors mainly use Mop Props that can fling water from a small distance, and the Janitor can clean up hazards such as garbage or Special Effects from enemy SFX Designers. Janitors have high Attack and Luck and low Health and Armor. With the Promotion Heart, the Janitor can either become the Mop Shogun Class or the ??? Class.



Dancers are the people who teach the actors how to move on stage, and are often cheerful and energetic. Fighting with Sewing Needle Props, Dancers have the unique ability to cheer on other characters, allowing them to take another action during the current turn. Dancers have high Movement and Attack and low Health and Armor. With the Promotion Heart, the Dancer can become either the Disco Dancer Class or the ??? Class.



Locksmiths are the people who can manufacture and create locks and keys that keep theaters safe at night. With the Hammer Props and Megaphone Props in hand, Locksmiths can attack both up close and far away, and Locksmiths can also break the locks on Chests and Doors to open them without need of Keys. Locksmiths have high Attack and Armor, and low Luck and Movement. With the Promotion Heart, the Locksmith can become either the ??? Class or the ??? Class.



Puppeteers are the ones to make various puppets and use them in plays to represent various monsters. While Puppeteers can only use Mop Props, they can summon various puppets to battle for them that last for a certain amount of turns. Puppeteers tend to have high Luck and Smarts, and low Health and Attack. With the Promotion Heart, the Puppeteer can become either the Strategist Class or the Puppet Spy Class.





Fabric Master




Mop Shogun


A Mop Shogun is a Janitor who has studied the Ways of the Shogun Beast, who have a will of pure titanium. Mop Shoguns mainly use Mops and Canes to slice through opponents and clean up hazards, though the Mop Shogun can "Unsheathe" Props, which boosts the power of a ally's Prop untill the end of the opponents next turn. Mop Shoguns tend to have very high Luck, high Attack and Smarts, low Health and Movement, and very low Armor. The Mop Shogun is a promotion to the Janitor Class via the Promotion Heart.

Disco Dancer




Puppet Spy







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