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This game is to Wii,Wii U,Xbox 360,PS4,and Xbox ONE


  • On Stage Floor
  • Just Sweat
  • Battle Mode
  • Auto Dance Feature
  • DJ Mix
  • Karaoke




¹:Only X360 & Xbox ONE

²:Only Wii & Wii U

³:Only PS4

Song Difficulty Mode Dancer
Walks Like Rihanna-The Wanted Medium
Electra Heart-Marina and The Diamonds Medium (G)
Don't Sweat My Technique-Erik B and Rakim Hard Solo (B)
Breakn' the Sweat-Skrillex & The Doors Medium
Another Day-Whigfield Easy
Queen Of Town-Corona Easy
B.E.A.T.-Selena Gomez Easy (G)(G)
Treat Me Right-Lil Suzy Hard
Magalenha-Sergio Mendes Hard (B)(G)
Kiss Through the Phone-Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Medium (B)
Zero Gravity-Kerli Medium (G)
Magnetic-Jessie J Easy
No Church in the Wild-Jay Z & Kanye West ft.Frank Ocean Hard
Acapella-Kelis Medium
Push It-Salt 'N Pepa
Spring Love-Stevie B Medium
Wonderland-Natalia Kills Easy
Samba de Janeiro-Belllini Hard
Magic-B.O.B. Easy
Champagne Showers-LMFAO ft. Natalia Kills Hard
Man Down-Rihanna hARD
Down for Whatever-Kelly Rowland ft Wavs Medium
Feel the Vibe-Afrika Bambaataa Medium
More-Usher Medium
S&M-Rihanna Easy
Va Va Voom-Nicki Minaj Easy (G)
Waiting fot the Night-Nelly Furtado Easy
The Star I Are-Caroline Sunshine Easy
Swine-Lady Gaga Medium
Thinking About You-Cynthia Hard
¹Come Into My Arms-Judy Torres Hard
²Right There-Ariana Grande ff Big Sean Medium
³Boomerang-Nicole Scherzinger Easy
Dalila-Ivete Sangalo Hard
Venus-Lady Gaga Medium
*Behino You-The Express Extreme

Battle Mode

Songs Difficulty Dancers
Afrika Bambaat-Feel The Vibe VS Lil Suzy-Treat Me Right Hard (B) vs (B)
Marina and the Diamonds-Electra Heart VS. Natalia Kills-Wonderland Medium (G) vs (G)
Corona-Queen Of Town VS. Nicki Minaj-Va Va Voom Medium (G) vs (G)
Caroline Sunshine-The Star I Are vs. Whigfield-Another Day Easy (B) vs.(G)
Sergio Mendes-Magalenha Vs. Erik B & Rakim-Don't Sweat My Technique Medium (B) vs (B)
Florence and the Machine-Spectrum(Say My Name)Vs. Rihanna-Lost in Paradise Medium (B) vs (G)
Selena Gomez-Whiplash VS Rihanna-Phresh out the Runway Easy (G) vs (B)
Azealia Banks-Yung Rapunxel Vs. Sharyn Maceren-In Just One Night Hard (G) vs (G)
Selena Gomez-My Dillema Vs.New Kids on the Block ft. Lady Gaga- Big Girl Now Easy (G) vs (G)
Janelle Monae-Cold War Vs. Nicki Minaj ft Eminem-Roman's Revenge Hard
  • (B) vs (B)
  • (G) vs. (G)
  • (B) vs (G)


Musics Difficulty Mode Dancer
In Just One Night-Sharyn Maceren Hard Solo (B)(G)
Phresh out the Runway-Rihanna Medium (G)(B)
Not Myself Tonight-Christina Aguileira Easy (G)
Big Girl Now-New Kids on the Block ft. Lady Gaga Easy
Cold War-Janelle Monae Easy
Let The Music Play-Shannon Hard
Whiplash-Selena Gomez Medium
Yung Rapunxel-Azealia Banks Hard
Frozen-Tammy Chynn ft Akon Easy
Dangerous-Kardinal Offishal ft Akon Hard
Lost in Paradise-Rihanna Medium
Fantasy Girl-Johnny O Hard (G)(G)(G)(G)
Dark Horse-Katy Perry ft. Juicy J. Easy
When I Fall in Love-Lil Suzy ft Collage Hard
Spectrum(Say My Name)-Florence and the Machine Medium
Do It Like a Dude-Jessie J Medium (B)(B)(B)(B)
My Dillema-Selena Gomez Medium
Who Owns My Heart-Miley Cyrus Medium
Nicki Minaj ft Eminem-Roman's Revenge Extreme (B)
Pyromania-Cascada Extreme

On Stage Floor Mode

Song Dancer
S&M-Rihanna (G)(G)(G)
Zero Gravity-Kerli (G)(G)(G)
Champange Shower-LMFAO ft Natalia Kills (B)(B)(B)
More-Usher (B)(B)(B)
Va Va Voom-Nicki Minaj (G)(G)(G)
Samba de Janeiro-Bellini (G)(B)(G)
Big Girl Now-New Kids on The Block ft. Lady Gaga (G)(B)(G)
Fantasy Girl-Johnny O (B)(G)(G)
Dangerous-Kardinall Offishall ft Akon (G)(B)(G)
When I Fall in Love-Lil Suzy ft Collage (B)(G)(B)
Frozen-Tammy Chynn ft Akon (B)(G)(B)
Who Owns My Heart-Miley Cyrus (G)(G)(G)

Mash Up/Alternative Mode

Song Difficulty
Afrika Bambaataa-Feel The Vibe Hard
Judy Torres-Come Into My Arms Hard
Rihanna - Phresh Out The Runway Medium
Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom Hard
Ivete Sangalo-Dalila Medium
Erik B & Rakim-Don't Sweat My Technique Extreme
Bellini-Samba de Janeiro Hard
Caroline Sunshine-The Star I Are Easy
Johnny O-Fantasy Girl Medium
Selena Gome-Whiplash Medium
Florence and the Machine-Spectrum(Say My Name) Hard
Janelle Monae-Cold War Medium
Azealia Banks-Yung Rapunxel Easy
Nicki Minaj & Eminem-Roman's Revenge Extreme
  • Unlockable

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