Jumpy the Joey (series) is a series or platforming video games by Hybrid Co. that revolves around a kangaroos extreme jumping abilities.


The developers were a fan of Ristars unique grabbing abilities and the company wanted to create a unique way of platforming in a unique environment.


The game takes place in the Australian outback, with jungles, deserts with some real life landmarks appearing such as Super Pit gold mine in Kalgoorlie. The levels all taking place in one world means that levels can be selected at any time around the map by navigating. Joey has a jump meter which is how much energy he can use in his jumps. If the A button is held down then it will be a longer jump, but tapping a quickly will cause two quick bounces, jumps will have to be planned to overcome obstacles and enemies. The whole environment is stereotypically Australian with koalas, wallabies and evil kangaroos as enemies.


  • Jumpy the Kangaroo - The 1995 SNES original with gameplay akin to platformers at the time but with capering jumping abilities.
  • Jumpy Beat - A 2007 reboot with Levels similar to the SNES game but it controlled by rhythmic taps of the DS stylus.
  • Jumpy's Olympic Triathlon - Jumpy partakes in 3 Olympic events for mobiles, WiiWare and iOS.


  • Jumpy - The sole hero, bullied as a child and living on his own now seeking for a purpose in life travelling around the country.

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