Jumping And Smashing Game is an upcoming MAYBE ACTUALLY REAL MAYBE indie game by 1337doom (tbc).


Fall is a person. Fall likes dirt. The dirt is gone one day. It is all captured in cages by The Wizard Tall. Fall really wants it back so he/she goes to break all the cages. All of them. Also there are several stones hidden along the way. They are really shiny, and shiny things are second only to the majesty that is dirt.


The gameplay is a basic platformer, although Fall is a bit floaty and/or slidey. Each level is fairly short and there is a cage at the end containing dirt. You win the level when you break the cage. There are also several gems and stones in the levels, try to get them too. Fall can also wall-jump. The levels can get a bit hard.


  • Dirt (50)
  • Coal (5)
  • Iron (5)
  • Opal (10)
  • Ruby (10)
  • Sapphire (10)
  • Diamond (2)
  • Titanium (1)
  • Australium (1)


All of the characters play the same, however graphic effects are quite different.

  • Fall (from start)
    • A spirit of the forest who has no gender. He/she really likes dirt.
  • God (25 Dirt)
    • Not only did he (supposedly) create Earth, he also created seventy other planets, on which he works in actually rather straightforward ways.
  • Leet Doom (50 Dirt)
    • Some random kid who uses the computer all day. He's rather unimportant.
  • ??? (5 Coal)
  • ??? (5 Iron)
  • Cat (5 Opal)
    • It's a kitten!
  • ??? (10 Opal)
  • Mini Mr. Mini (5 Ruby)
    • A member of the Mini species. They are really small, in theory.
  • ??? (10 Ruby)
  • Gustav (5 Sapphire)
    • Doesn't see the world in a normal way. There's something ominous about him despite his happy attitude...
  • ??? (10 Sapphire)
  • The Wizard Tall (1 Diamond)
    • Dirt-hater! He's also tall.
  • Demon (2 Diamond)
    • Two times as evil as The Wizard Tall, but that isn't saying much.
  • Ron (1 Titanium)
  • An eccentric time magician of the night!
  • Steam (1 Australium)
    • She'll help you download video games, and enjoys sales! But her job is very tiring, and she's really just looking for someone nice to talk to.


There will be 50 levels divided between five worlds. The tenth level in world 5 is a battle with The Wizard Tall.

  1. Home
  2. The Mountains
  3. Space
  4. The Tar Pits
  5. Magic Palace

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