Jump War Stars: Nintendo Takedown (ジャンプ戦争スターズ任天堂株式会社テイクダウン Idō Nintendōboshi Teikudaunsensō Jump Vs. Nintendo (English Name)) is the sequel to Jump Ultimate Stars and Jump Super Stars. It represents more series' than the last 2 games. It is also the first game from the Jump Stars series to go outside of Japan.


The game has unique gameplay, differing from the previous Beat 'em up style of the previous games. In the Overworld you pick a Nintendo Land, and in the lands, there are regions, and in each city there are cities. By picking a city, you start off with a turn-based grid style attack on enemy troops (It is Mii's mixed in with special troops depending on the enemy) with your general chars (Weekly Shonen Jump Pirates mixed in with special troops depending on your char). If you win you face the enemy chars with your specific characters(that you chose), and if you lose grid-based battle you still face the enemy char, but the enemy char is more powerful than normal. If you win against the normal enemy battle, you take over the city, if you win the stronger enemy characters, you fight the grid-based battle again, only the troops are weaker. Also on the map is a portal, in which you go back SJ-land and click on a series to purchase packs and chacters from it.



how to unlock them is in parentheses

  • Naruto (Best Default Pack)
  • Sakura (Best Default Pack)
  • Sasuke (Best Default Pack)
  • Rock Lee (Default not in a pack)
  • Tenten (Unlockable Hyuga Pack)
  • Neji (Unlockable Hyuga Pack)
  • Sai (Default, not in a pack)