Jump RPG
Jump RPG
Developer(s) User:AGaming
Publisher(s) JumpBlue
Platform(s) Nintendo DS(with DS Tilt bonuses)
Story, Multiplayer, Nintendo WFC
Age Rating(s)
ESRB; Teen, PEGI; 12+, CERO; A
Genre(s) Role-Playing Game
Media Included DS Cartridge

Jump RPG is an upcoming video game for the Nintendo DS. It is currently being developed by AGaming, in association with Shonen Jump. It is an RPG based in the various universes of the Shonen Jump mangas. The game tells the story of Red Izushima, who wakes up one day in a world where all of the Shonen Jump universes have collided. Red has only the memory of his name, and must figure out how to escape from JumpWorld, and regain his memory by helping the Jump characters save their planet.



A large fraction of Jump RPG's gameplay is based around the exploration of the newly formed JumpWorld. As Red, you journey around the overworld investigating the merging of the Jump universes and your sudden appearance in JumpWorld. From here you can talk to characters, accept quests, and play minigames.