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Jumbo Hippo is the 10th episode of the Skip and Sqak Anime Series. It first aired on April 28 1996. The story is when Kaida puts Tubby on a diet, which results Tubby going on a rampage due to his strong hunger and eats everything in his path.



Croco has to take care of Kluky, Mr. Owl's pet KoKo (that is a cross between a parrot, chicken and toucan) for the weekend after he tricked Mr. Owl that he took good care of Kluky as an excuse for not doing his Science Journal. Robin knows Croco would never do a great job (after he accidentaly killed Mr. Owl's last pet).

Meanwhile, Jessica and Janice prepare Tubby's favorite snack, a full plate of tacos, which Tubby can smell a mile away. He comes running but gets stuck to the door. Kaida, Jessica and Janice pull Tubby from the inside while his friends push him from the outside. After getting pushed out of the door, Tubby is excited to finally have his tacos but Kaida swipes the whole plate away before he even eats one.

Kaida stated that Tubby is getting more fat every day, so she decides to put him on a diet which shocks the gang and Tubby. During his diet, Kaida forbids Tubby to eat tacos and other of his favorite snacks, and instead he has to eat "diet hippo food" (green lumpy soup that tastes acrid to Tubby).

Croco lets Kluky eat all of Tubby's favorite snacks as Tubby gets pungent over his diet food. Kluky teases a starving Tubby so Croco decides to settle the fight with a brawl, with Tubby named "Jumbo Hippo" and Kluky named "The Pecker" for the fight. However before Tubby can get his hands Kluky, he begins hallucinating Kluky as a body of chicken meat and goes beserk.

Kluky, seeing Tubby going insane, runs out of the palace crowing in horror. As Croco goes out to get Kluky, everyone is trying to hold on to Tubby but he breaks free and charges through the door. Meanwhile, King Cheatsy is having a tea party with his coins, not before noticing a panicing Kluky running by and Tubby who gets tired from running and drops down.

Cheatsy offers Tubby a cup of tea, but Tubby goes beserk again and chases Cheatsy until he hears Slim Flapeo calling his name. Slim knows how Tubby feels about his diet and offers him a taco, but before Tubby can eat it he sees Slim as a giant taco, and attacks the ape and eats the rest of his tacos. The gang saw a beat-up Tron and realized Tubby is eating everything he sees while chasing Kluky all over the palace.

The gang saw Mr. Mole's kitchen destroyed and with food empty, realizing Tubby did this. The gang finally found Tubby down in the market, chasing Kluky and eating all the food and everything around him. Luckily, Tubby gets full from all the food he ate and belches. With Tubby all full, Kaida found out what Tubby was doing and scolds him.

But Croco freaks out as he saw one of Kluky's tale feathers, believing Tubby ate him. Croco panics that Mr. Owl will (literally) kill him until he saw Kluky on top of a tree branch. However, the branch breaks and Kluky falls on Tubby's belly. With Kluky safe, Tubby blames his troubles on Slim for giving him tacos, where Kaida yells his name out loud. Slim panics and jumps into his trash can, with a sign saying "I'm Closed!".


  • When Tubby goes beserk, his eyes turn red and panting like a dog.
  • Dib made a reference to Taco Bell by stating "Man, it looks like a Taco Bell Restaraunt exploded!" as he and the gang saw Slim's shop destroyed by Tubby.
  • Also, Tubby made a reference to KFC by yelling out "Gogekkan Cooked Koko! My favorite meal!" when seeing Kluky as chicken meat. Gogekkan Cooked Koko could be a parody of KFC.

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