Julius Roy
Full Name Julius Roy
Current Age 15
Date of Birth May 14
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Australia
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Ephemerality
Latest Appearance Ephemerality

Julius Roy is the author avatar of JesseRoo (tbc) as he appears within the Verus universe, and more specifically Ephemerality where he is the main character.



Other Appearances

Tainted Dreams

Personal Information


Julius was gifted with Enchanting magic from a mage spike. He uses a large number of knives as weapons, which are enchanted to be easily thrown (even tracking their target to a small degree) and return to Julius after a short amount of time. He also enchants his clothes to provide added protection, and his shoes to allow him to run faster and jump higher.

His unique spell is Guardian, which he can enchant one object with at a time. An object enchanted by the Guardian spell gains the ability to communicate telepathically with him, and has the personality and memories of all previous Guardians (essentially, the same Guardian returns every time the spell is re-cast). He named his Guardian Chapeau, as the spell was initially cast on a hat while Julius was testing it.