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Julie Kasai, Faitingu: Origins

Julie Kasai
Julie Kasai
Julie Kasai in Faitingu: Origins
Full Name Julie Kasai
Gender Female
Location Lillipup Town
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Various Psychic and Fire powers
Element(s) Fire
First Appearance Faitingu: Origins
Latest Appearance Fantendo Kart: Helden
Family and Relations
May Kasai (Ancestor)

Julie Kasai is a Fire/Psychic-type Mawile, and one of the main characters in the Faitingu series. Julie is, like any Mawile, a fast eater (resulting in hiccups that dirupt her psychic powers) and has the ability, like Lee, to connect with her ancestor, May.


Julie Kasai is a Mawile, meaning she's short, wears a dress and has a huge jaw, which hangs on the back of her head. Julie wears a yellow choker and sometimes red princess-like gloves. In the 2014 reboot of the series, her left eye is green while her right eye is pink.



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