Jugrim is a ghoulish sub-species of the Lakitu. They have a skeletal appearance, and a nightmarish red cloud. They could be described as a combination of a Drybones and a Lakitu.


A watchful Jugrim.

In the games

Jugrim first appears in the somewhat infamous game New Super Mario Bros. CD. In this game, they patrol the skies of Swooper's Mansion, and can engage Mario in a battle if collided with on the overworld. Unlike a normal Lakitu, they can swoop down at the player, and can throw multiple Spinies at a time. If Mario jumps on a Jugrim, he will retract into his cloud, and the aforementioned cyrrus will gain a frown. Mario can then ride the cloud around like a normal Lakitu's Cloud would allow him to do. However, the frown slowly grows back into a smile, and at this point, the Jugrim pops back out. If Mario is unfortunate enough to still be in the cloud at the time of this event, he will be absorbed by it. Jugrims appear in 2-2, 2-4, 2-A, and 6-1. They are more common than Lakitus.

A Jugrim also appears in the highly acclaimed game Fantendo Christmas Party, where he is a playable DLC character. It is unknown if he will host a board.

Jugrims are set to appear in the new titles Yoshi's Story Book and Koopa! However, not much is known at this point.


  • Their name is a portmandeau of Jugem, Lakitu's Japanese name, and the Grim Reaper.

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