Judy Heartgold
Current Age 61
Date of Birth February 15th
Gender Female
Species Zaxinian Kittuman
Location Naxaz, Zonar
Align Questionable
Current Status Alive
Height 5'06"
First Appearance Unknown
Judy Heartgold is a minor character in the Zaxinian Lifts, being the neglecting mother of Valerie Heartgold and Dr. Naseefa that resulted in many terrible events to come. She currently lives in solitude in the Zaxinian Lifts' capital city Naxaz, with her home having become a prison for the damned - something her off-centered mind is not even weary of. Judy is a very forgetful woman that continuously forgets about her own existence as well as others', forgetting things almost instantly after learning them and having great trouble keeping up with the times. She can only remember things if she writes them onto a sketchpad on her refrigerator, which reminds her to breathe and eat like any other average human. When interacting with others, Judy has strong tendencies to gossip about others and targets anyone who's done her wrong, but conversations with her don't last long as she is partially deaf and has great trouble hearing others (often yelling at them to speak up). She is occasionally seen getting extremely drunk at Oyster's bar, where she is often criticized by her for not remembering to pay prior to leaving.

Despite Judy's status as a minor character, she has a strong influence on how her two children came about as people. Due to her constant forgetfulness, she has had loads of trouble trying to feed them and shelter them, and has proved to be absolutely useless in their whole relationship. As she never taught her children about her forgetful memory or reliance on refrigerator notes, they both grew up believing that she never actually cared about them (they were never told they were loved by her), and carried some of her negative influences with them. Dr. Naseefa became a notable villain, who saw his prominence as one peak in Morning Sun: Eyes of a Child, and blamed his mother for his neglect on care for all humanity. Valerie Heartgold became a multi-billionaire off her rotten childhood as well as findings of old Silver Zin relics, and became something of a narcissist to protect her own sanity and see the good in herself that she was never taught by her parents whatsoever.

Her husband, Mike Heartgold, was mostly responsible for teaching these kids how to live. However, he was physically abusive of them and had no control over his own behavior whenever they would mess up. He eventually died whilst Valerie was eleven, however, when Judy Heartgold forgot to safely cook raw meat for a meal, causing in Mike dying of an E. coli infection.


Judy Heartgold is set to make an appearance in Zin Emergence: Rebirth of a God as a minor character.

Backstory / Personality

Judy Heartgold is extremely forgetful and neglectful of her own surroundings, which have resulted in her being a rather terrible parent. She constantly forgets to feed them and even love them, which has resulted in very mixed futures for both of her children. Her lack of ability to comfort them following rounds of abuse from their out-of-control father has also resulted in negative scars on their minds, as she was never actually capable of remembering what he did, and lacked an ability to punish or threaten her own husband. This resulted in multiple forms of abuse for both of her young children, which she was unable to control. Due to her constantly forgetting to do such, she rarely ever went out shopping for food (let alone the right food), which forced her children to learn how to shop for themselves or otherwise steal food from the Naxaz streets. She may only remember things if they were tacked onto notes by her fridge prior to her forgetting them quickly; those are the only things she does on a day-by-day basis, with anything else she does being strongly up to luck.

Judy is not an intentionally bad person, simply having genes that would make her intensely short-term memory and partial deafness very harmful towards others, whether she actually meant harm or not. It is assumed that, if her memory wasn't so awful, that she would be a very fine mother towards her children - aside from her poor memory, she is usually a nice, forgiving, and understanding person. The only actually negative traits she carries intentionally are her tendencies to gossip and spread very personal, disgusting details to her own children provided she can actually remembers the events that utilize such gross details. As such, they both learned about things like intercourse at a young age due to their mother yapping her head off about things that are usually learned way later down the line. Due to the way she gossips negatively about people and exaggerates details, Dr. Naseefa and Valerie Heartgold don't exactly have very good views about the human race (especially the former).


  • Judy Heartgold is said to have trained to be a judge in court, but unexpected appearances of short-term memory loss in her teenage years ended up cancelling her training as one. She owns a banhammer back home, however, that she uses if her word on something is final.
  • Though she is Valerie's mother, she carries absolutely none of Valerie's obscene athletic abilities, being a rather average person when it comes to physical abilities (if not a little weaker; she tends to be a little too out of shape for even running).

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