Judgment (should not be confused with JudgEment) is Matthew's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. Once Matthew gets the Smash Ball, he lifts his sword in the air and summons Judgment, a huge, angelic knight, clothed in a purple, shining armor, wielding a lion shield and a sword. He will then commence attacking the opponents with his sword and shield. The player does not lose control of Matthew in the process. Judgment can also fire a huge laser blast from his shield, which he does near the end of the summon. The Final Smash lasts for nearly 10 seconds, similarly to Giga Bowser. It is a very powerful Final Smash and one of the most powerful Summons in the Golden Sun universe.




Summon Judgement

The full process of Judgment Summon in the original series.

Game Boy Advance - Golden Sun (2001)

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