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Judge (Shape-Shifter)

Judge Beorn

Judge Human

Judge Cateona

Judge Zenderfly

Judge Arcbear

Judge's six most significant forms
Full Name Judge
Gender Male (Referred to as)
Species Shape-Shifter

Disguised As

  • Human
  • Beorn
  • Metalloid
  • Sparkling
  • Phoenix
  • Razor Driller
  • Popox Spores
  • Blob
  • Cateona
  • Pupfrog
  • Revpulso
  • Arcbear
  • Doragon
  • Rubber
  • Chembios
  • Deadtorn
  • Veilock
  • Crysajaw
  • Bleachdox
  • Celltorr
  • Birerone
  • Crogrock
  • Plavoid
  • Zenderfly
  • Magma Sentinel
  • Jerrybean
  • Draconid
  • Sonorodium
  • Plant Elemental
  • Glavile
  • Hollow
  • Narobi-Tron
  • Sian
  • Greek Plasmavoid
  • Malchant
  • Pyrochancer
  • Snowpoff
  • Sunettle
  • Teddy Bear
  • Crikall
  • Space Squid
  • Fandraxonian
  • Clanoe
  • Regalon
  • Lumanix
  • Tempantal
  • Silk Screamer
  • Tellusan
  • Essentia
  •  ???
Element(s) Dependent on form
Ability/ies Common in all forms
  • Shape Shifting
  • Dimension Jumping
  • Temporal Clap
  • Voice Manipulation
Height Depends on Form
Weight Depends on Form
Sexuality Pansexual

Judge is a Shape-Shifting character who serves as an upcoming antagonist. His intentions are unknown and no one seems to knows his origin or what his species designation is. As a Shape-Shifter he rarely appears in his true form although disguises himself as numerous species.


Judge has not been recorded in his true form, partly because no one knows what species he originates from and also because he can oddly mimic morphing species like Metalloids and Rubbers.

His human appearance has varied, aside from mimicking real humans his most recent non-duplicated appearance was of an elderly man, the man's skin is completely obscured by his glasses, hair and clothing. Some believe this is because Judge has been unable to perfectly mimic human faces.

Despite it being an almost extinct species, Judge often mimics Beorn donning a yellow coloured fur, darker than Xerra's fur. He also appears to wear a cloak possibly to conceal his body which has said to have a pattern of stripes on it.

As a Metalloid, Judge has a bluish-grey texture although his appearance is odd as bluish-grey metalloids are commonly geometrical in their shape while Judge's mimic form has a flat metal body. While for most this is impossible to notice, Metalloids are able to easily distinguish him as well as any robot that has species recognition data.

When disguised as a Sparkling, Judge has been described as having a jagged appearance on his detected forms with a cosmic colouration of Dark-Blue and Indigo. He is slightly larger than the average Sparkling and has been known to primarily use this form against robots as most are prone to malfunctions from overloading circuitry.

Judge oddly has been seen mimicked as a Phoenix. This is possibly to allow him to scout out planets from a distance as while Phoenixes are rare in the Universe, they are able to appear on any planet as they can fly through the depths of space. His one discerning feature is when he jets as a Phoenix, Judge has been noted as having a Black Fire explode from his wings with small orange embers.

As a Razor Driller, Judge appears to perfectly mimic the bizarre seemingly cyborg creatures. He has only been detected by robots although has most often been detected as an Auburn Razor Driller with Gold Spots. Every instance of his detection recorded has had his drills with counterclockwise spirals indicating he obtained the ability to mimic from Subterranean Razor Drillers.

Possibly his most mysterious mimic form, Judge is able to become a cloud of spores from a large fungus called a Popox. The spores are incredibly toxic and is possibly used as a defence mechanism used by him. His cloud is Crimson-Pink in colour possibly indicating he gained his ability from Ashland Popox Fungi. It is unknown if he can mimic Popox Fungi themselves although as they have no natural predators due to their toxicity making him undetectable to any non-robotic individuals.

When mimicking the Blob species, Judge takes on a nearly translucent appearance with a slight blue tinge to his body. He has been described as being stealthy and extremely manipulative in this form, possibly due to his easily morph-able body in blob form that doesn't give him away. It is suspected however that his blob form is actually a cryoblob as he has been sighted in areas where common blobs would normally freeze. This may also mean he can use Ice Powers I this form.

Judge's Cateona form is rather mysterious as the species is very rare so most mistake this form for other species. Judge's form has a triple fur colour pattern of Black, Gold and Indigo fur. This is considered even more rare for Cateonas and is more commonly seen in other species. Judge has said to use his Cateona form to intimidate others into doing his bidding.

Judge is able to mimic Pupfrogs, a large and relatively simple minded creature. His use for this transformation is unknown, it has combat abilities but has also be noted for stealth on occasion so some believe he uses his Pupfrog form to trick people into thinking those around him are the mimics as he is usually found with other Pupfrogs or in larger groups of people. Like all Pupfrogs he has a bizarre piece of flesh around his neck that is bright yellow, in addition he appears to mainly mimic the Grassland Pupfrog which are light Green.

His fastest recorded mimic form, Judge's Revpulso form is capable of high speed escape and is commonly hard to detect. Like most Revpulso he has cybernetic attachments to improve his speed capabilities. This has allowed him to blend in with all classes of Revpulsos including, High Class and Homeless. It has been documented his arms double as weapons as his left arm can be used as a Flamethrower while his right can shoot magnetic oil to stop pursuing robots.

Judge is able to mimic a species that looks somewhat similar to Unten, called the Arcbear. Believed to be extinct, Judge is known to use this mimic form in extreme climates and when combating Fire Power users. The Arcbear form is light blue and has hexagonal-star eyes. It is believed this is due to the fact the Arcbear species' homeworld orbited an incredibly rare Hextuple Star System. The Arcbears possess powers over Ice, and this is seen as a counterpart to the Beorn's Electrical Powers.

A ferocious form that Judge takes, his Doragon form is nicknamed the Ash Demon as his flames are able to solidify targets solid in an ash encasement. His Doragon form has a long hightail while his wings appear jagged and rocky. It is unknown if like other Doragons Judge can transform into a Dragon or not although it is possible he could simply turn into a standard Dragon instead.

In his Rubber form, Judge is able to manipulate the length of his atomic structure like other Rubbers. He has a Pale Red colouration in his form and has a pair of spike ball cores that normally rest in his hands. His eyes are oddly a different colour to the rest of his body appearing almost white in colour.

Said to be one of the Judge's more hazardous forms, the Chembios mimic form is capable of releasing noxious gases into the surrounding area said to be made up of over 20 different acids. His Chembios form appears to be that of a Lead based Chembios creature, regarded as one of the most deadly variations of the species, capable of even killing lesser Chembios creatures. Judge has a tank on its back that stores a mysterious liquid in this form that serves a currently unknown purpose.

Judge's Deadtorn mimic form is like most Deadtorn's in which, he is able to tear his body parts away from his body and regrow said body parts. Judge bypasses this re growth period by reattaching his body parts. His Deadtorn form mimics the imperfection of this process by having patchy skin. In addition Judge is able to use his torn body parts while they're detached including, eyes and ears.

Likely his most persuasive form, Judge's Veilock mimic is based off Southern Three Feathered Veilocks and has a slightly light blue tinge to his body in this form. Like other Veilocks Judge is able to perform astral projections and laser flight, the latter is a technique where one flies at extremely fast speeds and produces several jets of high energy ions that can damage or destroy chasing enemies.

This bizarre form that Judge takes is from an uncommon animalistic species called the Crysajaw. It is said to only naturally occur on one planet, the triple ringed mega planet, Nulovox. Not much has been documented on Crysajaws although Judge's mimicry of this creature has displayed incredible jaw power and an impressive resistance to the cold. The mimic is also able to perform a data purge in this form and likely uses it to destroy information about him.

Described as one of the more hostile forms for Judge to take. The Bleachdox species is under restriction due to their common aggressive tactics, this makes it common for Judge to only use this form in combat and not for stealth. Like other Bleachdoxies, Judge is capable of releasing sticky fumes that solidify soon after launch sticking a target to a surface. Bleachdox are also incredibly defensive tactics as their torso and outer limbs are described as being as strong as concrete and as flexible as elastic. In addition Judge has shown a technique in his Bleachdox form that has not been witnessed from other Beachdox's likely due to their civil lifestyles, that technique being the ability to surf walls and ceilings with their fumes acting as jets.

A species renowned for their deceptive nature and excellent bartering skills, Judge's Celltorr form is a suspicious sort as its shape is akin to small animal holding cells. The main body features 6 odd metal rods that are able to change consistency, thickness and shape on a whim, excluding the fact that Judge is also capable of these techniques. In addition the Celltorrs have sturdy metallic skin on most of their bodies making them heavily resistant to Radiation Damage and the extremes. The one exception to this natural armour are their plasma tendrils, constantly electrified they can release a resonating ring to disable enemies. In addition each tendril has a Golden Spike and due to Celltorr's natural ability to float, Judge can spin rapidly to use the spikes like a buzzaw.

A cybernetic species, the Birerone is one of the most odd mimic forms for Judge to take. No one is quite sure how he is capable to mimic so much inorganic material. Like other Birerones, at first glance he appears to like other Birerones to have a gaseous organic body, sealed by the cybernetic suit on the outside. His suit is similar to that of the lieutenant rank officers in the Birerone armed forces. It is equipped with dual ion cannons on each arm and a cerebral reflector around the head. It is unknown what the Judge's gaseous form as a Birerone is exactly and it could be that Judge fluxuates his gaseous form of his Birerone mimic.

In his Crogrock form, Judge is able to telepathically communicate with other plants and is able to use them like other Crogrocks to see great distances. In addition like other Crogrocks, Judge is actually a geological creature in this form, merely with the appearance of a plant. Judge appears to have gained his mimic form from the Western Deadleaf species of Crogrocks as he is able to kill plants and turn them into poisonous explosives as weapons against attackers.

In his Plavoid form Judge possesses an incredible power of electricity and the weather, almost incomparable to other species. Plavoids are in reality very small, only about the size of a human's lower arm. The Plavoid species, however are able to create dynamic bodies out of the Electricity they generate. Judge commonly takes a ghostly form as a Plavoid, and his electricity is usually a bright Green and Red, he supposedly uses these two as a way of stealing the electrical charge of a victim.

Judge's Zenderfly mimic form is commonly used for torture and combat and is even capable of camouflage like the few remaining Zenderflies of the universe. As an insect species Judge has shown remarkable adaptation to their biology, capable of effectively using his compound eyes in the Zenderfly form. In addition while few have been documented, Judge has shown abilities of those recorded including their ability of flight. He can also perform a blinding flash to stagger enemies as well as antagonise victims. Like other Zenderflies, Judge can cause Epileptic fits with his wings due to their ability to change colour extremely rapidly. Additionally Judge has the ability in this form to make himself look like a shrouded Insectoid alien like other Zenderflies to disguise himself without transforming. The last Zenderfly ability Judge is known to possess is their extremely dangerous radiation burst, an explosion of stored irradiated particles in the Zenderflies' pouches said to have the same effect as being directly exposed to a solar flare at point blank range.

A recently discovered form of Judge is his Magma Sentinel form. In this form Judge takes a radically different colouration to the common Magma Sentinels seen, instead taking the form of a Deadcore, a subspecies capable of similar fire techniques as the regular Magma Sentinel but with a lack of a Selentium core the sub-species is impossible to detect through Thermal, X-Ray or Nanoparticle Rays. Instead the sub-species relies on a manufactured gem called Gravitium, originally named due to its dense weight but repurposed its name to refer to the seemingly dead state of the Magma Sentinels of this form that exist. The exiled sub-species roams around so Judge seems to blend in more easily with this form. One somewhat distinct difference is Judge's White Flame, due to the Magma Sentinel being one of Judge's utility forms, its fire burns hot enough to seperate particles at the atomic level.

Possibly done just to piss people off, Judge has a tendency to mimic the Galaxy's most annoying sentient species, the Jerrybean. Possibly the worst version of the Jerrybean, Judge mimics a Blue Jerrybean, capable of teleportation and generally known for being thieves, Blue Jerrybeans can also create small pocket dimensions to hide stuff and are able to perfectly mimic handwriting and voices of other individuals, a trait Judge's species seems to lack in other forms. Judge has been recorded using this form mainly to steal random stuff from people as well as replacing water fountains with Plutonian Cats. He has also mooned The Fan 3 times in this form.

An uncommon form to say the least, Judge's Draconid form is primarily used for combat due to the distinct appearance of each Draconid. Judge appears to mimic the common Swamp Draconid due to his tangled hair and green body colouration. Like other Draconids, Judge possesses the ability to transform into a Wyvern with magical capabilities over water. In his Humanoid-Serpent form, Judge is also capable of using Hand-Tail Combat. He wears Red & Black clothing for his upper torso in this form, a sign to other Draconids that he is an exile (likely due to him not actually being a Draconid).

Like other Sonorodiums, Judge's Sonorodium form is capable of creating, manipulating and distorting sound. Judge primarily uses this form to destabilize particles safely and quietly as he can loosen the bonds with the correct frequency. This form also hides extremely well in the shadows allowing for him to effectively meld with the wall. Judge seems to naturally have two sounds he uses for attacks, the sound of a Chainsaw which is used for both intimidation and point-blank attacks and the sound of a Hyperwyvern's Roar which he uses to destroy structures when his cover is blown.

An odd form for Judge to mimic, his Plant Elemental form is derived from a species that had only recently attained Space travel. He specifically seems to be a mimic of the Roughlands Plant Elementals, capable of surviving on very little water and possessing plant manipulation. In this form Judge can summon giant vines covered in deadly poison-tipped spikes to crush and strangle an opponent. In addition like all Plant Elementals he is able to expel the water from another plant and use for recovery of themselves, in addition Judge is able to like other Plant Elementals, sever a limb and grow it back quite rapidly. As he mimics Roughlands Plant Elementals, these severed limbs become thorny and extremely tough, capable of being used for direct melee combat.

Judge has been known to mimic the odd, insectoid species known as Glaviles. In this form it seems Judge uses it to infiltrate high ranking Glavile Hive Ships across the universe to cause mayhem, as he is not part of the hive mind of each Glavile Hive Ship he is undetectable as Glaviles rely on species identification to recognize intruders. In his Glavile form Judge possesses a powerful exoskeleton along his entire body that protects him from Ballistic and Energy Weapons. In addition his two spear like arms are able to jab out at blinding speeds capable of piercing most armour. In his Glavile Form Judge can even eat through most metals and organic materials with ease due to the high strength of a Glavile's jaw.

Judge can mimic the mysterious and rather unsettling Hollow, a species that are in essence a tiny ball of light that inhabits a dead body to reanimate it. Judge's Hollow Form uses the Swamp Hollows which are known to reanimate those that have decayed. Judge's body appears to be of a bipedal creature with a spiked tail although the specifics of what species are undetermined. As a hollow, Judge can fire powerful laser blasts out of the holes in his wrists as well as out of his head to protect himself from direct and aerial attacks. In addition an ability he seems to have learnt from outside sources is to use his tail like a piledriver to stab his enemies from unusual angles. The weak structure of the body causes Judge to frequently break into smaller pieces in this form allowing for him to attack as a group instead of a single entity.

A rather odd form for Judge to take, Judge can mimic Narobi-Tron a species of serpentine creatures with the power of electricity. Their species also possess a lack of bones allowing for Judge to stretch in this form for both combat and stealth. As a Narobi-Tron, Judge is a very dark shade of yellow with Green eyes and three green stripes on his upper back. His tail is club shaped meaning he likely mimicked a warrior Narobi-Tron as opposed to the Noble, Heart-Tailed or Commoner, Spade-Tailed. Judge appears to use this form primarily to creep through small areas and fight enemies in compact spaces.

Judge has been accounted for mimicking the tall, humanoid species known as Sians. Judge's Sian form is very pecualiar as he appears to adopt both clawed toes and rounded fingers, something not often seen on Sians. In addition he has nine tails something rarely seen in the species although may hint that he didn't obtain this form from any known Sian. Judge uses his Sian form for scouting due to its height. In addition Judge appears to use a special type of martial arts in this form known as Mal-Chan which is commonly used by 13-limbed species, of course Judge uses the nine tails of his Sian form in this combat making it incredibly difficult to defend against as most people who train against Mal-Chan describe it as a constant and irregular onslaught due to the prime number of limbs used.

Said to be one of the most erratic forms Judge takes, Judge's Greek Plasmavoid form is from the species of the same name which gets it from its Plasma-based body and three distinct heads of conciousness. While all three heads are kept alive by the same crystal they exhibit different emotions. In Judge's case his three heads in this form exhibit Joy, Dissapointment & Anxiety. Being Plasma based this form is capable of entering stars and causing destruction within the stars. In addition Judge is known to use this form when infiltrating non-sentient planets as he can compact his body into an asteroid shape and go by undetected even by robots. In addition he appears to be able to generate extreme levels of heat and cold as well as conducting electricity. It is assumed that disconnecting the crystal from the rest of the body will cause Judge to revert to an alternate form.

Judge has also been known to mimic the highly deadly, Planet-locked species known as Malchant. These heavily dangerous creature is known to use both Light and Dark based attacks. Judge only uses this form in combat and it is one of his most dangerous forms to take. In this form Judge can shoot blinding rays of light and corrupting balls of darkness to convert anyone attempting to harm him to his side. In addition he can perform a technique Malchant's commonly use called Greyscale, which involves repeatedly firing high velocity shots of particles of Light and Dark Matter to completely annihilate any creature irregardless of its armour/shields. In addition Judge has also demonstrated his abilities to attack Dimension Jumping creatures in this form as he is able to use the Light and Dark astral projections from this form to grab and drain the life from any being in a different dimension. This leaves said being as a husk and is considered one of the most atrocious acts one can commit.

Judge has been known to mimic the fiery-liquid plastic creatures known as Pyrochancers. Pyrochancers are capable of basic and some advanced Pyrokinesis as well as being able to stretch their limbs and general great levels of thermal heat. In addition, Pyrochancers are able to create powerful bonds that not only burn their enemies but can solidify an enemy to another surface. Judge's Pyrochancer form wears a basic Mining outfit for Pyrochancers which reduces the amount of Thermal Heat he emits making it harder to detect his irregular patterns. In addition Judge uses this form in a great way to avoid detection as its low body heat, due to being a Red Flame Pyrochancer allows him to better mimic background thermal heat.

Another form Judge can take is that of the oddly named Snowpoff creatures. These half-liquid, half-solid creatures are mostly comprised of various forms of water, from which they can form their clothes and limbs from. Judge's Snowpoff form is taken from Noble Snowpoffs who are recognized for their simplistic clothing that emphasises natural features of the creature. Snowpoffs are capable of almost instantly turning any material into another state of matter at will. This means they can turn even pure carbon into a gas or liquid by increasing or decreasing the relative pressure of the object. This also makes Snowpoffs one of the few Water-based life forms in the Universe not to have natural Hydokinesis and this too extends to Judge.

Said to be a beacon of hope for most, Judge's Sunettle form is anything but. Sunettles are known to appear when a star is dying and take the sun's place expending all their energy to provide for the system. Judge on the other hand has adapted Sunettle's powers to be able to perform both this explosion of energy as well as draining energy from suns and electricity. This gives Judge's Sunettle form a unique purple hue to parts of its body, indicating his ill intentions. Judge has even been known to use this form to directly attack and drain other Sunettles to doom sentient planets.

A rather odd creature that Judge has been known to mimic, Judge has the capacity to mimic the commonly misinterpreted Teddy Bear Species. A rather tall form for the speices, Judge appears to use this form for direct physical combat as well as messing with his victims internally. As he can use the thread from his body to attack macro creatures from the inside he has been known to use this form commonly after inflicting an open wound on his victims. After which he can enter the being by their bloodstream and essentially use them as a puppet to attack anyone else. Extremely dangerous in that sense, most organizations have given permission to kill someone who is puppeted by Judge when he is in his Teddy Bear form as the pain from the strings constricting on the blood vessels and organs is unbearable for most.

Judge has been known to mimic the Crustacean species from the planet, Barbose known as the Crikall. Judge's variant of Crikalls appears to be a mimicry of Deep Sea Crikalls known for their excellent eyesight and ability to shoot compressed water in fast jets of high pressure water balls. In addition Crikalls have extremely tough exoskeletons that are reflective, making them immune to energy based damage. This species are also expert swimmers a trait most forms Judge takes, sorely lacks. Judge can use this form for both stealth and combat although hasn't been known to use this form in the vicinity of hot locations as Crikalls are known to boil from internal body heat.

Judge has also been known to mimic the common Space Squid, as the species name suggests this creature lives primarily in space and has a large bubble of condensed liquid around its head that is held there by telekinetic powers the species possesses and to that extent as does Judge. In addition Space Squid are known for their fierce territorialism and have been witnessed using their other powers against their rival species, the Galactapus. Space Squid including Judge have been shown to be able to camouflage with their surroundings, i.e. Space and can also release their liquid bubbles to hide even more expertly. In addition Space Squid have poisonous fangs that contain a corrosive acid that can melt through most metals. Their six tentacles are said to have enough pulling power in them to substantially change the orbit of a moon.

The Fandraxonian, a species commonly known to work under a being known as Fandraxono is another species that has been confirmed to be mimicked by Judge. Judge has only rarely been seen mimicking this species and primarily uses it on primitive planets as well as when he visits Zaxina on occasion. Like other Fandraxonians, Judge is able to fly at fast and low altitudes in an erratic zig-zag pattern to avoid being hit by projectiles. In addition Judge is unrecognizable to Fandraxonians making it easy for him to infiltrate and disrupt their squads. He possesses a modified version of the insects that live in Fandraxonian which he has dubbed as Fandrudgells. These Fandrudgells are sticky, gel like insects that when attached to a Fandraxonian completely shut down brain activity and turn the Fandraxonian into a mindless slave for Judge. It is unknown if these Fandrudgells work on other species as Judge rarely uses this form in the first place and has only been identified using the Fandrudgells on Fandraxonians. The one notable feature about Judge's Fandraxonian form is that his shoulder symbol fluxuates, it has been recorded appearing in various greek letters including both Alpha and Omega, no one is quite sure why this happens.

The Clanoe species that Judge mimics are an odd species to say the least, they have the ability to manipulate gravity allowing them to hold their limbs close together. Their long limbs allow them to move in long lunges and perform strikes from a distance. They can also use their body and all four limbs in a line as a weapon. The creatures can even fight in close range as the balls on each limb are where they hold the limbs in position and by sliding the main part of the limb they can have hands/feet close to their shoulders/hips or far away to suit however they fight. In Judge's case he adapts this ability of sliding the length of a limb into a piston attack that is powerful enough to break bone. The species is also known for its ability to survive on almost nothing for long periods of time and are estimated to be one of the best creatures to live on Dead Planets.

Judge has been known to also mimic the Regalon, a species of carnivorous, aggressive, ritualistic creatures that are best known for the extremely rare element that forms on the end of their tails as babies and grows with them their whole lives. This mysterious element is called Regalium after the species itself and its discoverer, Sir Mitus Tellium who was swiftly beaten to death by Regalon when he tried to inspect the element further. Regalon have become somewhat of a Greed-influenced race as they sell tiny parts of their element to high buyers for massive profits. The species have become expert traders and are the official lead species of the Universal Trade Market, they also are known to have adapted a philosphy and religion around their greed called Stolstell which believes that the more money an individual has in their mortal life, the better their after life shall be. Regalon have also been recorded being excellent Sellswords and Assassins as they have extremely high success rates, this is due to their natural physique which is perfect for both breaking solid objects and cutting through liquid objects. In addition their powerful tails with the element on the end are able to break through solid Titanium making them have the highest physical strength possible for a mid-length tail.

Judge is capable of mimickin a species known as the Lumanix, AKA The Living Moon Rocks. This species is known for being able to survive in a true vacuum, something most species even the ones capable of flying through space cannot accomplish. This is due to their geological make up of condensed Dark Energy that forms their shoulder, wrist and hip joints. In addition they can absorb white dwarfs to form their elbow joints. This species is able to expend the energy in powerful bursts that can sometimes obliterate its target depending on the species. In addition Lumanix are known to be able to cause hallucinations through their advanced eyes which can flicker light at an enemy in such a specific form that it can create false images for the target. Lumanix have sharp blade like appendages so even if they expel all their Star and Dark energy they can still fight in close quarters combat.

Judge has also mimicked the elusive and secretive Tempantal Species, a race of octopedal time warpers. Not capable of travelling through time, Tempantals are able to manipulate time to their need. They have avoided contact with as many species as possible and have adapted to being essentially solar panels in a sense as they only require sunlight to energize themselves. They are known to slow down time to an inch of a second and the only reason this has been able to be found is due to other Time Warping species and the recent introduction of Temporal Immunity Devices. Tempantals have their lifetime set out for them in the cosmic sands that rest inside their torso, these cosmic sands are in fact their life essence however are vaguely radioactive causing them to degrade over time, once a Tempantal's cosmic sand has all broken up the Tempantal dies and usually crashes into a surrounding planetary body, usually a sun. This cosmic sand isn't influenced by the Tempantal's time warping either so the lifetime of Tempantals is one of the few species that still commonly uses a non-universal system of measurement. In addition to their time warping powers, Tempantals also have phasic limbs which means they can phase through solid objects including other species and attack from within. It is believed Rouge Tempantals use this tactic to find precious organs to sell on to less moral individuals. No one knows what planet Tempantal originate from and even The Fan seems to be unsure, he suspects however they likely co-evolved with another species and he just didn't identify them as the dominant species.

Said to create one of the most beautiful tailors in the universe, Judge is also capable of mimicking Silk Screamers. Silk Screamers are an Arachnid Species that specialize in weaving extremely strong and often dazzling webs. Ever since their joining as a Space-faring species they've adapted their web spinning to creating clothing for other species. Silk Screamers are able to create silk of any colour and as they often create clothing by hand they are able to create clothing for just about any species as long as it has a solid body. In addition the part where they get the Screamer part of their name, comes from their ability to produce sonic blasts of sound from their mouth. This high frequency compressed air can deafen someone at point-blank range and also has a powerful knockback. In addition they can use their silk to hold an individual in place, the strength of their silk is not properly known as it appears different colours of their silk have different properties. Judge tends to use this form partly to trade with as well as to investigate as their dark colours allow them to blend in well with shadows.

Tellusan a rare species that is commonly known as one of the numerous infected species is also one of the species Judge is able to mimic. The creatures four tentacles allow them to perform up to Octolimb Combat allowing for a dynamic and fluid movement, Judge has been known to talk during his fighting in this form as he mentions how his fighting in this form is more like him dancing than anything else. In addition the species crystal growths which are actually another creature with a symbiotic relationship to the Tellusan form extremely strong bonds that can deflect most physical attacks and reflect lasers and concentrated light, in Judge's case it appears he doesn't mimic this second species at the same time however, instead opting for Red Diamonds. The Crystals are also able to rapidly grow to provie defences and melee weapons as well as shrink to provide less weight on the Tellusan, it is believed this ability likely means the Crystals are solar powered as they seem to gather energy from sunlight. In addition it has been known that Tellusans' four tentacle heads each have conflicting personalities with each other such as Kyhthesis' heads which display anger, confusion, fear and contempt. Judge's heads appear to display Pride, Hunger, Uncertainty and Happiness.

Judge's most recent confirmed form is that of the extremely rare and long-forgotten species, the Essentia. Essentia are a mythical species of cosmic beings that seem to exist through time, immortal. Essentia supposedly can only be killed by their own psyche, interestingly they are not a species that has evolved for combat as they are largely unknown they have lacked such a necessity, as such Judge doesn't use this form for combat, instead he appears to use it for observations. Essentia have the ability to absorb any weapon used against them, they do not use relative gravity abilities however so they can only absorb anything that makes contact with their skin. In addition Essentia carry on their bodies rings that represent reach dimension, the species is able to dimension jump to all 16 Levels of Dimensions. In addition Essentia have become somewhat of a god species to some as they are feared by tribal and developing species as beings of no harm. It is unknown how they absorb matter as they appear to have no net energy change and some believe that Essentia are in fact living black holes.

The form literally no one knows properly, Judge's ??? Form seems to originate from a different Universe as there are no recorded appearances of this species in this universe. The ??? form appears to have a sword made of unknown metals for their right arm although they can freely morph it into other shapes, albeit restricted by the amount of material. His body in this form appears to be made of a hybrid of organic & geological tissue, it is unknown how this occured for a species as there are no recorded instances of this in the Universe. The mysterious green cracks along Judge's skin in this form also appear to be geological, specifically of a radioactive material as he is vaguely radioactive in this form. His six horns are able to channel six powers of magic in combat, or so it is assumed, so far three of the horns have demonstrated magical capabilities, the top-left possesses Fire Magic, the middle-left possesses Dark Magic and the top-right possesses Ice Magic. In addition he wears a suit in this form, the suit covers most of his body excluding his head and fingers, thus his anatomy is unknown. The belt around his middle emits a faint noise that cannot be detected by human hearing, its purpose is unknown. Lastly his Headtail appears to form an odd bond to his skin, it appears to act as a sensory organ allowing him to detect enemies behind him, in addition it appears to burst out of the skin as the skin around it is folded away.


Cold and relentless, Judge is described as having split-personality disorder and some form of a Superiority complex calling most individuals as lessees. Judge always appears alone indicating he likely has a distrust towards most if not all species. He has expressed a particular disgust towards highly intelligent robots as they can see past his disguises. He had most commonly disguised himself as humans which he refers to as "Those rodents that bred across the universe".

It is unknown what Judge's intentions are, there have been only a select few occasions where individuals have been able to scan Judge's mind however his mind has been shown to fluxuates rapidly in both form and consistency making it impossible to read his thoughts. He also appears to intentionally mimic on occasion simply to trick individuals into believing he is another person, aside from mimicking political and military figure heads he has been documented possessing the ability to mimic even unique individuals like genetically engineered creatures, spectral beings and beyond.


It is unknown how old Judge is, he has only recently been detected although his knowledge indicates he is no less than 500 years old. He refers to several deceased individuals as youths and mentions how he remembers a species that looked just like the Beorn and states how it is funny to see similarities in species so different.


As a shape-shifter, Judge is extremely difficult to detect although like all Shape shifters his molecular structure is distinguishable for being fluidic. In addition to his shape shifting, Judge has several abilities common throughout all his forms. He is able to use the abilities of the species he takes form of and usually only uses said abilities. In addition he can jump Dimensions, this has been witnessed a few times as he uses it for escape.

Furthermore he can perform an ability called a Temporal Clap, it is an ability that normalises a time stream forcing those who use temporal abilities to be disabled. It is said to cause seizures to some species. Judge's last ability is his voice manipulation which allows him to mimic an individual's voice and language instantly without shape shifting.


Judge originates from a different universe to the one the Fantendoverse takes place in. His universe, known as Beta-Sigma-121 had developed a hyper intelligent species that completely dominated its universe. The creatures later to become known as The Rot acted in a hierarchy as the various levels of creatures played different roles. Judge's species is what's known as a Volder Demon a species long since extinct in the Fantendoverse as the Fan percieved them as a menace to the Fantendoverse, however in Beta-Sigma-121, The Fan was overpowered by The Rot and thus the Volder Demon species survived. Judge is merely a pawn to The Rot and acts as a puppet to one of the Five Generals of The Rot, General Er-Eng. Judge was specifically chosen due to his quick mimicking abilities.

Judge was then sent through a universal portal to the Fantendoverse where he began mimicking other species at a rapid pace. General Er-Eng and in turn, Judge's primary goal was to set up a stable base of operations in the Fantendoverse to build another Universal Portal to link with the one back on Beta-Sigma-121. In his attempts to construct said device however the Fan caught wind of what he was building and had ordered a Galactic Arrest on Judge. This forced Judge and General Er-Eng to use Judge's Mimicry abilities to hide from the Fan until they could get close enough to assassinate the deity.

It is not clear whether General Er-Eng has any way to communicate with his associates in Beta-Sigma-121 but if so it would have been more likely that they would've sent more creatures to the Fantendoverse to help. As such at the current time, Judge's main goal as commanded by General Er-Eng is to kill The Fan and/or cause serious destruction to the Universal Police Force. Judge has stealthfully come into contact with other Fantendoverse characters and even gained his ability to mimic Doragons from Hama. There have been no records of Judge meeting any Beorn thus far known so whether his Beorn mimicry was obtained from an unknown Beorn is possible, although it is equally likely that Judge obtained his ability to mimic Beorns from his own universe.

Judge has on one occasion been indirectly involved in conflicts with Fantendoverse Characters, Judge attempted at one point to learn how to perfectly mimic Unten to get close to The Fan, his attempt nearly succeeded as he hid patiently in the Luna Cafe (having been tracing Unten's movements for months). However Judge instead discovered a new problem to his plans to assassinate The Fan, another deity, The Threat stood in General Er-Eng & Judge's way posing as a reason for The Fan's increased security.

Judge as of the current time has a three part assignment; Kill The Threat to have The Fan lower their defences then Assassinate The Fan or destroy the Universal Police Force to cause uncertainty and chaos in the Fantendoverse, finally create the Universal Gate so The Rot can take over the Fantendoverse.

Judge as of the current time has a three part assignment; Kill The Threat to have The Fan lower their defences then Assassinate The Fan or destroy the Universal Police Force to cause uncertainty and chaos in the Fantendoverse, finally create the Universal Gate so The Rot can take over the Fantendoverse.

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  • Judge has several names although one of his most common forms is referred to as the Hell Jester
  • Judge can't breathe in space so it is unknown how he can travel so far so quickly
  • There is a file on Judge with a Hextuple Fluxuating Killlock on it simply to stop him from destroying it. No one indivual knows the password and the input requires 80 individuals to input the number that comes to their mind, said individuals change frequently
  • Each of Judge's Forms has had its approximate height measured, while not the standard height for each species necessarily it does help when trying to find him. Heights are displayed below in ascending order from shortest to tallest and include Zenderfly's Wings & Plavoid's Body as seperate measurements.
    • Plavoid w/o Body - 0.176m
    • Metalloid - 0.805m
    • Zenderfly w/o Wings - 1.01m
    • Plavoid with Body - 1.198m
    • Crysajaw - 1.339m
    • Beorn - 1.462m
    • Hollow - 1.476m
    • Plant Elemental - 1.522m
    • Popox Spores (approx.) - 1.546m
    • Greek Plasmavoid - 1.575m
    • Celltorr - 1.631m
    • Blob - 1.633m
    • Pyrochancer - 1.747m
    • Cateona - 1.761m
    • Sparkling - 1.801m
    • Arcbear - 1.801m
    • Razor Driller - 1.938m
    • Rubber - 1.986m
    • Fandraxonian - 2.019m
    • Glavile - 2.119m
    • Sunettle - 2.128m
    • Jerrybean - 2.151m
    • Veilock - 2.218m
    • Deadtorn - 2.243m
    • Lumanix - 2.229m
    • Tempantal - 2.314m
    • Teddy Bear - 2.319m
    • Space Squid - 2.363m
    • Doragon - 2.385m
    • Relagon - 2.41m
    • Phoenix - 2.426m
    • Human - 2.438m
    • Pupfrog - 2.488m
    • Bleachdox - 2.519m
    • Crikall - 2.556m
    • Essentia - 2.573m
    • Birerone - 2.579m
    • Sonorodium - 2.596m
    • Clanoe - 2.612m
    • Silk Screamer - 2.625m
    • Zenderfly with Wings - 2.645m
    • Magma Sentinel - 2.67m
    • Malchant - 2.773m
    • Snowpoff - 2.823m
    • Narobi-Tron - 2.838m
    • ??? - 2.918m
    • Revpulso - 3.022m
    • Tellusan - 3.066m
    • Crogrock - 3.231m
    • Chembios - 4.115m
    • Sian - 4.747m
    • Draconid - 7.906m


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