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Joza Vazel
Joza, in his Royal Attire (Centralis Formal), presumably addressing a crowd.
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Main Weapon(s) Melee
Ethnicity Alisian
Height 5'3" (160 cm)
First Appearance Olive (2017)
Latest Appearance Olive (2017)

Joza Vazel is a partner character in Olive, an RPG developed by N Studios. He is the ruler of Centralis, the capital of the country Pangaia.


Much to the positive reception of the Pangaia populace, the "Mini-King" is boisterous, charismatic, amiable and relatable. This basis of Joza's jovial nature makes him an apt and inspiring public face for the country and the region of Centralis, despite but perhaps also due to his young age. Not surprisingly, he doesn't concern much with policy or tactics like his sister Zania—instead, he prefers to socialize.


Due to their brief training under their father, Aryeon Vazel, both Joza and Zania are remarkably adept at fighting, although Joza is a tad more rusty and lacking in skill. Unlike his sister, however, Joza specializes in hand-to-hand melee, and can land incredible critical hits when the player correctly lines up Action Commands for his moves.



Olive (2017)

In Olive, Joza Vazel is the king of Centralis in Aryeon's absence. He joins up with Olive Kasza on her journey after she arrives in the city with the news of Wies Village's destruction.







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