Joy Mech Fight 2: Sukapon's Return
The North American boxart, featuring Sukapon and his clone Kusapon. In the background, a blueprint of Cyclopo, the last boss.
Developer(s) Ttclogonew

Fritez Co. Logo

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2013
Single-player, Multiplayer, Story.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Joy Mech Fight
Media Included Wii U Disc

Joy Mech Fight 2: Sukapon's Return it's the upcoming sequel of Joy Mech Fight on NES, the game will be released for the Wii U. The game will be made by The Tris Company and Fritez Co.. The game will make the return of old characters with the addition of new characters.


Dr. Little Emon was re-progamming the robots after the events of the first game, when, Dr. Ivan Walnuts invaded his lab with new robots! Ivan captured all the robots, he only left Sukapon and escaped. Dr. Little Emon re-programmed Sukapon to be a fighter robot once again. Ivan leaved one robot to each part of the Kansai region, and now Sukapon needs defeat the robots and leave they to Dr. Little Emon to him re-program they. At the end, Ivan reveals your master project, the Cyclopo, a giant cyclop robot.


The game re-uses elements from the previous game, on story mode, you have to defeat the 7 original robots to fight against the boss, then fight the 8 new robots to fight another boss and finally defeat 16 robots to fight the final boss. At start of the story mode, you can only play as Sukapon, and you will unlock more characters by defeating them, only the bosses can't be playable. Beating the story mode on the hardest difficulty unlocks the "Story Mode EX" with is more harder and after you defeat the final boss, you will find more 8 robots to defeat and a new final boss.

The battles are changed now, the objective is to destroy every part of the robot (head, body, right hand, left hand, right leg and left leg) to won the battle, the player can win new robots parts during the story mode. Every robot has 6 basic moves (punch, power punch, kick, leg sweep, right hand, left hand) with the additions of 4 special moves. Unlocking the "Extra Mode" each robot will win 8 more special moves.



Returning Characters

               Image    Name              Description                  Moveset
Sukapon3D Sukapon "The failed clone of the earlier project between Dr. Little Emon and his old nemesis. Sukapon has weak, but, fast attacks."
  • Head Throw: Sukapon will use his head as a projectile.
  • Headbutt: Sukapon will do a headbutt.
  • Throw: If the enemy is close to Sukapon, he can throw the enemy.
  • Spinning Flying Kick: When Sukapon is in air, mash the B button enabling Sukapon do a spinning kick on air.
(Art coming soon) Flame "The fiery robot, one of the most powerful robots of the game. He can turn into a fireball and launch opponents in air."
  • Flame Wave: Flame will duck and launch a wave of fire.
  • Fireball: Flame will turn into a fireball and jump on the opponent.
  • Air Throw: Flame will throw the opponent into the air and launch against the ground.
  • Firefall: Flame will create a "Firefall" to protect himself.
(Art coming soon) Tiger "The foot-kicking robot, Tiger can do very good attacks with your foot and also he is good at air attacks."
  • Tiger Power: Tiger will launch a energy power.
  • Uppercut: Tiger will run into the opponent and do a uppercut.
  • Tiger Suplex: Tiger will grab the opponent and launch him.
  • Foot-down: Tiger will jump on air and do a kick on the opponent on air.

New Characters


Returning Characters

New Characters




Joy Mech Fight DX

Beating the Story Mode as Sukapon unlocks a remake of the original Joy Mech Fight. Here's the changes:

  • Better graphics.
  • Translated from Japan to English.
  • Added a Co-Op mode on the Story Mode.

Story Mode EX

Beating the Story Mode with all the characters, including the old and new characters, will unlock the Story Mode EX. Here's the changes:

  • It's more harder.
  • Have one more boss.
  • Have 8 new robots.

Extra Mode

Beating the Story Mode EX will unlock the Extra Mode. The additions:

  • More special moves to the robots.
  • The addition of the possibility to change the graphics from "Original" to "Modern".
  • Ability to play as the bosses on the Story Mode once you defeat them.
  • Added a team battle mode.


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