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FlexiCon logo
Home Console
Developer(s) Nintendo, TremorLabs
Manufacturer(s) TremorLabs
Product Family FlexiCon
Console Type Home Console
Generation 9
Release Date(s)
April 23, 2020
Flexible controller, GameOS, Tremorlabs AND Nintendo exclusives

The FlexiCon is a home gaming console released in 2020. The console is designed and produced by TremorLabs. It is also made in partnership with Nintendo and therefore has many Nintendo games, as well as FlexiCon exclusives, available. It has many features including a flexible controller and a highly customisable exclusive operating system.



FlexiCon controller

The controller of the FlexiCon, which has a hexagonal Touch Surface and two FlexiGrips on the side, which move in all directions.

The FlexiCon controller is one of the main selling points of the console. As the name suggests, it is flexible- its two FlexiGrips, on the sides of the controller, can be bent in all directions, and act as joysticks. Between the two grips is the main surface of the controller- rather than having buttons, it has a flat surface that can be swiped and touched with the finger, like a touchscreen. The FlexiGrips also have a scroll wheel and a shoulder button each. The scroll wheel on the only moves left and snaps back to its original position when released, while the scroll wheel on the right only moves right. These scroll wheels are used alongside the FlexiGrips to move in all directions.

Rather than having a Pro Controller, the user can stick on a Pro Control Sticker, included with the console. This is a thin layer of plastic which sticks to and entirely covers the Touch Surface. On it are two sliding discs and many buttons, arranged in a standard control scheme. These discs and buttons interact with the Touch Surface when pressed and can therefore be used to play. This is a very important feature for 3rd-party developers, so that they don't need to develop with the FlexiCon's unique control scheme in mind.

Walking in a 3D environment is done using the FlexiGrips, for example, while interacting can be done by pressing on a certain point on the touch surface, which will be indicated by the screen. The FlexiGrips return to their normal position when not being held. They also bend up and down, and can bend independtly from each other, though this is not always utilized.

Finally, the controller also has inbuilt motion control.


The console uses discs to play games. It is flat with a power button, Menu button and disc slot. It is black with glowing lights around its edges which start green and can change to different colours, customizable on the menu.

Its hardware capabilities are similar to those of the PS4.

Operating System

The operating system, GameOS, is highly customisable. There are 3 default interfaces to choose between, which vary in appearance and accessibility. GameOS contains an eShop and Virtual Console, and many apps such as Netflix, Music and Steam.

The console does not use Backward Compatibility and is not compatible with previous Nintendo controllers. You can buy some old Nintendo games on the eShop.


TouchiCons are small, flat magnetic icons that often have pictures of characters from Nintendo and FlexiCon games. Like amiibo, these TouchiCons have inbuilt NFC chips which store data. they are often used to unlock items, characters and other features in certain games. TouchiCons also have the added advantage that they are magnetic; they are attached to the Touch Surface and the player can actually slide them around the Touch Surface to interact with the game on a deeper level. For example, an Item TouchiCon, such as the Master Sword, can be moved or rotated to indicate an attack. This is especially useful when there are multiple TouchiCons on the controller.


Games for the FlexiCon are released in waves. Wave 1 was released at launch- the rest were released incrementally. Note that many third-party games (and the occasional first-party game) are released BETWEEN these waves.

Wave 1:

Wave 2:

Wave 3:

Wave 4:

Wave 5:

Wave 6:

  • Nintendo vs FlexiCon
  • Spore Remastered
  • Hova 2
  • TimeScape
  • Colourbind II
  • Ronin: Warrior Eternal
  • Paper Mario and Ib: Drawn Together!

Wave 7:

  • Fliquid
  • Pikmin: Paradise
  • Cellular
  • Hova Sports
  • Competitive Customisable Robot Battles
  • Kirby: Dream Doctor
  • Super Mario Sunshine FlexiCon

Wave 8:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Destination Speed
  • DeepRealm
  • Shaper
  • R.O.B's Gyro Adventures
  • The Adventures of Nimble
  • The Expedition


The announcement of the FlexiCon has received mostly positive reception. IGN's review gave it a 9.5/10, citing it's innovative control scheme, advanced interface and amazing lineup of games. It's one downside according to IGN was the specs.

This console is fan-made. If you want to add your own game, please feel free to add it to the games list! If you have any other suggestions, please contact me using the comments.

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