Journey to the End
TV Series Fantendo - Journey
Season Number 1
Episode Number 012(Overall)


Airing Date(s)
April 2016
Preceding Episode Journey into the Stars
Following Episode N/A

Journey to the End is the season finale of Season 1 and season finale of Season 1 of Fantendo - Journey, written by Sr.Wario. Reception has been (TBA). This season finale is longer than all the other episodes.


The team finally get to face the villains head-on, but they have some tricks up their sleeve. Then, a group of freedom fighters work together to save a grim future. Meanwhile, the team find themselves in a different time.


A F.A.N.T agent drives down the road, on the outskirts of New York City. Suddenly, a large armored vehicle veers into the road off the grass and the agent's car slams into it.

F.A.N.T Agent: What the hell?!

The agent's sight becomes blurry for a moment as his head spins around, the airbag knocking it back. After coughing for a moment, he opens the door, pistol by his side.

F.A.N.T Agent: Agent of F.A.N.T! Step out and we can resolve this!

The agent then hears faint laughter as someone steps out of the truck: D'Angelo, followed by a dark-skinned bald man with red eyes and a voice chip on his neck.

F.A.N.T Agent: Who do you work for?
D'Angelo: Myself, actually!

The agent reaches for his gun when the dark-skinned man blasts energy at him, knocking him to the ground.

F.A.N.T Agent: What's your power?
D'Angelo: Money and genius.

The agent fires repeatedly at the energy emitting man, but the bullets have no effect and simply "clink" off of him and fall to the road.

D'Angelo: Excellent!
F.A.N.T Agent: He's bullet resistant?!
D'Angelo: Oh, that's just the beginning of this all.

The agent hops up and runs behind his car, getting out his phone.

F.A.N.T Agent: Requesting immediate backup! I'm facing a-
D'Angelo: No, no, no.

D'Angelo's friend picks up the car and hurls it into the distance, kicking the agent forward in the road. D'Angelo walks forward and steps on the phone, crushing it.

D'Angelo: Do you know why you must suffer?
F.A.N.T Agent: L-look, I have a wife! I have kids!

The other man blasts another beam of energy at the agent, scorching him and causing him to scream in pain.

D'Angelo: Because you follow fools. You work for idiots. You restrain your world from being the best, the smartest, the strongest it can be.

The agent crawls forward desperately as the man dashes forward at inhuman speeds and kicks him in the face, causing his vision to blur and him to spit blood, his attacker quickly dashing back beside D'Angelo.

D'Angelo: You're just my test subject for this weapon. I call him the DAS-002.

D'Angelo pats the man at his side on the shoulder.

D'Angelo: The head fools will come to my base. Looking to beat and batter, like the brutes they are. Just as they destroyed my plans, captured and tortured my men. They'll celebrate, they'll drink and feast. Then they'll come for me. And see that I've won.

D'Angelo takes the agent's pistol and presses it up against his head.

D'Angelo: You're the first agent to die. But you won't be the last.

D'Angelo fires several times, the DAS-002 obstructing our view of the brutal execution.

D'Angelo: I'm done with this dreadful time.

The DAS-002 nods and blasts a projectile at the side of the vehicle, creating a portal. The two walk through it, and come out in D'Angelo's apartment from the far future.

The Special Ops are all standing in an elevator together, idly waiting as it goes up a few levels.

Donnie: Jeez.....have you guys realized how cramped it is with us all in here?
Ashlee: Mmm, I think it's cozy.

Tommy tries to subtly nod in agreement to Matt without Ashlee seeing.

Matt: Man, don't you wish this elevator was stuck?

They all glare at him except Ashlee, who nods.

Matt: I mean, we all have such weird backgrounds. We gotta have some neat stories!
Danielle: That's the worst idea you've ever had, Matt. And that's saying something.

Matt flips her off and she grins as the elevator comes to it's stop at the main hall.

Donnie: Aren't....aren't you guys a little nervous? This is....this is probably it.
Kenji: It's good to be nervous. Keeps a man on their toes.
Tommy: Eh, we always turn out okay.
Ashlee: Tommy's right! It's gonna go great!
Danielle: I sure hope so.
Matt: Well, if I die, there are worse ways to go then being with you guys.

They all make noises of agreement and Matt motions for a group hug, but only Ashlee hugs him. Shrugging, he gets out of the elevator and the others follow, heading up the stairs to Rizzo's office, where she's filing through paperwork.

Rizzo: Hello, everyone. I assume you're all well rested?

They all nod except Kenji, who begins to say something but decides to not.

Rizzo: Good. Because I need everyone at their top performance. We're dealing with our biggest lead, and our only lead. This is our chance to bring down D'Angelo & Sons once and for all. You're going to be fighting the hardest fight you've ever had.
Ashlee: Let's save the world!
Tommy: I'm ready.
Kenji: As am I.
Danielle: Hell yeah.
Matt: What she said.

Rizzo puts the file down and looks up at the six of them and smiles, clearly a little proud.

Rizzo: We've sent a few agents over the fortress in helicopters. And it's a large fortress. The largest we've seen yet. There appears to be a front entrance, and a back entrance. The front is guarded by several laser cannons. And the back is locked with a code. They don't want us to get in. I'll bring a squadron of agents to assist us, but it's not going to be easy.
Matt: Just bring one of your fancy engineers. They could fix a UFO, why not break a lock?
Rizzo: Well-
Ashlee: We shouldn't risk anymore people than we already have. It always, always turns bad when we bring in more people. All of us....we're already in this fight. But they don't need to be. We can take down the laser cannons.
Danielle: Ash is right. We've fought worse odds.
Kenji: I'm up for a challenge.
Donnie: Y'know....when I got up this morning I wasn't expecting to go on a mission and destroy laser cannons....but yeah....we can do it.

Tommy nods.

Matt: You guys and your heroism. Damn it, I guess you're right. We can do it.
Rizzo: If we manage to get past the cannons blocking the entrance, there are several other hazards inside that we don't know about. Most likely a multitude of soldiers, some of which are superpowered-
Donnie:....And the android Ciri talked about....
Danielle: She said she destroyed it, though.
Kenji: Let's not rule anything out. But we just need to be careful and methodical, and we'll win the fight. Especially Matt.
Matt: Hey!

They continue to talk as the scene ends.

We see the massive fortress, heavily guarded and clearly very durable, the laser cannons all aimed forward and ready for targets to come in their way.

Rizzo: The reports weren't wrong.

We then see a large F.A.N.T armored vehicle approaching the fortress, making no attempt to be stealthy or subtle about it. Inside the vehicle, we see a large squadron of armored agents with guns, Rizzo at the helm, and the Special Ops sitting back.

Matt: Is it "aww man" bad, or "oh shit" bad?
Rizzo: I could lie, Mr. Bosh, to spare your feelings. But it is most certainly "oh shit" bad.
Matt: Oh, shit.

The group all gather toward the front and try to peek at the window, clearly annoying Rizzo.

Ashlee: can do it! I think?
Donnie: Oh....jeez.
Tommy: Damn.
Kenji: Hmph.
Danielle: That looks pretty bad.

Rizzo then has a devilish smirk on her face suddenly.

Matt: That's rrrreeally scary.
Rizzo: I'd advise everyone to sit down and strap in.

Everyone quickly does so as Rizzo steps on the gas, the vehicle charging toward the front as every one of the turrets begins blasting lasers at it, tearing through the truck and sending the group as well as the squadron flying.

Donnie:....This starting to seem like a REALLY BAD idea!
Rizzo: It really is!

Danielle and Ashlee surround both groups with telekinetic shields, breaking their fall as the truck is destroyed beneath them and they fall onto the ground.

Tommy: Thanks, hon!
Ashlee: No problem, sweetie!

Rizzo, however, is out of their reach as she blasts into the cannons, destroying them and breaking down the door due to the momentum she got. This utterly wrecks the front of the vehicle, leaving all of it as flaming rubble.

Ashlee: Helen!

They all rush over toward her and find her coughing, cut, and bruised, but still concious and okay.

Rizzo: I-I've been through worse.......that hurt like a bitch, though.
Matt: But it was AWESOME!

They all look at him, eyebrows raised.

Rizzo: It was pretty awesome.

Soldiers then flood in from the fortress and get their guns out, but Matt blasts electric magic at them and shocks them all unconcious.

Danielle: Okay, it was.
Matt: Hey, what about that?!

After a moment of silence, there are grunts of agreement and Matt looks disappointed.

Tommy: There's no element of surprise anymore.
Kenji: Now it's war.
Donnie: Yeah...
Ashlee: We almost died! Helen, you're way too hurt to go on, have your agents take you back. We can do this, together.
Rizzo: B-
Ashlee: Do it!

Rizzo jumps back in fear of the bubbly girl before sighing and nodding, the agents helping her up.

Rizzo: You're all good kids. Go and get him.

They all cheer and run into fortress for the real fight to begin. The agents holding her up, Rizzo walks away and gets her phone out, dialing a number.

Rizzo: We're gonna need a bigger truck.

We then see D'Angelo, sitting in a quiet, private room and watching the Special Ops from various cameras. He chuckles upon seeing his defenses wrecked and his soldiers knocked out.

D'Angelo: This'll be more fun than I thought.

Danielle and Tommy are shown dashing around a corner into a supply closet and hiding behind crates as guns are repeatedly fired at them.

Danielle: Remind me why we split up into teams of two?
Tommy: Cover more ground!
Danielle: Are you sure you didn't just wanna get away from Matt?

Tommy smirks as soldiers run down the hallway and aim their guns straight at the crates.

Tommy: These crates aren't gonna take a bullet!
Danielle: No shit!

Danielle blasts telekinesis at the crates, sending the soldiers flying back and into a daze. The two hop out of the supply closet and Tommy grabs a machine gun before they dash into the next hallway, running from room to room.

Danielle: You know how to use that?
Tommy: How different can it be from using a pistol?

The two duck and cover again upon entering another hallway, still remaining vigilant and alert.

Danielle: Y'know, sometimes I get jealous.....about you leading.

A soldier runs around the corner and Tommy fires the machine gun, shooting him dead and causing the two to yelp from the loud sound.

Tommy:.....What were you saying?
Danielle: I get jealous that you're such a good leader. I know it's dumb, but.....sometimes I wonder if my mom was right. If I'm just compl-

A soldier comes out from behind them and fires their machine gun, but Danielle creates a psychic shield that blocks the bullets in time and then blasts forward, knocking the soldier and door open.

Tommy: Holy shit, we almost died.
Danielle: Yep.
Tommy: Do you wanna take the lead? Clearly, I'm a little in over my head.
Danielle: I-
Tommy: Come on, Dani.

Danielle smiles and nods, running forward and Tommy quickly following, machine gun in hand and darting all around, just in case.

Ashlee and Donnie are running down a corridor, headed forward through the facility.

Ashlee: Whatcha thinking about?
Donnie:....Not dying, to be honest.
Ashlee: Good choice of thought!

The two dash into a supply room as a super soldier darts out from a hallway behind them and uses their telekinesis to slam the door and lock it shut.

Donnie: Aww, man...

On the other side of the room, a soldier spots them and closes the door, locking it, leaving them trapped.

Ashlee: Aww, man!

Ashlee blasts her powers at the door in front of them, knocking it open. The soldier sees and throws a grenade inside before quickly shutting the door once more.

Donnie: Okay, things are getting really, really, really, really bad....

Ashlee uses her telekinesis to hold the grenade in mid-air before it drops.

Donnie: Jeez, nice one.
Ashlee: I've gotten a little better at controlling my gift since we met. Now how do we handle this?!
Donnie: Hmmm...uh....the wooden crates aren't gonna absorb the blow. Throw it at the door ahead of us, then create a psychic shield to absorb the blow.

Ashlee nods and follows his instructions, throwing the grenade and blowing the door, using a shield to protect the both of them and wreck the cargo in the room.

Ashlee: Looks like I'm the not only one who's gotten better.
Donnie: Huh.....thanks.

Ashlee grins and he shows a small smile as they run into the next hallway together.

Kenji and Matt are dashing down a hallway, the former leaps and bounds ahead of the latter, who is panting and sweating buckets.

Matt: H-how the hell are you so fast?
Kenji: Years of training and relentless excercise.
Matt: Hey, I got a B minus in PE!
Kenji: And you eat cheeseburgers every thursday. And it's always thursday.

Matt shrugs as they see a super soldier run around a corner, threatening them by charging her hands with electricity.

Matt: I'd hit on you, but I'm already going steady with a girl.

She snarls as Kenji sighs and backs up against Matt.

Kenji: Like we practiced.
Matt: We practiced?
Kenji: Matt!
Matt: Okay, okay.

Matt blasts a pulse of energy into Kenji's back, sending him flying ahead at the woman, feet first. She's stunned and can't respond in time, getting knocked out by the kick as Kenji falls down next to her.

Kenji: Oww.
Matt: That was so fucking awesome!!

Kenji shakes his head as Matt runs over and helps him up. Kenji nods to show his gratitude and the two run ahead to find a steel door with a window on it. Looking through, they see Mr. D'Angelo sitting in the room, a large arena.

Matt: Aww, shit. The final boss.
Kenji: Yeah......I wanted to say, if we don't survive're a good man and a great friend, Matthew. I'm sorry if my teasing ever offended you.
Matt: Offend me? Nah, dude, I LIVE for this stuff. Plus, if I get my ass kicked, I'll get my ass kicked with a cool ninja.

Kenji shows a small smile and they fist-bump before Matt uses a blast of fire to destroy the door.

Kenji: Wasn't that a little dramatic?
Matt: Gotta make an entrance, Ken!

Kenji chuckles and the two enter the arena.

D'Angelo is sitting in the center of the room in a wooden chair, idly reading a magazine when Kenji and Matt burst into the room. He doesn't look up.

Matt:.....Okay, this is less cool than I thought.
Kenji: Who are you?

D'Angelo presses a button on his watch, causing two other steel doors to swing open.

Matt: Hey, douchenozzle, what are you doing?!

D'Angelo looks up and smirks.

D'Angelo: Charming. Cross said you were annoying little brats, but I didn't know just how right he was.

Matt, annoyed, blasts a fireball at D'Angelo before Kenji can intervene. However, the DAS-002 spontaneously appears in front of him and absorbs the fireball.

Matt: I immediately regret saying anything.

The DAS-002 then blasts a beam of ice at the two, but Kenji kicks Matt's ass, literally, knocking him out of the way and taking the brunt of the ice that knocks him down and freezes his arms to the ground.

Matt: Oww!
Kenji: You're not the one who got hit by an ice ray!
Matt: Touche.

As Matt gets up, the DAS-002 blasts another ice beam, this time at him, knocking him down and freezing his legs, rendering the two immobile.

Matt: Now I AM the one who got hit by an ice ray!

Kenji rolls his eyes as D'Angelo gets up and pats the android on the back before pacing around.

D'Angelo: My name is Mario D'Angelo. This is the DAS-002. My first effort was destroyed by a dreadful alien woman.....I presume you've met.
Matt: Fuck you!
D'Angelo: I'll take that as a yes. Here's how things will work. I'm going to leave. The DAS-002 will kill you and your friends. I'll take over the world.
Kenji: You'll never get away with this. Even if you kill us, F.A.N.T will still stop you. Give up before you have to suffer.

D'Angelo chuckles and begins to say something when the DAS-002 is knocked off balance.

Danielle: Not laughing anymore?

D'Angelo, Kenji, and Matt look at the doors to see Danielle and Ashlee using their telekinesis at full strength together to knock him down, Tommy and Donnie behind them.

Ashlee: Let our friends go!
D'Angelo: Make me, Ash.

Tommy angrily charges at D'Angelo, but the DAS-002 gets up in the nick of time and punches Tommy into the wall. As they all rush to see if he's okay, the DAS-002 makes a portal that D'Angelo hops through.

D'Angelo: Have fun!

They all dash toward the portal, but it quickly closes before they can catch him. The DAS-002 staring at them all, eyes narrowed.

Matt: Aww, shit.
Tommy: Hanging out with Alex has given you a real potty mouth.
Matt: If we live through this, I'm gonna kick your ass so hard.

Tommy shrugs while the two telekinetics lift the ice off of Kenji and Matt, the group all gathering in front of the android as they prepare for battle.

Donnie: Uh-oh.

The DAS-002 then blasts a laser at the ground, causing an explosion that knocks all of them onto the ground and destroys the wall.

Everyone: Uh-oh.

As the smoke clears, Matt uses his magic to make himself and the others invisible. The DAS-002, however, uses heat vision to detect them and fires another laser, the telekinetics making a shield around the group just in time.

Kenji: Your magic isn't working.
Matt: I can tell!!!

Matt snaps his fingers and makes them visible once more, Danielle and Ashlee struggling to hold the shield as the DAS-002 bombards it with various powers including energy blasts, fireball, and boulders.

Tommy: Let me out of the shield.
Danielle: What?!
Ashlee: No way!

Tommy holds up his machine gun to assure them he'll be fine and Danielle sighs, creating a small opening which Tommy leaps through. Ashlee glares at her friend.

Danielle: It's for your own good!
Ashlee: Hmmph.

Tommy quickly dashes around the room, the android focused on breeching the shield and getting rather close.

Donnie:......I really wish we had more than 2 telekinetics right now...
Danielle: Me two!
Ashlee: Me three!

Tommy runs behind the android and presses the machine gun against it's head.

Tommy: I really wish I had a cool one-liner right now.

He then repeatedly fires the gun at the back of the android's head, which causes it mild irritation as it turns around toward Tommy, letting Ashlee and Danielle rest for a moment.

Tommy: I'm starting to seriously regret turning down those other agents.

The DAS-002 grabs Tommy by the throat and holds him up, Donnie and Kenji rushing toward the robot and both striking him in the back, causing him to lose his grip on Tommy.

Donnie:.....N-no way!

The DAS-002 turns toward them and stomps the ground, sending out a shockwave that trips them all up, except for Tommy who is still behind him.

Tommy: Those people are the best I've ever known. If you kill them, you'll have to kill me first.

Tommy continues to fire his machine gun as he realizes that it's starting to cause a few dents.

Tommy: I've been living my entire life alone and miserable. But everyone here is kind, and good, and supportive. I'm willing to die for them. So come get me.

The others all get up, inspired and heartwarmed by Tommy's words. The droid charges toward Tommy as bullet upon bullet are released onto it.

Matt: Let's really hope this works!

Everyone looks toward Matt as he blasts an ice beam towards the robot, causing it to slow down, giving Tommy time to unleash his full firepower onto it.

Ashlee: Hey, hon, how are we doing on your end?!
Tommy: Good, I think!

The droid breaks through the ice as we see Tommy's perspective, the bullets having torn through the "flesh" around it's chest as we see a brightly shining battery that acts as the power source.


The DAS creates a shield around himself that blocks the bullets as he slowly walks toward Tommy, stumbling. Tommy realizes that his bullets are useless and tries to dash away, but the DAS sets the area around the two ablaze.

Ashlee: Tommy!

Inside the area, the two are locked in a brutal fistfight, the robot beating Tommy bloody as he hopelessly tries to break the shield, brusing his fists.

Tommy: I-I don't care if I die....but you're not gonna kill my family....I'll....I'll make sure of that.

Matt, Ashlee, and Danielle try to fan the flames with their powers while Donnie and Kenji rush in to help Tommy, smashing their fists into the shield.

Donnie: Hey....what did you say the first rule of martial arts is again?
Kenji: Nevermind that!

The DAS picks up Tommy by the throat once more, the shield preventing anyone from helping him as he suffocates, weakly trying to free himself.


Tommy's vision begins to blur as the others pound the shield at full force, breaking it. Desparately, he reaches down into the robot's chest and rips out the battery, shutting it down and causing it to drop him onto the ground.


The DAS-002 crashes into the ground as it's body sets ablaze, burning through the skin and metal upon it. They all gather around the weak Tommy, who smiles.

Ashlee: I love you.
Tommy: I-I love you....

We see the DAS-002's vision as it scrambles to try and kill them in one last attempt. Although it tries to fire a missile, the dying droid accidentally blasts a vortex that sucks them all in, leaving the room empty.

Mr. D'Angelo is sitting in a limo headed back to his penthouse when he recieves a phone call.

D'Angelo: What is it?! Are they dead?!
Assistant: Well, sir-
D'Angelo: FUCK!

The driver looks back at him, annoyed, and he motions his anger away, his face still red as he listens to the assistant try to console him.

Assistant: It's not as simple as it sounds though. All of them, including the DAS-002 are gone. No bodies, no wreckage, just an empty room.
D'Angelo: Hmmm......I wonder....
Assistant: For the time being, the building is being seized by F.A.N.T agents, I'm currently viewing using the cameras installed. What's our next move, sir?
D'Angelo: Let the agents have their fun. I'll take care of the big steps myself.
Assistant: Understood, sir.

D'Angelo looks up at the limo ceiling as it drives off. The next shot shows Rizzo and her agents arresting the unconcious soldiers and raiding the building for the Special Ops.

Agent: Mam, we've looked everywhere. They're gone.
Rizzo: What the hell have they gotten themselves into? Either D'Angelo kidnapped them or....

Her face has a look of terror on it as the other agents look pretty rattled that the sturdy Rizzo is breaking down.

Rizzo: S-send a search party across New York. We'll find them. We have to.

The next shots switch between D'Angelo entering his building and working on the next DAS and Rizzo sits alone in her office, drinking and crying.

D'Angelo: Destruction brings progression.

While D'Angelo relentlessly works with no breaks, Sinn comes into her office and comforts her as they drink together.

Rizzo: They're.....they're good kids, Eric.
Sinn: I know, Helen.

Rizzo prepares for the worst news while the Special Ops, alongside the burnt wreckage of the DAS-002, wake up on an empty road in New York City. They all look up to see a massive D'Angelo & Sons sign on a skyscraper.

Tommy: Holy sh-

The screen then goes pitch black as we hear total, eerie silence.

The dim future of 2026 is shown once more, but not in the city, rather a discreet graveyard on the outskirts of New York.

Tommy: Kenji meant a lot to all of us.

There, we see an improvised grave for Kenji, as well as Tommy saying a few words. He's 28 now, his hair is shorter and he has a little bit of scruffy facial hair.

Tommy: He might have been the strongest of us all.

The next shot shows the other attendants of the funeral, a 29 year old Danielle who's in a wheelchair, a 27 year old Donnie who looks a bit more confident, and a 27 year old Ashlee who's holding a baby in her arms.

Tommy: He didn't have powers. He didn't hold a gun. But he was dedicated.

From far in the distance we see a cloaked Matt listening in on the eulogy from a motorcycle.

Tommy: He believed in the value of human life. He believed in being the best you could be. In showing kindness to the weak, and mercy to your enemies.

Matt briefly considers driving there, but decides against it and drives off.

Tommy: We can't let him die for nothing.

They all nod as Matt sheds a few tears, heading off back into the city.

The next scene opens with total blackness before a flash of light illuminates the screen.

D'Angelo: Good morning!

We see D'Angelo's personal lab through a dark red lens, as the camera darts around, eventually locking onto D'Angelo, who sitting opposite of the camera.

D'Angelo: Hello, my name is-
???: Mario D'Angelo. You were born in 2980. You own and run D'Angelo & Sons, a gigantic corporation. You made me.

The next shot shows who's perspective we saw before, an android who is big and bulky like the DAS-001 and DAS-002, but has no voice chip or red eyes, making him look much more discreet.

D'Angelo: Correct. You're the DAS-003, but I'll call you Troika. To others, you'll be known as Theo.
Troika: Understood, sir. May....may I ask you a question?
D'Angelo: Of course.
Troika: Things go black's scary.
D'Angelo: It's an early version of a new technology. You can operate alone and blend in, have thoughts and feelings of your own, but you'll also be my vessel, if need be. The technology is advanced, but far from perfect.
Troika: Umm...okay.

D'Angelo grins while Troika simply looks blankly at the wall. He plans to say something as Troika slouches in his chair but shakes his head.

D'Angelo: I'd love to spend some time with you, Troi, but I have important business. And you'll help me.

Troika smiles and nods, getting up. D'Angelo points at a wall.

D'Angelo: I want you to test your powers for me. I need to visit myself, in the year 2026. Can you do that?
Troika: I can....ummm...try.

D'Angelo smiles and Troika focuses, blasting a projectile at the wall that creates a portal. Looking proud, D'Angelo pats Troika on the back.

D'Angelo: Thank you, son.

Troika smiles back while D'Angelo walks through the portal. Troika sits down in his chair.

Troika: Y-you're welcome.

D'Angelo steps out of the portal into the D'Angelo & Sons tower from the future, an older D'Angelo sitting in his office and looking agitated and tired as he files through a folder.

D'Angelo: Hello?

The present D'Angelo looks rather disapppointed regarding this and clears his throat to catch his attention.

older!D'Angelo: Oh. It's you.
D'Angelo: It's me!!! I'm you!!! From 10 years ago!!!
older!D'Angelo: Huh.

D'Angelo looks baffled that his older self is decidedly unimpressed and sits down in the chair in front of him, the older D'Angelo continuing to look over the paper.

D'Angelo: Why are you so unimpressed?
older!D'Angelo: You're not the first me to visit me. There are many, many D'Angelos. I'm just the most successful one, I suppose.

D'Angelo looks incredibly bitter as he mutters to himself, trying to think of something to say.

D'Angelo: Well, I mean, you won! Isn't that great?
older!D'Angelo: Victory comes at a price. I lost what's really important when trying to get it.
older!D'Angelo: You're here for advice. Or information. Here's what happened. The Special Ops won. They defeated me and I was left running for the hills. Until the day Gray Demon came.
D'Angelo: What the hell is a Gray Demon?
older!D'Angelo: It's a long, long story. But I swept up the opportunity and killed Gray Demon with my resources and money. That gained the support of the whole world, made me and the company famous. The council that funded F.A.N.T voted to disband them and instate D'Angelo & Sons as their replacement. With good deeds, spending enough, and having a few unsavory people killed, here we are. I own most of the world and near everyone who would try and stop me has been killed.
D'Angelo: Including Jackson?
older!D'Angelo: Yes. But the Special Ops live on....they got revenge. They-
D'Angelo: I'll find them. Kill them. Ensure the success of our company. The name D'Angelo can't be a joke to the world. It's going to mean something. To mean something to all the worlds.
older!D'Angelo: Power is an empty thing, Mario. If you get it, you still won't be happy. It's our fate to live like this, recurring enemies to brave heroes, always getting beaten but fished out of the gutter. That's our dest-

D'Angelo, frusterated, pulls out a gun and fires it at his older counterpart, killing him. Pushing the body out of the chair, he sits down in his place.

D'Angelo: I make my own destiny.

D'Angelo sees an intercom and turns it on.

D'Angelo: Bring me the newest DAS. It's time to kill the Special Ops.

A montage shows the newest DAS killing Kenji, sitting in motion the events of this episode, while he also trains Troika, and shows him disposing of the body of his older self.

D'Angelo: You're nothing but an old fool.

The old D'Angelo's wallet falls out of his pocket and we see a picture of Troika slipping out of it.

The Special Ops are shown right where they were, looking in awe of the D'Angelo & Sons tower while next to the burning wreckage of the DAS-002.

Matt: Did that seem like drawn-out more than it needed to be, or was it just me?
Everyone: Just you.
Matt: Huh.

They all get up, the flaming robot illuminating the rather dim and dark city. Walking forward cautiously, everyone is shaking a bit in fear, even Kenji.

Kenji: Hmm.
Ashlee: At least we aren't dead!

Everyone grunts in agreement as they look around, other people nowhere to be seen and a number of buildings torn down, abandoned, or now owned by D'Angelo & Sons.

Danielle: What the hell are we even dealing with?
Ashlee: We must be in a Days of Future Past style future!

They all look at her, confused.

Ashlee: Oh yeah, I forgot I'm the only one who reads comics.
Matt: I thought the movie was pretty good.
Ashlee: Long story short, we're in a future where the good guys lost.
Kenji: From the looks of things, nobody won this war.
Tommy: Are you sure we're not in some fucked up alternate universe?
Donnie:.....I don't think any of us are sure about any of this.
Tommy: Fair point.

Suddenly, the Special Ops are shot at from above by an automatic weapon. Danielle and Ashlee make a shield over the group as they quickly run into an alley to escape.

Matt: I'm really tired of getting shot at!
Danielle: I'm really tired of having to make these psychic shields!

Donnie stops in his tracks as he begins to think, Kenji picking him up and dragging him.

Matt: Hey, no one ever picks ME up!
Donnie: Wait....Dani, Ash, do you guys think you could lift us up onto these buildings?

The two look at each other and seem to have a discussion purely from facial expressions.

Tommy: Not gonna lie, that's a little creepy but also awesome.

They then turn to Donnie and nod.

Donnie: Tommy, Matt, you go to Ash. Kenji and I will go to Dani. Both of you need to blast us up to the rooftops and we'll be able to take down some of their soldiers.

Everyone nods and looks impressed at Donnie's ease at formulating a plan.

Ashlee: Nice job!
Donnie: Well....don't say that until we make it out of here alive...

Ashlee blasts Tommy and Matt onto one rooftop while Dani does the same to Donnie and Kenji onto the adjacent rooftop.

Danielle: What do we do?
Ashlee: For once, I have no clue what to say.

The armored soldiers charge at the Special Ops on both buildings, both duos both quickly getting into a rough battle, the soldiers clearly being more experienced and well armed than the simple mercenaries they faced before.

Tommy: Can you make a gun, Matt?
Matt: I have magic, I'm not god!

Tommy sighs and disarms a soldier, taking their gun and firing it at their chest, accidentally blasting a laser beam that tears through them and instantly kills them.

Tommy:.....This future thing is growing on me.

Kenji and Donnie are locked in hand-to-hand combat with two soldiers, Kenji's martial arts being tested against the clearly trained soldier and Donnie's calm nature struggling against the lethal force being used.

Donnie: Can...uh....we get some help up here?!
Ashlee & Danielle: On it!

Kenji lets out a sigh of relief as the two blast up a crowbar to Kenji and a trash can lid to Donnie.

Donnie: A trash can....well....

The soldier gets out his gun and presses it up against the trash can lid.

Donnie: Sorry about this.

Donnie lifts up the trash can lid and swiftly smashes it over the soldier's head, taking them down. Meanwhile, Kenji and the soldier are makeshift dualing with the crowbar and a baton.

Matt: I didn't know you knew how to swordfight!

Kenji slices through the baton and does a sweeping kick, taking them down.

Kenji: I don't.

Matt uses his magic to fling his foe across the city and we hear a banging sound as a lid slams down.

Matt: That's gotta be at least 20 points!
Tommy: Huh?
Matt: Was no one watching? God damn it.
Ashlee: I believe you, Matt!
Matt: Thanks, Ash.

Ashlee mouths "no way" to Danielle, who snickers, when they hear a loud rumbling sound and something telekinetically pulls the group all together onto the road.

Tommy: Please tell me that was you, darling.
Ashlee: I'd love to say it was!
Tommy: And it was-
Danielle: I'm good, but not that good.

They all look skyward to find a flying man who flies down to them, holding them all in place.

???: D'Angelo sends his regar-

Suddenly, a robed man in a motorcycle blazes by, using a blade of energy to slice the DAS that attacked them in half before slamming on his brakes. Everyone looks in awe.

Matt: I think I just shit my pants.
Robed Man: TMI, dude.

The robed man takes off his hood and we see that this badass is actually Matt, 10 years older. Everyone's jaws drop as the young Matt faints.


Alex and Matt are walking down the street together, hand-in-hand.

Alex: Look, Matt, are you sure about this?
Matt: I'm super sure, Alex. The surest I could be. More surerer than anyone I've ever met.
Alex: I'm pretty sure that "surerer" isn't a real word.
Matt: That's how sure I am, Alex. I had to make up a word for you.

Alex kisses him on the cheek when her face goes pale and she pushes Matt to the ground.

Matt: Wh-
Alex: I love you.

A DAS then appears spontaneously and blasts a beam of energy through Alex's chest, killing her.

Matt: ALEX!

Matt, enraged and shocked, blasts a fireball at the robot assasin that instantly immolates him. He runs over to Alex, stuttering and shaking her body.

Matt: Alex! Alex! No, no, no, I'm not losing you. No!

As she bleeds out, Matt begins sobbing, the other Special Ops seeing him and rushing over to his aid.

Ashlee: Oh my god!
Matt: I....she......

A montage shows her funeral in the rain, Matt still standing in the pouring rain next to her grave, and the others leaving.

Danielle: Hey.
Matt: She died for me.
Danielle: You can't blame yo-
Matt: But she did. She....she had precognition. She could see the DAS coming for us, she pushed my dumbass out of the way and she took the beam for me. If I....if I just stood my ground I could've taken the beam. It wasn't supposed to be like this.
Danielle: She did it because she loved you, Ma-
Matt: I know she loved me! And I love her so much...and now....and now I'll never get to marry her. I'll never get to have kids with her! I'll....I'll....

Danielle rubs her friend's back as he breaks down into tears once more.

Matt: I just....I can't anymore.

We see Matt leave the Special Ops alone, retreating into a dim life alone as a hermit, always watching his friends fight D'Angelo & Sons from a distance across the years, until when he sees Kenji's funeral six years after Alex's death.

Tommy: Kenji meant a lot to all of us. He might have been the strongest of us all. He didn't have powers. He didn't hold a gun. But he was dedicated. He believed in the value of human life. He believed in being the best you could be. In showing kindness to the weak, and mercy to your enemies. We can't let him die for nothing.

Matt watches on before driving off on his motorcycle and seeing a DAS in the skies, headed for a group of some young adults.

Matt: I'm not going to watch anymore. I'm going to fight.

Creating a blade of energy, he blazes off toward the DAS.

Matt wakes up inside an abandoned warehouse, laying on a ratty couch. Looking around, he sees the Special Ops and his older self.

Matt: Okay, this is so weird.
older!Matt: Look, dude, you're telling me.

The older Matt sips a hot drink, the others sitting on crates and boxes around the room. It appears that the older Matt has converted the place into a "house" of sorts.

Matt: What are you drinking?
older!Matt: Hot chocolate. Luckily for me, this warehouse was owned by a chocolate making company, before they hightailed outta New York.
Matt: Oh thank god, you still like hot chocolate.
older!Matt: I'm not that much older.
Matt: What are you, like, 40 year old me?
older!Matt: I take offense! 30 this November, baby me.
Ashlee: So we're in! I mean, I have so many questions!
older!Matt: You won't like the answers, young Ash.
Matt: Do you have to call us young? We're all adults here!
Ashlee: Well, I am this June. And Donnie is this October.
Donnie: do you know my birthday?
Ashlee: I have my ways.

Everyone looks disturbed while the older Matt is just grinning at the younger Special Ops group.

Matt: Close enough, anyways! We have a mission to d-
older!Matt: Things change, me. The bad guy wins.....and we, we lose. People die. A lot of people. People you kids love. People I love.
Kenji: Everyone dies eventually, Matthew. We're focusing on getting back to our time. Preventing this from ever happening.
older!Matt: That's a very Kenji thing to say. And I admire it. But the world just isn't as funny any more.

The Special Ops all look around at each other.

Danielle: Look, Matt, you saved us. That means you have to believe that life is still worth fighting for. We sure as hell aren't going down without a fight.
Donnie:....I'm gonna fight......I know we can win....
Ashlee: Yeah!
Tommy: I'm not giving up.
Kenji: Neither am I.
Matt: We're doing this, me. In or out?

The older Matt sighs before nodding.

older!Matt: What the hell, it's worth it.

Matt gets up as the older Matt leads them to a wall with a map of New York City on it.

older!Matt: The D'Angelo & Sons tower is going to be our best shot at getting you all back through time. That fucker has all sorts of gadgets, and if you're here in the future, he MUST have some form of traveling through time.
Tommy: Something tells me it's not gonna be a walk in the park.
older!Matt: If by walk in the park, you mean getting the shit beat out of you and then getting shot repeatedly with laser guns, then it will be a walk in the park. The tower is heavily guarded, both by his personal military force and the Inquisitor Force.
Matt: What is D'Angelo, a sith lord?
older!Matt: He wishes. The Inquisitor Force is his team of DASs. That one I killed? A low-level lackey. There are at least.....7 others to deal with.

The Special Ops all look terrified.

older!Matt: Trust me, Ash, if there was a bright side to this situation I'd be exploiting it as hard as possible. This won't be easy. This won't be fun. But if we're all together, if we do this smartly, if we take our time, then we can do this.
Kenji: Nothing is impossible.
older!Matt: Well, this is pretty damn close, but I like your attitude, Ken.

Ashlee then makes a loud squee noise as everyone looks at her, bewildered.

Ashlee: I found a bright side! We can team up with future us!

Everyone cheers while the older Matt looks uncomfortable and scratches the back of his neck.

older!Matt: Well, you see, we didn't exactly part on the best terms....

The Special Ops all glare at him.

Matt: How did I fuck up now?
older!Matt: I made a mistake.....but I know them. They might not like me, but if they can stop D'Angelo, they'll do it.

Everyone nods as the older Matt takes a deep breath, opening the door and motioning for them to follow. They do so and look out the city, hearing a scream in the distance.

older!Matt: Looks like Tommy is at it again.

Tommy smirks as they all follow the scream, the 29-year old Matt at the front of the Special Ops.

The Special Ops sprint off toward the scream to find the Freedom Fighters pitted against a militant squadron.

older!Matt: Okay, everyone duck.

The Freedom Fighters look behind them to see the older Matt and are shocked, even looking a bit ticked off. However, they do duck down and Matt blasts ice at the soldiers, freezing them solid.

older!Matt: Looks like they won't be bothering you g-

The older Ashlee charges over toward the older Matt and smacks him across the face, hard. He rubs his cheek and looks sheepish as she then decides to hug him tightly.

older!Ashlee: You shouldn't have left us! is good to see you, Matt.
older!Matt: Yeah, it's good to see you, Ash. As you guys can see, I brought some friends.
Matt: Wow, Ash, you got REALLY good looking.

Both Ashlees blush while both Tommys look annoyed. The two groups stare at each other, pretty amazed and bewildered.

older!Matt: These guys come from 2016, D'Angelo sent them here. They need to get back to their time, and they think they can stop this fucked up shit from happening. I knew there were only 4 people for the job....hey, where's Dani?

Kenji and Danielle realize that their future selfs aren't present and look a little distressed.

older!Tommy: She stayed back at the base. Watching over Alex. That's our-
older!Matt: I know. Cute baby. Sweet name.

The young Tommy and Ashlee then both look at each other, a mix of surprise and happiness on their faces. After a moment of awkward silence, both groups break into a discussion, the Special Ops eager to learn about the future.

older!Tommy: You missed a lot, asshole. But I.....and you know I'm bad at this, I really missed you.
older!Matt: Yeah, prick, I missed you too.

The older Tommy and Matt hug while the younger Matt tries to hug the younger Tommy, who looks very uncomfortable.

Tommy: So Ash and I-
older!Tommy: Yep, kid. It's a shitsack of a world, but you gotta hold onto what matters. Remember that.

Tommy nods and the two stand next to each other silently, the younger man clearly looking happy at what happens to him. Meanwhile, both Donnies and Ashlees are in a fast paced conversation while Kenji and Dani stay back.

older!Donnie: This is pretty weird. But I'm also glad that we might able to stop this future from ever happening, y'know?
Donnie:.......Yeah. Can do you talk so quickly? And confidently?
older!Donnie: You're better than you think, Donnie. You haven't realized it yet, but you will, in a few years.

Danielle and Kenji are both sitting in silence, until she decides to break it.

Danielle: Look, I know they didn't ment-
Kenji: It's fine. Maybe I can stop my death. Maybe I can't. But if I die, I'll die for my friends. That's an honorable death, and more than most are given.
Danielle: Well, I'm just a glorified babysitter in this future, if that comforts you.
Kenji: Someting tells me you don't know the whole of it.
Danielle: Thanks, Ken.
Kenji: Thank you, Danielle.

The two Ashlees are, as always, the loudest and most upbeat of all.

Ashlee: Matt's're beautiful!
older!Ashlee: You're so good looking!
Ashlee: Aww, thanks! I have to ask, it-
older!Ashlee: A girl? Yes. She's beautiful. Named after a friend.
Ashlee: And Tomm-
older!Ashlee: You just keep loving him more. And he looks even better.

The younger Ashlee giggles while the older Tommy clears his throat.

older!Tommy: Let's get this show on the road. Matt, you have a plan?
Matt: Ask older Matt.
older!Tommy: Ahem, older Matt?
older!Matt: Beat people up, go in the tower, beat more people up, get these guys back to their time.
Tommy: Brilliant as always.

Both Tommys high five while the Matts look offended. The groups gather together in one big force and start to set out for the tower.

Danielle: Wait, shouldn't we get older me?

The Freedom Fighters all look a bit uncomfortable, at a loss for words.

older!Ashlee: Sweetie, you......a DAS paralyzes you. You're wheelchair bound and you can't fight. You're our mission control, you take care of Alex.....I know how this mus-
Danielle: Nah, I don't need the sympathy. We're going to fix this. Beat those bastards up.
older!Ashlee: She'd be so proud of you.

Danielle shows a small smile, the group all headed toward the tower for the final battle.

The 10 reach the D'Angelo & Sons tower, a forcefield acting as the "door".

older!Ashlee: Telekinesis?
Ashlee: Telekinesis!

Both Ashlees blast telekinetic waves at the forcefield as it starts to bend.

older!Matt: Magic which could be used for anything and has very vague limits but is only used to destroy things?
Matt: Sure.

Both Matts blast a pulse of energy at the forcefield as well, causing it to "snap" and deactivate, the large group charging forward into the building, which sets off an alarm.

Donnie: Should....uh....we have done that?
older!Donnie: Probably not, but we'll roll with it.

Donnie nervously nods and we see D'Angelo sit in his office as the loud alarm goes off, his face looking mildly annoyed.

D'Angelo: My androids....and they're still here. Oh, well.

D'Angelo flips a switch on his desk as a DAS comes out of the room's closet.

DAS: Sir.
D'Angelo: I didn't want it to have to come for this.....but one city is disposable. As are you.
DAS: Yes, sir.

The group charges through the tower, the full force of the military and the Inquisitor Squad rallying against them.

D'Angelo: They can try to stop me. And they will try.

As epic music plays, a montage shows them locked in an all out battle. The two Tommys and soldiers are locked into a shoot out.

D'Angelo: They'll fight, and fight hard.

Both Donnies and Kenji are in hand-to-hand combat with the DASs, dealing blows but also taking a lot of them.

D'Angelo: I've got a plan, though.

The Ashlees, Matts, and Danielle are pitting their powers against the powered androids, all of them getting bruised and bloody.

D'Angelo: One world is mine. Soon this world will be.

After a tough fight, the exhausted and battered group trudge through the bodies of the soldiers and androids into the room they were looking for: Technology Storage.

D'Angelo: Soon they'll all be.

The 10 raid the room, looking frantically for something to travel through time with. Matt finds a camera, and begins to throw it away, but decides to keep it.

older!Tommy: It's quiet.
Tommy: Way too quiet.

They then hear a loud whirring noise as they realize someone is coming down the elevator. Everyone looks forward to see D'Angelo, alongside a DAS, walk out of it.

D'Angelo: I've been fighting you all for 10 years. Well, really 5 months, but with t-
Matt: Fuck you!
D'Angelo: Skipping the build-up? Fine with me, Matt.

The DAS walks forward and they all attack it, but it simply ignores the attacks, stopping in it's tracks and starting to glow.

Tommy: What the hell?

D'Angelo smiles as they all cautiously step back, the DAS starting to inexplicably set on fire.

D'Angelo: Altering DASs is easy. That's the great part about them. One day, this DAS was just a lowly lackey. But make some changes, add a bomb inside him, and he's a key part of my plan. Nothing will stop the bomb, now. It's rigged to go off any minute now, and it'll wipe out New York City. Level buildings. Kill all of you.

Everyone looks shocked while the DAS falls to it's knees.

D'Angelo: The city will be rebuilt from the ashes. A capital for a new Earth. A smarter, fitter, more cultured Earth. One where democracy and freedom don't weigh progression down.
Ashlee: You're sick!
D'Angelo: I'm brilliant.

Before D'Angelo can continue his gloating, his eyes are blinded for a second by a flash of light. Once he can see again, he sees Matt, both with the camera and a time machine.

Matt: Distracted?
'D''Angelo: The explosion is too far along. You'll never get 10 through that machine by the time it goes off.
older!Matt: Well, douchenozzle, we don't need 10. We just need 6.

D'Angelo looks confused as the Freedom Fighters all grin and charge toward the DAS, clutching onto it and surrounding it.

D'Angelo: B-but....I......goddamn it!

Matt turns on the machine and one at a time, the Special Ops leave, Ashlee last.

Ashlee: But, you'll all die!
older!Ashlee: No, we won't. You'll all live on. You'll make a better future for us to live in. A better future for Alex.

Ashlee nods and smiles, heading through the machine as it turns off.

D'Angelo: DAS! Portal to 2016!

The DAS complies as it's last act, making a portal with D'Angelo hops through as it closes. The Freedom Fighters, all hand-in-hand, die together with the DAS blowing up in a flash of blinding light as the scene ends.

Just like they were in the first episode, the Special Ops are all together in Rizzo's office. They all look tired and in pain but are also simply happy to be back in their own time, with D'Angelo's plot foiled.

Rizzo: I'm going to be completely honest with you. And that's something you should respect. Because, as a secret agent, I am, excuse my french, an expert onbullshit. But when I heard you were all alive, I screamed a little bit.

They all grin and Rizzo shows a small smile, shaking each of their hands.

Ashlee: Helen, you should've been there! It was like, a crazy future and-
Rizzo: And I'd love to hear about it, Ms. Murphy. But you all need rest. To be frank, I was reluctant to bring you all here in the first place. But there's important business to take care of.
Matt: Like what?
Rizzo: With D'Angelo taken care of, what future do you all want to take? One threat is gone but D'Angelo had contacts. You're all heroes, and I'm offering all of you a chance to stay on F.A.N.T.
Ashlee: Well, Director, no offense, but I think I'd like to take a break.

Everyone looks shocked as Ashlee shrugs.

Ashlee: We just saved the world. And I love being a hero! But I'm getting tired. I need some rest, I need some time to be with the love of my life. To just breathe.
Rizzo: I respect that a lot, Murphy. You've all earned some rest. Unless, of course, the rest of you want a new mission?

Everyone quickly yells "NO!" and Rizzo chuckles.

Rizzo: I'm joking. Murphy, you're right. I'd love to have your talents, but I also want you guys to live life. There will be a time when the world needs you again. But I'll be holding down the fort for you all. If you ever want to lend me your service, I'll be waiting.

They all nod and smile at the understanding Rizzo.

Matt: Wait....uh....where they hell are we gonna live?
Rizzo: I'm not that heartless, Bosh. You'll all be given large amounts of money to pay for your above and beyond service. And the mansion will be waiting when you decide to come back.
Danielle: Thank you so much, director.
Kenji: We are all very grateful.
Donnie:.......Thank you.
Tommy: Yeah.

Ashlee punches his shoulder.

Tommy: Thank you.
Matt: What they said.

Ashlee punches Matt's shoulder, even harder.

Matt: Oww!! I mean, thank you.

Ashlee walks around the desk and gives Rizzo a hug, squeezing her tightly. Rizzo is clearly a little bit in pain, but smiles anyways.

Rizzo: I'll have your money and transport at the front of the HQ. Good luck.

They all nod and leave the room, talking to one another.

Donnie: So.....Matt.....what are you gonna do?
Matt: Go find Alex and not leave her bedroom for at least a week.
Matt: You?
Donnie: I'm gonna.....gonna try being a vigilante. My older self....taught me a few things.

Matt smiles and shakes his hand, congregating with the others.

Danielle: So Ken, what's next for you?
Kenji: This experience has taught me many things. I must see my family, and then I must continue to train. I have been away from the tournament scene for too long.
Danielle: I'm glad. That lifestyle seems to suit you.
Kenji: What about you?
Danielle: Donnie mentioned being a vigilante....I think I'll do that, too. Still a lot of people who need help.
Kenji: That seems to fit you, Dani.

Kenji walks away and Danielle looks surprised.

Danielle: Huh. He called me Dani.

Lastly, Tommy and Ashlee are walking hand-in-hand.

Tommy: So....umm...
Ashlee: What is it?
Tommy: I was wondering....if you wanted to get a house together? Maybe? I dunno I just-

Ashlee kisses him and grins.

Ashlee: Yes!

Tommy shows a wide smile as the other Special Ops watch on, impressed.

Danielle: Ash just made him grin. I can't believe it.
Matt: To be fair, I don't think Ash is your average person.
Donnie: Yeah....anything but...
Kenji: They're good together.
Everyone: Yeah.

As they say their goodbyes, Rizzo watches on and smiles to herself, taking out the camera Matt stole from D'Angelo. Turning it on, she flips through the pictures and finds a somewhat blurry but full photo of D'Angelo.

Rizzo: Jackpot.

Picking up the phone, the scene slowly fades out as we see everyone together one last time.

D'Angelo is sitting in his office, watching a news broadcast and looking horrified.

Reporter: Lastly, F.A.N.T director Helen Rizzo has sent out a warning for this man.

We see his perspective, the picture of D'Angelo on the TV.

Reporter: This man, Mario D'Angelo, is an arms dealer and criminal who has a warrant out for his arrest for kidnapping, assault, first degree murder, and attempted murder. If you see him, please inform the local officials so they can take the proper precautions.

D'Angelo, his face red, turns off the TV and gets up, pacing back and forth.

D'Angelo: That bitch.

D'Angelo smashes the wall, bruising his fists and denting it.

D'Angelo: I'll....I'll quit my bid for this universe. All my DASs, millions of dollars, and personnel.....LOST! No matter, this is....just one world. Next time I'll be the victor!

He then realizes something and his hand shakes.

D'Angelo: I have one DAS left. But I knew a man who cared about his machines. It made him weak. It made me loose my first victory.

D'Angelo picks up a pistol from his desk.

D'Angelo: I'll never care about anyone again.

Headed to destroy Troika, the screen then goes to black.