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Journey Home Centauri
Journey Home Centauri Logo
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 4
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Visus Sphere, NX, PC, PS4 Pro, Xbox One
Genre(s) Role-Playing Game, Turn-Based Combat
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Journey Home Centauri is an upcoming Role-Playing Game for the Visus Sphere, Nintendo NX, PC, Playstation 4  Pro and Xbox One. It is a crossover Role-Playing game featuring characters from; Colorload, Danny's Adventure, Fright Night & Woodlands. The game focuses around these five characters; Bailey, Koloro, Ooz, Seam & Vizro exploring a curious alternate dimension in hopes of returning to their own dimension.


In a mysterious dimension on a mysteriously abundant and varied planet, a curious creature in a dark cavern discovers a mystical power seeping through a tiny portal. Examining the power, the creature feels a surge of energy and quickly discovers they have become significantly more powerful able to utilize their natural abilities more potently. The creature experiments with the portal to understand how it works and soon determines that the power is being generated naturally by something on the other side, in an attempt to identify this energy the creature opens up numerous portals dragging five individuals into the cavern, the creature, fearful of the danger it may have caused flees in the process corrupting everything around it as it returns to its homeland.

The five individuals; Bailey, Koloro, Seam, Ooz & Vizro soon wake up after being knocked unconcious, unsure of where they are. Surprised by each others presence they each act cautiously around each other however soon determine they are not a threat to each other or what brought them to this place. The group decide to seek answers and stick together in this unknown world.



The game is played like a classic JRPG, Turn-Based combat between the player's party and the opponent's party helps to determine the battle. On the player's turn they cycle through the five characters in order of speed. When on a character the player has 6 actions to choose from; Fight, Special, Support, Items, Defend & Flee. Fight has the character perform their generic attack which is entirely dependent on the character's Attack Stat and the opponent's defense stat.

Special is the main set and has all the more powerful attacks that character can use. Special Attacks use MP and are greyed out when the player doesn't have neough MP (which can be seen prior to selecting an action along with other stats. Special Attacks can range from powerful one-enemy hit attacks to splash damage attacks, multi-enemy attacks, recurring attacks and lingering attacks.

The Support action allows the character to pair up with another character to perform a more powerful attack, when you have one character support another, when you get to the other character's their Fight action will be glowing and all other buttons will be greyed out indicating for you to use the Support.

Items is relatively self-explanatory, it allows the character to heal, increase their stats temporarily, use damaging items and swap out armour and weapons. Defend provides the character with an alternative to Fight while waiting for their MP to recover, Defend increases the character's Defense by 25% and Evasiveness by 10%.

Lastly Flee gives the characters the option to abandon a non-essential battle. In essential battles the Flee button will be shattered, sometimes even in the opening sequence of the boss to indicate there is no running. Fleeing is determined by a chance based outcome, it is determined by the Speed of the character using the Flee option compared to the speed of the fastest opponent on the field, for example.

Character Speed: 15

Enemy Speed: 20

Succeed chance = 15/20 = 75% Chance to Flee


While exploring the world the player can discover numerous things including some simple puzzles as well as numerous areas to explore. Navigation is done from a semi top-down perspective similar to rogue-like games. The characters move in a sort of cluster with Seam being directly controlled by the player while the other 4 follow along on separate AI.


There are multiple statuses in Journey Home Centauri that affect the party in battle and sometimes out of battle as well as affecting enemies. These statuses can be dealt by Special Attacks and Items as well as enemy attacks.

Status Effect
Burn Status
Deals damage to target each turn and increases power of Fire-Type Attacks used against them by 25%, in addition reduces Attack Stat of target
Paralysis Status
Reduces Speed Stat of Target and increases power of Thunder-Type Attacks used against them by 25%
Frozen Status
Prevents target from using attacks and increases power of Ice-Type Attacks used against them by 25%, in addition reduces Defense Stat of target
Leeched Status
Drains 2% of Target's max health per turn, giving said health to the user
Poison Status
Deals damage to target each turn and can be increased through multiple Poisonings
Locked Status
Prevents target from using attacks and increases power of Shadow-Type Attacks used against them by 25%, in addition target cannot avoid attacks via evasiveness
Stunned Status
May prevent target from using their attacks each turn, in addition reduces Accuracy Stat of target
Blind Status
Significantly decreases Accuracy Stat of target and increases power of Light-Type Attacks used against them by 25%, in addition reduces Evasiveness Stat of target
Cursed Status
Deals damage to target each turn and decreases Attack and Defense Stats of target
Corrupted Status
Target may randomly attack allies instead of the opponent/s
Rage Status
Increases Attack Stat of target however significantly decreases Accuracy Stat of target as well and increases power of Typeless Attacks used against them by 25%
Scared Status
May prevent target from using their attacks each turn, in addition enemies may flee a battle (does not impact bosses) and rewards tend to by 25% greater
Intimidated Status
Increases power of Water-Type Attacks used against them by 25%, in addition decreases Attack stat of target
Revived Status
Increases HP by 150% for 1 turn and MP does not drain for 1 turn, in addition increased Attack and Accuracy of target
Sugar Rushed Status
Sugar Rushed

Allows character to attack twice per turn and increases Speed stat, in addition increases MP of target

After 4 turns character becomes Sugar Crashed (these two statuses are mutually exclusive)

Sugar Crashed Status
Sugar Crashed

Decreases Speed Stat of target and increases power of Sugar-Type Attacks used against them by 25%, in addition decreases Attack and Defense stats of target

After 3 turns this status goes away or can be overridden by Sugar Rushed (these two statuses are mutually exclusive)

Sleep Status
Target cannot attack, Light-Type Attacks used against target will awaken them, in addition attacks will always hit the target
Stat Buffed Status
Stat Buff
Increases designated stat by based amount
Stat Decreased Status
Stat Drop
Decreases designated stat by based amount
Magic Field Status
Magic Field
Increases MP of target by 250% and reduces MP costs by 50%, in addition Wind-Type attacks by the target increase power by 25%
Magic Trap Status
Magic Trap
Decreases MP of target by 75% and increases MP costs by 150%, in addition increased power of Earth-Type attacks against them by 25%


The mysterious land that the five have found themselves in is split up into sub-continents each quite distinguishable from each other due to the dominant cultures in each area as well as the environment itself.

Map of the Continent

As shown in the map above the land is greatly seperated across many evnrionments ranging from the lush band of sub-tropical environments in the middle to the temperate climates of the West and North, the desert climates of the South-East, the Volcanic and Dark climates of the South and the choppy and mountainous climates of the east. The land is explored in large grid areas that are represented on the map as the player finds them. These grids are pretty small so the player must select which sub-continent they want to zoom in on to see which grid they are on specifically, in addition to seeing the player's position this zoomed in view shows connections to other grids and will show any unknown grids to the player, these unknown grids are found in one of two ways, finding an exit to the current grid that the player hasn't explored yet or by finding map pieces to detail the player's map. In addition grids can be highlighted to see what is on them and whether there are treasures to be found and the main type of monster that exists on that grid.

Sub-Continents Grids

As shown in the second map, the areas are not equally sized and are not progressed through in a round the map fashion, Starting from the West Peninsula;

  • Light Green - Grazel Fields
  • Cyan Blue - Alguis Marshes
  • Pink - Sweety Babble
  • Black - Tarmuck Lake
  • Light Indigo - Weeping Caverns
  • Dark Gold - Anti-Light
  • Cream - Atomic Farmlands
  • Dark Green - Fold-Out Jungle
  • Grey - Voxel Mountain
  • Light Orange - Sepia Desert
  • Lavender - Seabed Beach
  • Mint Green - Misty Highlands
  • Light Brown - Glitched Plateau
  • Dark Orange - Hardwire Canyon
  • Red - Avalanche Volcano
  • Indigo - Cragged Impact

Map Legend: Grey - Standard, Brown - Dungeon, Pink - Healing Location, Blue - Merchant

Major Characters



Along the way the group encounter numerous creatures that have been corrupted by the mysterious being's mere presence, while some were previously animals or plants others were completely inanimate objects whom have become aggressive monsters due to the mysterious being.

Enemy Element HP Atk Def Spd
Pebbli None 10 13 15 5
Mossi Earth 12 13 20 4
Lavali Fire 12 18 15 6
Mageli Shadow 15 18 20 5
Breezi Ice 12 13 15 12
Splattapillar None 8 9 9 10
Villapillar Fire 12 14 9 10
Chillapillar Ice 12 9 9 14
Splatylis None 20 9 40 2
Villylis Fire 18 14 40 2
Chillylis Ice 18 9 40 5
Splattafly Wind 34 26 24 30
Villavoth Fire 28 35 24 30
Chilleetle Ice 28 26 24 45
Piano Daisies None 25 14 25 16
Vinylflowers None 22 17 25 16
Harpsireed Water 24 15 25 16
Coilruptor Shadow 16 8 20 10
Creelruptor Shadow 32 8 18 9
Cursoroot Shadow 45 22 21 12
Skyporion Poison 24 30 12 10
Stormporion Thunder 20 38 12 12
Solaporion Fire 20 30 16 20
Dazeshroom Thunder 22 13 10 12
Brazeshroom Fire 25 16 10 12
Colostump Light 55 18 24 15
Shrimpy Water 15 22 48 36
Crabby Water 23 19 55 29
Prawny Water 16 22 46 31
Greelizard Earth 25 15 14 22
Reedizard Water 18 18 14 22
Gromodo Earth 46 33 21 35
Reemodo Water 40 38 21 35
Tinimine Fire 24 75 65 10
Hynafly Wind 21 20 24 18
Grinafly Earth 21 24 20 18
Hynamoth Wind 45 35 40 21
Grinamoth Earth 45 40 35 21
Sothoside Poison 50 63 27 41
Globameede None 72 31 68 34
Goblin Scout None 36 15 32 150
Warrior Goblin None 45 24 46 36
Slinger Goblin Earth 45 21 34 39
Archer Goblin Wind 60 30 40 41
Axe Goblin None 55 34 53 35
Builder Goblin Tech 38 20 111 40
Goblin Mage None 64 32 62 38
Goblin Pyromancer Fire 72 42 67 41
Goblin Cryomancer Ice 72 40 74 41
Goblin Hydromancer Water 72 41 71 41
Goblin Necromancer Shadow 80 35 80 41
Skeleton Goblin Shadow 25 27 45 57
Kami Goblin Thunder 88 43 52 104
Goblin Captain None 102 65 75 95
Goblin Chief None 116 74 88 108
Mallimo Sugar 46 26 10 48
Smormimo Sugar 58 32 24 45
Huggingbird None 37 49 31 80
Nec-Tar Poison 78 39 62 26
Maplob Sugar 24 10 126 16
Maplster Sugar 46 25 160 30
Maplight Sugar 80 106 214 48
Redeed Earth 25 27 38 20
Bluseed Earth 30 18 45 17
Golseed Earth 20 18 60 20
Pinkeed Earth 25 16 45 30
Pulpleed Earth 30 18 38 20
Strawered Fire 60 45 60 35
Blerreblue Water 60 36 85 28
Prinepold Thunder 52 36 85 35
Cherrink Light 60 30 75 46
Boyselple Shadow 60 36 75 35
Chocawbester Sugar 90 58 72 50
Cheeluake Sugar 90 50 88 44
Pinetail Sugar 80 50 88 50
Cherrikewer Sugar 90 42 80 64
Boysuffle Sugar 90 50 80 50
Gumblin Sugar 58 33 24 32
Crystal Gumblin Sugar 64 41 26 35
Licorice Gumblin Sugar 64 38 26 48
Jumbo Gumblin Sugar 115 46 32 28
Sourspot Gumblin Sugar 64 36 35 35
Chocoarmour Gumblin Sugar 96 38 48 38
Glumbo Water 64 32 42 24
Grumbo Shadow 59 44 39 24
Mumbo Earth 68 38 47 24
Cragorockodile Water 86 102 98 56
Cragoboulligator Water 86 98 102 56
Lockjaw Flower Earth 65 48 68 50
Rainofly Water 55 84 36 90
Stormofly Thunder 75 106 38 116
Hailofly Ice 75 96 58 106
Cyclonofly Wind 75 116 48 96
Boilizard Fire 88 105 124 86
Bulbizard Earth 96 105 104 94
Boilodo Dalyon Fire 146 157 168 142
Bulbodo Dalyon Earth 154 157 148 150
Snoprawn Ice 55 100 84 38
Sniffle Poison 75 88 88 58
Snuffle Poison 75 68 98 68
Cryblin Water 106 76 85 116
Sorryblin Water 106 106 85 86
Weepblin Water 106 76 115 86
Battalight Light 58 105 84 114
Diogalius Earth 115 104 95 96
Pinnipo Thunder 116 116 118 95
Prineacone Thunder 155 155 174 118
Appanack Earth 134 108 118 95
Orchapple Earth 186 145 174 118
Citrimu Light 106 125 118 95
Oralemime Light 137 192 174 118
Lavarrot Fire 116 105 84 92
Florn Water 104 90 82 124
Snortato Shadow 126 75 116 98
Gallecoli Wind 118 100 100 100
Cauligram Techno 120 109 109 72
Vegorblian Earth 145 115 108 112
Vegorblian Lavarrot Rider Earth 266 156 116 149
Vegorblian Lancer Earth 175 170 138 115
Snowpea Vegorblian Ice 190 142 166 121
Rhubarb Vegorblian Poison 190 150 169 109
Carbern Earth 205 162 154 174
Papily Water 215 154 174 162
Threine Wind 195 174 162 154
Bidaper Wind 168 148 106 152
Papawk Wind 224 182 155 196
Bababoard None 185 154 112 116
Gumglue Techno 136 128 147 130
Inkonut Shadow 158 135 190 48
Greater Inkonut Shadow 210 174 272 90
Graphilla Earth 215 205 188 165
Paper Goblin Wind 162 136 108 126
Mache Goblin Wind 175 155 115 148
Cardboard Goblin Earth 180 147 132 139
Cardboard Goblin Brute Earth 205 205 155 145
Gluey Goblin Poison 178 156 126 75
Knitblin None 165 175 116 124
Knitblin Archer None 180 190 122 145
Geckard Earth 155 130 119 148
Cardodo Wind 162 128 138 185
Red Cube Fire 200 200 150 170
Blue Cube Water 200 150 200 170
Gold Cube Thunder 200 170 150 200
Black Cube Techno 200 170 200 150
Cube Machine None 450 50 225 115
Cube Painter None 110 175 180 125
Grey Cube None 150 150 150 150
Green Cube Earth 250 160 225 190
Purple Cube Shadow 250 225 190 160
Silver Cube Light 250 190 160 225
Sugar Cube Sugar 250 160 190 225
Red Cuboid Fire 275 275 200 230
Blue Cuboid Water 275 200 275 230
Gold Cuboid Thunder 275 230 200 275
Black Cuboid Techno 275 230 275 200
Voxsphere None 266 199 199 233
Cubapillar None 164 165 115 155
Cubalyis None 180 210 140 190
Cubawasp Poison 215 290 195 245
Green Cuboid Earth 280 230 280 240
Purple Cuboid Shadow 280 280 240 230
Silver Cuboid Light 280 240 230 280
Sugar Tear Sugar 250 250 250 250
Cubaleon Shadow 224 148 192 185
Voxblin None 170 145 145 145
Red Voxblin Mage Fire 240 200 170 185
Blue Voxblin Mage Water 240 170 200 185
Gold Voxblin Mage Thunder 240 185 170 200
Black Voxblin Mage Techno 240 185 200 170
Green Voxblin Mage Earth 240 170 200 185
Purple Voxblin Mage Shadow 240 200 185 170
Silver Voxblin Mage Light 240 185 170 200
Voxblin Swordsman None 240 230 200 210
Voxblin Paladin Light 280 255 230 230
Voxblin Dark Night Shadow 280 255 220 240
Voxblin Archer None 240 210 200 230
Voxblin Sniper Techno 280 235 230 250
Voxblin Ambusher Earth 280 240 225 250
Voxblin Behemoth None 300 265 265 250
Film Snake None 245 166 148 170
Perfizard Light 168 188 170 175
Perfake Light 190 215 186 224
Rattling Perfake Light 236 238 202 255
Sileetle Earth 242 211 245 174
Silant None 189 233 208 205
Scout Silant None 215 255 215 224
Warrior Silant None 255 266 226 210
Queen Silant Sugar 301 300 240 150
Vultawk Wind 324 360 198 256
Animatrain Techno 306 299 237 262
Animaboose Techno 350 264 288 215
Animagine Fire 288 245 255 310
Flickorse Earth 302 268 274 281
Flickonkey Earth 286 252 314 276
Bubbladine Water 18 12 21 10
Bubbladine School Water 360 240 420 200
Sherman Tank Techno 355 326 299 155
Panzer Tank Techno 355 326 299 155
Weenidine Water 188 129 155 182
Cococrab Earth 246 215 206 174
Palombster Earth 270 255 228 241
Galashark None 316 305 245 272
Blobstone Earth 299 246 298 258
Bloboulder Earth 316 277 300 262
Stonand Earth 302 263 275 284
Cave Eel Thunder 355 300 266 298
Jet Manta Wind 314 275 284 312
Sky Manta Wind 336 288 262 325
Gravelphin Earth 320 241 342 221
Bouldephin Earth 355 254 364 250
Coral Shrimp Water 285 224 230 278
Reef Lobster Water 324 255 272 305
Barrier Reef Mantis Shrimp Water 368 280 302 324
Mossy Slug Earth 288 212 206 250
Fungal Leech Earth 288 245 199 250
Red Fungal Leech Poison 315 280 240 305
Lichen Octopus Water 336 288 284 306
Kraketini Water 205 247 176 188
Kraken Water 262 295 233 242
Kraking Water 348 365 258 280
Sudsie Poison 246 199 215 200
Sudsailor Poison 279 230 262 234
Sudsaptain Water 315 266 288 274
Sudsmiral Ice 355 288 306 298
Walrunt Ice 245 232 278 204
Gigalrus Ice 380 277 312 235
Tuskimo Ice 212 240 206 182
Tuskimo Hunter Ice 255 275 220 205
Tuskimo Caller Ice 240 268 238 234
Minnoth Earth 285 305 256 236
Tuskimo Leader Ice 333 300 256 252
Mamooth Earth 450 376 290 274
Nagpipes Wind 368 305 305 298
Bragpipes Wind 394 340 340 314
Cragpipes Earth 385 328 328 333
Lobstacreep Wind 403 395 372 366
Foggonkey Earth 384 366 332 355

Special Attacks

Unlike standard Role-Playing Games characters do not learn new Special Attacks by leveling up, instead they are acquired by trading the will of someone or something with that attack for the attack itself. While the game is completeable without the other special attacks it becomes significantly harder to complete the game and forces players to rely much more heavily on their natural stats instead. Each character starts off with 2 Special Attacks and gains an additional Special Attack when they change their class at Level 50. All other Special Attacks can only be gained through these sacrificial sidequests and special encounters.

Bailey's Special Attacks

Special Attack Location MP Cost Power Effect
Hook Shot Start 2 25


High Crit-Hit Ratio

Head Slam Start 3 40


May Stun Enemy

Tidal Slam Grazel Fields - Quest 6 60


May Stun Enemy

Leviathan Bash Alguis Marshes - Quest 9 110


Increases DMG the less health Bailey has

Hydro Vortex Sepia Desert - Secret Boss 15 250


Lowers Defense of Targets

Harpoon Cannon Lv50 w/ Harpooner 7 120


May Bleed Enemy

Hydro Star Avalanche Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies

Siren's Song Lv50 w/ Serenader 12 0


Puts all Enemies to Sleep

Freeze Star Avalance Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies

Koloro's Special Attacks

Special Attack Location MP Cost Power Effect
Splatter Shot Start 3 40


Causes Splash Damage

Rainbow Flip Kick Start 3 50


May Stun Enemy

Indigo Curse Grazel Fields - Quest 5 30


Curses enemy

Blazing Paint Sepia Desert - Secret Boss 15 220


Burns All Enemies

Sepiaquake Lv50 w/ Animator 9 135


No Secondary Effect

Techno Star Avalanche Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies

Black Apparation Lv50 w/ Mixer 10 80


Reduces power of all Light-Type Attacks until the next turn

Dark Star Avalanche Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies

Ooz's Special Attacks

Special Attack Location MP Cost Power Effect
Regenerate Start 5 0


Recovers 20% of Ooz's max Health

Squorn Call Start 3 45


Hits all Enemies

Goblin Cry Grazel Fields - Quest 4 55


Strikes multiple times

Lightning Fiend Sepia Desert - Secret Boss 15 180


Paralyzes and Poisons Target

Spirit Beear Lv50 w/ Animal Caller 15 140


May Poison Enemy

Sweet Star Avalanche Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies

Camouflage Lv50 w/ Chameleon 2 0


Gives Ooz the Moveset of the targeted enemy

Venom Star Avalanche Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies

Seam's Special Attacks

Special Attack Location MP Cost Power Effect
Geist Beam Start 4 60


May Scare Enemy

Thunderstrike Start 3 45


May Stun Enemy

Rubble Crash Grazel Fields - Quest 4 70


Hits all enemies

Flare Twister Sweety Babble - Quest
Light Burst Anti-Light - Quest
Rays of Light Anti-Light - Secret Boss
Shadow Wall Anti-Light - Quest
Necrolife Fold-Out Jungle - Quest
Hydro Bomb Fold-Out Jungle - Quest
Suffocate Blitz Sepia Desert - Secret Boss 15 280


No Secondary Effect

Vortex Impactor Lv50 w/ Dark Mage 9 100


Restores health equal to 50% of damage dealt

Radiant Inferno Glitched Plateau - Quest
Heat Wave Hardwire Canyon - Quest
Tsunami Avalanche Volcano - Quest
Blazing Star Avalanche Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies

Rays of Healing Lv50 w/ Light Mage 15 0


Restores 30% of all Character's max Health

Bright Star Avalanche Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies

Vizro's Special Attacks

Special Attack Location MP Cost Power Effect
Tail Twister Start 2 55


No Secondary Effect

Burrow Root Start 3 70


No Secondary Effect

Root Sacrifice Grazel Fields - Quest 12 0


Revives an Ally at the cost of 25% of Vizro's Health

Uproot Crash Sepia Desert - Secret Boss 15 220


High Crit-Hit Ratio

Burning Fall Lv50 w/ Autumnwind 8 85


May Burn Enemies, hits all enemies

Tornado Star Avalanche Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies

Verdant Collapse Lv50 w/ Junglelord 9 130


May Confuse Enemy

Terra Star Avalanche Volcano - Secret Boss 27 500


Hits all Enemies


Although considerably simpler than other Role-Playing Games, classes to appear in this game with each character having a base class and two specialist classes that the player chooses from when that character reaches Level 50. Not only does changing class change the stats of the character as well as unlock new special attacks for them to learn but also changes their appearance and will permanently change particular items in the game accordingly, such as hooks becoming harpoons or harps and Tomes becoming Scepters or Spell Orbs.

Character Class Description


Fisher Bailey's base class, the class has high Attack and Defense albeit low Speed and Evasiveness as Bailey is not a particularly fast character. Her attacks revolve around the large hook she carries and often deal powerful Typeless attacks with some Thunder, Water and Ice Type Attacks.
Harpooner Bailey
Harpooner An increase to Attack and Defense, the Harpooner Class is the more direct of Bailey's class upgrades, favouring Typeless Special Attacks that generally deal much more damage and only sometimes have secondary effects. In addition Harpooner Bailey is the only class upgrade with the intimidation secondary effect in her special attacks, an effect often used by bosses and late game enemies.
Serenader Bailey
Serenader An increase to HP and MP, the Serenader Class greatly changes Bailey's role in the party, instead of being the Typeless hard hitter she now becomes much more supportive able to inflict many Status Effects, Debuffs and Ally Buffs with her new Special Attacks. In addition she gains quite a few Type-based Special Attacks based around the Water-Type and Thunder-Type.


Koloro SI
Painter Koloro's base class, the class has high MP and HP albeit low Attack and Defense as Koloro does not have significant protection from damage. Her attacks are comprised of a numerous combination of paint themed attacks that cover any element in the game although are not particularly strong unless set up for specific combinations.
Animator Koloro
Animator An increase to HP and Attack, the Animator class prioritizes giving Koloro many multi-hit abilities, even upgrading older Special Attacks of hers to do the same. Almost no new Special Attacks have types however and the few that do are exclusively Light types.
Mixer Koloro
Mixer An increase to Defense and MP, the Mixer class allows Koloro to utilize an entirely new array of attacks from many types including the Shadow-Type, the only Type Koloro couldn't previously use. In addition many of her attacks inflict painful status effects.


Ooz SI
Kinship Ooz's base class, the class has high MP and Evasiveness albeit low HP and Attack due to Ooz's small stature. Ooz's attacks come more from his ability to summon allies, Ooz has a natural gift in this mysterious world to call upon the uncorrupted beings of the land to fight for him.
Animal Caller Ooz
Animal Caller An increase in Defense and MP, the Animal Caller class allows Ooz to use his standard attack to call upon a herd of animals to trample all enemies, in addition Ooz can now find Special Attacks to summon Spirit Beasts from his horn.
Chameleon Ooz
Chameleon An increase to Evasiveness and HP, the Chameleon class lets Ooz mimic an enemy while still retaining his summoning powers, when Ooz mimicks an enemy he will become that enemy's colours and can use that enemies attacks against them.


Seam SI
Sorcerer Seam's base class, the class has high MP and Defense albeit low Attack and Speed due to Seam being a mage. Seam is able to use a variety of spells of his that still work in this dimension, his tome lost quite a lot of pages due to the portal however and Seam's telepathy has been disabled.
Dark Mage Seam
Dark Mage An increase to Attack and MP, the Dark Mage class allows Seam to tap into the most powerful magical attacks stored within his memory although his overall abilities are hindered with regards to helping others in battle. With this class Seam is able to gain some powerful Special Attacks especially in the Light, Fire, Water and Shadow-Types.
Light Mage Seam
Light Mage An increase to HP and MP, the Light Mage class gives Seam many helpful Special Attacks to assist the party including Healing and Stat Buff spells. In addition Seam specializes in numerous Light-Type Special Attacks with this class.


Vizro SI
Leafguard Vizro's base class, the class has high HP and Attack albeit low Defense and MP due to Vizro being a bit of a glass cannon. Vizro almost exclusively uses Earth Type attacks although his attacks are easily the most powerful of that type and he also packs some powerful Special attacks of other types later on.
Autumnwind Vizro
Autumnwind An increase to Attack and Evasiveness, the Autumnwind Class grants Vizro a much greater range of attacks including Fire and Wind type Attacks. The class also focuses on giving Vizro Special Attacks that hit all enemies and often debuffs enemies.
Junglelord Vizro
Junglelord An increase to MP and Defense, the Junglelord Class gives Vizro access to a lot of Status effects as well as special resistances to several types. The class prioritizes a powerful defense and balances out Vizro giving him numerous status impacting attacks.


Standard Bosses

Boss Location Description
Candy Nemesis V1
Candy Nemesis 1
Grazel Fields

Wait this is seriously the boss of this area, it's tiny, what does it have a second form or something? What it doesn't, man this is going to be a cake walk, wait... how does it have those stats?!

Candy Nemesis is the first boss of Journey Home Centauri, this curious looking creature doesn't look particularly dangerous although looks can be deceiving. The creature is extremely fast and is able to deal Poison and Shadow Type attacks against the party. It seems to dislike being overheated.

HP 1000 | ATK 65 | DEF 40 | SPD 45

Algius Marshes

Woh, careful now with those big blades on that thing, what is it with swamps and snakes? What? The thing isn't a snake, then why doesn't it have any legs and how come it can detach its lower jaw?

Bagranog is the second boss of Journey Home Centauri, a massive serpentine creature which lurks in the deep waters of the Algius Swamps the monster is incredibly powerful using its giant claw-like blades to strike, in addition it can belch a potent acid at its prey.

HP 1250 | ATK 112 | DEF 78 | SPD 42

Sweety Babble

Where do these creepy hybrids come from? Wait, that music, why am I so drowzy all of a sudden, huh, oh, wait, those look like sp-.... Zzz~

Xyloqueen is the third boss of Journey Home Centauri, this trickster queen of the mysterious insects that inhabit these rivers. She can not only attack viciously with her large insectoid arms but also use the Xylophones that spin around her to summon more creatures as well as induce status effects.

HP 2800 | ATK 144 | DEF 140 | SPD 80

Tarmuck Lake

Aww look a cute fairy, I wonder if she'll heal our wounds, hmm... she doesn't seem to be responding to our calls, woh hold up, she's sinking into the tar, we need to save her, wait look at the ripples in the water, what's going on here?!

Pseudomas is the fourth boss of Journey Home Centauri, this behemoth fish-like monster has a lure in the form of a fairy to trick travellers. Most of its body dwells beneath the tar allowing it to create a thick armour, in addition it seems to possess some bizarre magical powers.

HP 4000 | ATK 210 | DEF 174 | SPD 115

Candy Nemesis V2
Candy Nemesis 2
Weeping Caverns

Wait, didn't we see this one before? Oh this was the boss from the first area, what's he doing back here and how'd he grow those limbs, he's... not responding, uhh, what's with this guy he's so weird...

Candy Nemesis returns as the fifth boss of Journey Home Centauri, the creature has changed since its last appearance growing new limbs and becoming larger in general, its developed arms are long and can stretch due to their rubbery composition, in addition the creature seems to have learnt some Special Attacks from watching the party.

HP 5000 | ATK 260 | DEF 200 | SPD 138

Shadow Walker
Shadow Walker

Man this place is weird, I feel like we could fall in a hole and never have seen it, wait, look there's a man up ahead, see his shadow on that wall, wait... where's the person for that shadow?

Shadow Walker is the sixth boss of Journey Home Centauri, this curious shadow creature cannot be harmed by Shadow-Type attacks although has a potent weakness to Light-Type attacks, the creature doesn't attack directly instead it attacks a character's shadow which in turn damages them, be careful though it seems he has some dangerous powers that he will keep hidden until the time is right.

HP 5950 | ATK 295 | DEF 244 | SPD 172

Atomic Farmlands

Eww, this thing smells of a foul odour, keep your distance, it looks like it can call on other vegetables to protect it in battle, also it seems to be looking at Vizro with disgust, wonder what that's about?

Rotdish is the seventh boss of Journey Home Centauri, this large monstrous vegetable is a fierce fighter, not only able to summon other vegetable enemies to fight for it but it can also use numerous Shadow and Earth Type attacks. Be careful it'll always be looking to corrupt the party.

HP 7200 | ATK 316 | DEF 288 | SPD 205

Origami Rose
Origami Rose
Fold-Out Jungle

What a pretty flower, I wonder who made it, hmm? Oh, oh no, that flower looks kind of mad that I said that, uhh, you look very pretty, oh uhh... geez, I think I just pissed it off more, well uhh... good luck...

Origami Rose is the eighth boss of Journey Home Centauri, the rather angry plant seems to have quite the temper and uses its powerful Earth, Fire, Wind and Thunder Type attacks to fight, be careful this thing is also a bit of a parasite and will leech the life out of a character if they pose a big enough threat.

HP 7950 | ATK 340 | DEF 315 | SPD 248

Pixel Knight
Pixel Knight
Voxel Mountain

Wait, why would a pixel creature be the boss of a voxel location? Wait, what do you mean it doesn't matter, of course it matters the Pixel Knight is 2D, Voxels are 3D... argh... fine whatever, just battle him already

Pixel Knight is the ninth boss of Journey Home Centauri, a large pixel creature that forms a very simplistic night by appearance, the creature attacks with its pixel sword and can use Techno and Light Typed attacks to fight, be careful though, as the Pixel Knight breaks down it'll re-assemble parts of itself into new enemies.

HP 9050 | ATK 410 | DEF 386 | SPD 295

Candy Nemesis V3
Candy Nemesis 3
Sepia Desert

Oh come on, this guy again, why does he even want to fight us, is it just because we beat him twice? Fine, let's get this over with, at least its better than fighting some giant sand worm or a giant statue.

Candy Nemesis appears again this time as the tenth boss of Journey Home Centauri, even stronger than last time the creature seems as determined as ever to fight, it has regenerative attacks now and can use a wide variety of attacks including several Water and Light attacks it didn't even possess before.

HP 10000 | ATK 475 | DEF 424 | SPD 355

Seabed Beach

Uhh, so why is there a giant shark here, I mean like, how did this thing even get here, these beaches haven't apparently been flooded in centuries? This is just, I mean I guess it can survive here but shouldn't it really be in the water?

Neptune is the eleventh boss of Journey Home Centauri, this large shark-like creature possesses the most powerful Water-Type Attacks so far encountered even outmatching Bailey's own abilities. In addition the creatures rubbery skin makes it immune to certain types of attacks that would normally hurt it.

HP 12150 | ATK 524 | DEF 515 | SPD 442

Misty Highlands

Woh did you see that just now, it looked like there was a figure in this fog, wait look there it was again, argh how is that thing so fast. Woh!... watch out, whatever it is it's got a sword on it keep your distance otherwise we'll all be shredded.

Devilsfoot is the twelfth boss of Journey Home Centauri, this reanimated Skeleton has a special technology attached to it from an unknown origin that keeps the skeleton's soul in a sort of limbo. The creature has very high Attack power and uses Shadow and Techno Type Attacks so be careful.

HP 14800 | ATK 628 | DEF 546 | SPD 474

Escaped DLC
Escaped DLC
Glitched Plateau

Hey?! What's this guy doing here, he's not supposed to have come out for another month or so, argh, damn it now we have to put the rest of the DLC in the base game, good job you incomplete mess, it's lucky you don't break the code.

Escaped DLC is the thirteenth boss of Journey Home Centauri, a glitched out creature this bizarre individual is capable of numerous powerful attacks including ones the party may possess as well as several Thunder and Techno Type Attacks.

HP 16170 | ATK 650 | DEF 575 | SPD 499

Hardwire Canyon

Wow look at that thing go, it's so fast, it's kind of weird how something can even do that, hmm? Oh no, it saw us, well you guys should be pretty used to this sort of thing so hop to it, there's a boss to fight and I'm just a voice in your heads.

Polygnus is the fourteenth boss of Journey Home Centauri, it is a 3D Elemental creature able to shift between its various states to change its type making the battle more difficult, as such it can use all Types of attacks and can inflict numerous statuses as well as summon drones to help it.

HP 20150 | ATK 686 | DEF 625 | SPD 562

Candy Nemesis V4
Candy Nemesis 4
Avalanche Volcano

Oh come on, this guy just doesn't give up, I mean seriously 4 times, does that make him our rival or something? Why is he even here, like the Sepia Desert encounter was a bit weird too because you know Desert's are hot and all but we're on a Volcano, he's going to melt if he gets too close to a Lava Vent

Candy Nemesis returns for the final time as the fifteenth boss of Journey Home Centauri, his most powerful form the creature has adapted specifically to combatting the party and possesses nearly every type in some form of an attack and has built up resistances to his previous weaknesses, in addition it seems he's even stolen attacks from other bosses to increase his own power.

HP 25000 | ATK 725 | DEF 675 | SPD 600

Cragged Impact

So this is it right, this is the guy who brought us here? What happened to him he's mutated far beyond the citizens who live on this island. No matter, this is it the last foe between this bizarre world and home, let's fight to the finish!

Eldrich is the sixteenth boss of Journey Home Centauri, a mutated native of the Cragged Impact, Eldrich was the one to set the corruption into motion accidentally creating it while trying to summon the five party members to drain their special energy. He is incredibly powerful possessing all manner of attacks especially in the Shadow-Type and Wind-Type, work around his fluxuating defences as he can change his weaknesses periodically.

HP 36000 | ATK 1200 | DEF 1200 | SPD 1200

Candy Nemesis V5
Candy Nemesis 5
The Dimensional Vortex

We're nearly home, wait, oh god what is that? Something's getting into the vortex, is... is that the Candy Nemesis?! I thought that thing died after it fell into the lava vent, it looks like its being warped by the vortex itself, we need to stop if before it destabilizes the whole vortex, it's massive though this is insane!

Candy Nemesis' fifth and final form is the Final Boss of Journey Home Centauri and is the only individual fought within the Dimensional Vortex, it is incredibly powerful being warped by Spacetime using attacks not only from its previous battles but also from other beings, it seems to have leeched an incredible amount of power from within the lava vent, put it down once and for all.

HP 100000 | ATK 1500 | DEF 1450 | SPD 1250

Secret Bosses

Boss Location Description
Glaze & Penny
Glaze & Penny
Sweety Babble

Huh? There's two of them, who are we supposed to fight, oh both of them, of course, I mean it wouldn't be an RPG without the two-in-one Boss fight, seriously, why are these two even here, Glaze is just going to be melted by Penny and after that happens she'll have no fuel.

Glaze and Penny are Secret Bosses found in Sweety Babble, a duo boss, Glaze is the large liquid-like Pink Candle while Penny is the flame spirit that lives on top of Glaze. Penny can use numerous Fire and Light attacks while Glaze is able to use several Water and Poison attacks. Together they can inflict heavy damage very rapidly so stay alert.

GlazeHP 14800 | ATK 548 | DEF 752 | SPD 315

Penny - HP 12950 | ATK 744 | DEF 489 | SPD 705


Huh, just looking at this guy reminds me of a forgotten time, weird fella to say the least, I mean I get he probably channels his powers through those crystals on his head but how's he consistently floating, woah! oh, that's how, wow, talk about a gust of wind.

Lunedereve is a Secret Boss found in Anti-Light, it is a large moon-shaped being that has unknown origins as even those native to Anti-Light find its appearance unusual. It appears to be able to generate incredible winds and release powerful energy bursts from its crystals, a combination of Wind, Fire, Thunder and Light Attacks for sure.

HP 25080 | ATK 754 | DEF 958 | SPD 465

Fold-Out Jungle

Oh wow, uhh, so what's this thing's deal is it even made out of paper? Wait, look what's inside its mouth, is this thing a Pinata? Ok, new plan, break that Secret Boss open, we've got some loot to gather.

Palmyata is a Secret Boss found in Fold-Out Jungle, the living Pinata is shaped like a bizarre Palm Tree with three legs and a pair of stubby but powerful wings. It is able to use Earth, Wind, Sugar and Shadow Type Attacks and an even summon numerous minions from within its body which if not stopped can be summoned without Palmyata using its turn.

HP 30400 | ATK 902 | DEF 882 | SPD 852

Sepia Desert

Woh, look at that thing, it's huge, how are we supposed to fight it? I mean this thing's not even just one entity like those other bosses, the head, body and tail are all seperate monsters, this is ridiculous, just how much power is this thing packing?!

Dyrosannon is a Secret Boss in the Sepia Desert, found ocassionally in the sandstorm area if a specific set of directions is taken, the boss is composed of three segments; The Head, The Body and The Tail, each having seperate attacks and health bars. The Head uses Fire, Water and Wind Type attacks, the Body uses Typeless, Shadow and Light Type attacks and the Tail uses Thunder and Earth Type attacks.

HP 35550 | ATK 945 | DEF 872 | SPD 1050

(Head: 13000, Body: 12500, Tail: 10050)

Hardwire Canyon

Wow, didn't see this one coming, I mean seriously, the boss of this area wasn't related to wires so what were the chances the secret boss was going to be literally wires. Just kill the guy already he's not even as tough as the rest, what a joke.

Plugcore is a Secret Boss found in Hardwire Canyon, this curious creature appears to be an amalgamation of wires combined together and held by a mysterious core in the center, energy leaks out from its feet and it can generate powerful Light, Thunder and Poison Type Attacks.

HP 19000 | ATK 520 | DEF 600 | SPD 880

Plugcore True

Huh, wait... Plugcore didn't disappear, woh! Holy based crap, there was an Energy Dragon inside that thing the whole time, how in the, no time to talk you need to beat that thing now, if it's crystal is fully charged it's game over.

Plugcore's True Form comprises the second half of the battle, the largest boss in the game Plugcore has 5 parts to attack; Head, Wings, Gem, Body & Tail. Each one is equipped with numerous attacks, mostly from the Thunder and Light Types but with almost every other Type covered as well, they also have different stats so pay attention to what you're attacking.

HeadHP 36000 | ATK 1458 | DEF 912 | SPD 1015

WingsHP 29500 | ATK 1202 | DEF 1000 | SPD 1450

GemHP 25000 | ATK 5000 | DEF 1800 | SPD 500

BodyHP 48300 | ATK 916 | DEF 592 | SPD 868

TailHP 23200 | ATK 1158 | DEF 1192 | SPD 865

Culex Journey Home Centauri
Avalanche Volcano

Have we seen this guy before, I feel like I saw him once a long time ago, maybe, I dunno, he looks pretty Secret Boss-ish, also I don't know why but I feel like he should have some coloured crystals with him, weird...

Culex is the Last Secret Boss in Journey Home Centauri and is the only Super Boss in the game, found in a secret Dungeon in Avalanche Volcano, after facing the strongest enemies in the game the group will encounter him, he is able to use attacks from every type and has some of the strongest hitting attacks in the game.

HP 90960 | ATK 2500 | DEF 1000 | SPD 500


Sidequests play an integral part in the game as they are the primary way characters attain new Special Attacks, while some are simple like defeating the Goblin King whom plagues a small village others will leave the player with two options on how to end the quest, often leading to obtaining one Special Attack while permanently removing the chance for another.

Sidequest Region Description Rewards
A little Pest Grazel Fields

Eliminate 20 Pebblis

A farmer has sought out the party's help to eliminate the Pebbli menace in her farm, help her and she'll extract a special attack from a caged Pebbli


Rubble Crash - Seam

The Brothers Battle Grazel Fields

Help a brother fight his twin as a writ of maturity

Two brothers have become trapped in the woods of Grazel Fields under a mysterious spell that demands a sacrifice from either one of them, unable to to kill each other the player must make the decision

Revivial Phial

Indigo Curse - Koloro

The Bandit's Blood Grazel Fields

Destroy the Bandit Camp in Grazel Fields

Bandits have been raiding the nearby settlers in Grazel Fields, destroy the camp and harvest the Bandit Leader's special power to prevent a second uprising


Tidal Slam - Bailey

Old Yeller Grazel Fields

Find and mercy kill the Town Crier

In his old age, Old Yeller, the Town Crier of Grazel Fields has gone a bit insane, while initially it was just him muddling up his chants he's now rallied a bunch of goblins together by accident, put him out of his misery, some say his bell possesses amazing powers.

3x Potion of Life

Goblin Cry - Ooz

Blackwood Curse Grazel Fields

Find and exterminate a parasitical tree

It seems the corruption has infected a tree in Grazel Fields that is causing it to create monsters, find the tree and destroy its trunk and take its great powers.


Root Sacrifice - Vizro

The Big Catch Alguis Marshes

Find and defeat the Big Red Trout

A fishing competition in Alguis Marshes is being threatened by a large trout that was corrupted, the individual to defeat the trout and absorb its essence will receive first place prize


Fishing Rod - Seam

Leviathan Bash - Bailey


Items are an important aspect of Journey Home Centauri as they are the main way for characters to recover HP and MP as well as the location of armour, weapons and acessories to effect the character's stats. Some items can only be used by specific characters and often are stronger than the version available to everyone, or provide an additional effect.

Healing Items



Armour Usable Characters Defense Effect
Bailey's Coat Bailey 14 Increases Fire and Earth Resistance by 10%
Koloro's Clothes Koloro 12 Prevents Koloro's Attack or Defense being lowered
Seam's Robes Seam 13 Increases Seam's MP by 10%
Vizro's Bands Vizro 12 Increases Power of Earth Type Attacks by 20%
Rusty Armour Bailey & Koloro 16 Increases Thunder Resistance by 20%
Cornweave Overalls Koloro & Vizro 14 Regenerates health when hit by an Earth Type Move however is 50% more likely to gain a status ailment
Bluebird Robe Bailey & Seam 14 Chance of inflicting Sleep Status on enemies increases to 100%
Rubberbone Suit Ooz & Vizro 13 Increases Thunder Resistance by 100% although cannot use Thunder Type Attacks
Spray-On Flame Suit Ooz 14 Increases Fire Resistance by 50% and decreases chance of Burn Status Ailment by 100%
Shipwrecked Unfiorm Bailey, Koloro & Seam 18 Increases Power of Water Type Attacks by 25%
Glowbulb Coat Bailey, Ooz & Vizro 17 Reduces damage from Shadow Type Attacks by 10%
Tireyard Armour Bailey, Koloro & Seam 20 Increases Thunder Resistance by 10% and increases Power of Poison Type Attacks by 10%
Tropical Dress Bailey, Koloro & Ooz 18 Chance of being inflicted Burn, Paralysis, Poison and Dizzy reduced to 0%
Portrait Costume Everyone 21 Increases Power to Shadow Type Attacks by 10%
Neonic Jumpsuit Koloro & Seam 20 Prioritizes user as target, increases power of Thunder Type Attacks by 20%
Lilypad Vines Ooz & Vizro 18 Increases Power of Earth Type Attacks by 10%
Meat Dress Ooz & Vizro 20 May cause Enemies to become Sick after attacking the user
Sandcastle Robes Bailey, Ooz & Seam 21 Increases Sand Resistance by 10% and reduces likelihood of Blindness by 15%
Geostoic Armour Bailey, Koloro & Ooz 25 Increases Power of Fire, Ice and Thunder Type Attacks by 10%
Rosebud Vizro 22
Giant Helmet Ooz 30
Siren's Gold Gown Koloro 27
Some Wizard's Robes Seam 25
The 50ft Scarf and Wool Clothes Everyone 28
Jingle Sweater Bailey, Koloro & Seam 32
Reindeer Set Ooz 36
Twinkling Tinsle Vizro 34
Battle Gear Koloro & Vizro 29
Demon Guard Bailey & Vizro 26
Suit of Blades Ooz 28
Woolly Overcoat Koloro, Seam & Vizro 33
Splashpuff Dress Bailey & Koloro 29






  • While Bailey, Koloro, Seam and Vizro were planned from the start to be in the game, Ooz was decided to be included intially as a Team pet and later expanded into a summoner role originally intended for Seam
  • The Pebbli family of enemies follow a standard in classic RPGs of the slime-esque enemy who is easy to defeat and also follows in Dragon Quest's footsteps by having incredibly strong versions of the Pebbli Family appear late game known as the Pebbli Elites.
  • Grazel Fields is a direct tongue-in-cheek nod to the tendency for video games to start out in lush green fields, this is played with where half of the sub-continent has been corrupted into an almost alien landscape and that the townsolk of Grazel Fields wish they were on "less green pastures"
  • It is currently unknown if any other Fantendo characters will appear, it has not been confirmed or denied as of yet however no storyline boss in the game will be a Fantendo character
  • Vizro was chosen as the "Elemental" character since, we don't see enough Earth Elementals anymore, this is ironically played straight in the game by the fact there are; Fire, Ice, Thunder and Water Elementals only
  • Bailey is the only character out of the five playable characters in this game not to originate from another franchise although Bailey is part of the Darklight Studios cache of characters


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