Hey there, this is my side of the shop where I make and even my potions.

Josh is a Human who lives in Smartsville with his sister Brianna who appears in the David series. Josh is on the right of Brianna's Shop and what Josh does is make the potions and can even mix potions together. Josh can also give some advice about using potions carefully and that some can harm David. He is rumored in David's Galactic Adventure to make/mix and sell the potions himeself instead of just him making/mixing them.


General Information

Personality and Traits

Josh is an energetic and helpful person. At times Josh can be envious because he does most of the work while his sister sits there and justs sells. Josh doesn't really interact with costumers mostly only at times when he mixes potions or gets a request to make one. Josh doesn't get mad that often when someone refuses for him to make a potion. Josh is also much helpful because his potion mixing can be really helpful at times.

Josh is also mysterious as not much people know about Josh and even his friends don't know where he lives. He is also caring when it comes to his pet hamster, Magna.

Physical Appearence

Josh's appearence is that he has a mixture of black and brown hair, wears a nuclear logo shirt, blue shorts, and red glasses.


You also know about Dead Man Damien's treasure? My sister does too!

You know I hear the map that leads to Dead Man Damien's Treasure is near the sunken ship.

Here's your potion mixture! Glad I can help.


  • In Josh's room in his house his journal can be found and in one of the pages it says that he wants to open his own shop one day.
  • Josh makes a cameo in David Advance in the Downtown Danger level. He can be seen in the background.

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