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Joseph Morello
Joseph Morello as he appears in Strafe: Warzones
Full Name Joseph "Ruben" Morello
Current Age 22
Gender Male
Location Cannibal Camp
Current Status Alive
Class Cannibalite
Main Weapon(s) Revolver
Joseph "Ruben" Morello is a Cannibalite serving under Cannibal Joel and is a enemy to Strafe, Leah, and X-Ray during the first act of Strafe Warzones, alongside Cannibal Joel.


Joseph appears in Strafe: Warzones with a military jacket on, although much more modest than Strafe, Leah, and X-Ray's appearances, having actually bothered with zipping up the jacket. He also has a pair of green cargo pants and has a raw steak and a sausage on his arm, bound together by black rope.


Despite being a cannibalite, Joseph seemingly is only part of Camp Cannibal as part of a favor to Cannibal Joel. Despite this, he is willing to do whatever Cannibal Joe tells him to without much hesitation for the most part.


Strafe: Warzones


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