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JonTron: The Game is a game developed by Dino Bino Inc. and Keyhole Gaming  and made for the newest Nintendo console, the Wii U. The game let's a second player control Jacques, and the worlds are based on some Jontron's reviews, such as Bubsy 3D.

As said before, the game is based off the Youtube series, JonTron.


It's a normal day at Jon's house. Jon is playing Donkey Kong Country Returns, while his pet bird, Jacques, sits on his shoulder. Jon states that all a man could want is peace and no war. Suddenly, he breaks into song about how games change people's lives. Jacques break into song, too, but he's mostly just a background singer.

Suddenly, Joe and Mac, an old game which Jon reviewed, shot into his SNES and sucked Jon and Jacques inside. They wake up in a grassy field, right next to Joe and Mac. The two cavemen explain that Gruntilda, from Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, has taken over eight games, one off them being their world.

Suddenly, a looming shadow looks over our heroes. To their suprise, it's Joe And Mac's first boss, The Dinosaur. Running as fast they can, the adventure begins...



Character Name Description
JonTron Jon The main hero! Player 1 can control him as he walks, runs, jumps, and punches his way to victory!
JACQUES Jacques It's Jon's bird! Player 2 can control the Wii U GamePad and shoots small enemies, such as bugs and bees!


Character Name Description
Joemac Joe and Mac The main characters from Joe and Mac! They give you a tutorial on how to punch and shoot things!
328px-Sonic 28 Sonic from Sonic R It's Sonic from Sonic R! He gives you the ability to Spin Dash and run faster!
Spaceaceace Ace It's Ace from Space Ace! He gives you information and items to help you on your quest!
Bubsythebobcat Bubsy It's Bubsy from Bubsy 3D! He gives you the power to do a higher jump and the Mega-Phone Cannon!
Wander Wander It's Wander from Shadow Of The Collosus! He gives you the power to ride horses and make Jacques bigger, so Jon can ride on him!
TimAllenHI Tim Taylor It's Tim Taylor from Home Improvement! He gives you tools to help you build and destroy things, like a hammer and a drill.
Crazyaqua Aquaman It's Aqua Man from Aqua Man: Battle For Atlantis! He gives you the power to breathe deep under-water.
Banjo2 Banjo-Kazooie It's Banjo-Kazooie from Banjo-Kazooie! They give you the power of the Harder Ground Pound to press on switches.
EgoraptorStaresintoyoursoul Arin Hanson Jon's best friend on real life, he has been captured by Gruntilda.


Boss Name Description
1181242123174 The Dinosaur Joe and Mac's first boss, this brown T. Rex can make quite an up-"roar!"
TailsDoll Tails Doll He's back! In order to beat him, you gotta race him down all 5 Sonic R tracks, and then beat him in a fighting match.
Space ace borf 425 Borf It's Ace's rival! Borf can shoot you down with his Infanto Ray and try and saw you with his propeller.

Coming soon!

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