The joke article is a particular type of page on Fantendo, which involves satirizing a given subject by just making a deliberately stupid copy of it. Joke articles are extremely popular with the community, and are the main mode of receiving feedback on the wiki.


If you want to write a joke article, here are some pointers to keep in mind!

Strawman, strawman, strawman.
The whole point of joke articles is to be funny by intentionally being stupid, and misrepresenting a stance is you dislike is an obvious way to go about this! Latch on to weird phrasing, irrelevant jokes, misinformation, epic lol wacky randemness xD, and especially memes that will date your work instantly, then just paste it into scenarios where it doesn't make sense.
Commit wacky typos.
Forget parodying errors that the targets of your satire would actually make. Nothing says your page is stupid more quickly than misspelling every word intentionally! d0not ol dum p3pl rit l1k d1s ? iznt dis a r34l wey n witch stoop1d peepel defin4tly kuhmUniket ,3v3r ?! And the best part is, it's not at all annoying to read!
Ignore the article standards.
Those pesky standards only apply to pages that are trying. Your page is intentionally bad, so you don't need to have standards!
Remember what "joke" means.
This is easily the most important part of making a joke article, and covers everything we've talked about so far. A common misconception is that the "joke" in the title implies that your page will have jokes. Rather, it obviously should be a joke to look at. That means you don't need to take the effort to write clever material based on the subject you're riffing on, if any; just make it Thing, But Dumb!


Using what we've learned, we can construct an excellently written joke article with little to no effort expended:


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Wonderful job!