Pinstripe Logo
Johnny Pinstripe
Johnny Pinstripe's appearance
Full Name Johnny Gary Pinstripe
Current Age 24
Gender Male
Species Human
Align Chaotic-Good
Current Status Alive
Roarin' Gang
Family and Relations
Rudy Pinstripe (Brother)

Samson Pinstripe (Father)
Marietta Pinstripe (Mother)
Casher Tash (Best-Friend)
Mayor Euler (Boss)
Lucy Reaver (Girlfriend)


Broadway Musicals



Main Weapon(s) Mammoth's Tusk


Occupation(s) Gang Member

Public Servant
Demon Slayer
Part-Time Amateur Actor

Nationality British-American
Height 6'06"
Weight 72.5kg
Sexuality Heterosexual
Eye color Red
Hair color Brown
First Appearance Pinstripe
Johnny Pinstripe is a 24 year-old gangster from New York and demon slayer. He is the main protagonist of the game, Pinstripe and is one of the four main playable character. He is a sly and charasmatic man who often acts witty around his enemies often taunting them to aggrevate them. He rarely gets serious about anything outside of Broadway Musicals where as accounted by Lucy Reaver, "He balls into tears whenever the flutes come on, like a big sobbing baby, don't know why though, maybe the flute was what Samson used to discipline Johnny".


Johnny is a remarkably tall young man who always wears a suit around, although the suit he wears varies they're all feature a Pinstripe shirt that he gets from his family business in tailoring. Even his Pajamas are a Pinstripe suit minus the shoes. He wears a variety of ties although his main one is a red striped tied which couples with his red striped handkerchief and his Pinstripe. He also wields a Cane-Sword called Mammoth's Tusk due to its large size and ivory base, whether it's an actual Mammoth's tusk or just an Elephant or Boar Tusk is unspecified. He also carries on him, Pinstripe, a sentient Raggedy Angel which helps him in combat by allowing Johnny to cast Light Magic.

Johnny himself has a fairly lean build with fair skin and medium brown hair, he has red and pink eyes with a diamond pattern in them, a genetic trait of his family as a whole. He also has a scar running down his left leg in a spiral from an instance of him being kidnapped while he was a young child.


Johnny is a cocky and somewhat arrogant individual who seems to have something to comment on in every circumstance he gets himself into. He often cracks jokes and takes verbal jabs at those he faces in combat or that he regards as enemies usually mocking their attire/appearance. Johnny is fairly cowardly around his parents and although can be boisterous especially around his brother, Rudy he does settle down for his parents' sake, he seems to have both respect and fear of his father, according to Rudy this is due to them both getting disciplined heavily when they were young children to act formal.

Johnny though arrogant has been known to show a softer side mainly around Lucy and Marietta being more protective of them and polite in their presence out of love and respect. Johnny tends to be polite around people he respects in general often holding his tongue before he swears in front of them, this also extending to his father, Samson and his boss, Mayor Euler.

Johnny is also fairly charismatic often befriending people pretty quickly although can lose that friendship just as quickly if he pisses them off, Johnny is also a but stubborn at times especially when in bars or clubs where he's known to get piss drunk and start bar fights for the sake of it. This has resulted in him being blacklisted from several establishments for poor behaviour.


Johnny wields the Mammoth's Tusk a long saber that Johnny uses for melee combat that's normally disguised as a cane. He is fairly talented with his swordplay having been tought from a young age, he seems to excel at disarming opponents in particular making a sword duel against him particularly dangerous although he fairs much worse against enemies with gauntlet-like weapons.

His second "weapon" is the sentient, Raggedy Angel, Pinstripe a living holy being whose species have had long ties wit the Pinstripe family dating back over 300 years, this is mainly due to Johnny's ancestor signing a deal to fight demons for massive wealth resulting in the interesting predicament Johnny's life is in. Johnny often converses with Pinstripe who gives him battle advice and can wrap around his hand allowing Johnny to channel Pinstripe's powers to attack with Light Magic which is remarkably effective against the demonic enemies he periodically faces.



The first game featuring Johnny Pinstripe, also has him as the main protagonist, Johnny is assigned by Mayor Euler to take out several Demon Wells that cropped up in New York the previous night resulting in Johnny having to deal with the forces of the underworld twisting his home.


  • Though the Pinstripe and Mobster concepts had been floating around for a while, the actual appearance or relationships Johnny had, including his name had only been finalized recently.
  • Johnny has a fear of Lightning as he was the victim of an attempted kidnapping at a very young age during a storm with Johnny noting that the Lightning Flashes showed the dark outline of his kidnapper.
  • Johnny is the first of Shadow Inferno's Main Characters to be directly created with the Fantendoverse in mind as previous ones originally had nothing to do with the Fantendoverse.

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