Johnny Invasion is a 3D platformer/third person shooter released for the Nintendo Omega and Nintendo Omini developed by Wario Inc.. It involves an alien invasion trying to take over the world of Johnny Dog. The game is also multiplayer. The sells were low but the demand continued the series. It also started a saga of Johnny Dog games based off of the invasion.

Johnny Invasion
Developer(s) Wario Inc.
Publisher(s) Brock Productions
Platform(s) Nintendo Omega, Nintendo Omini
Release Date(s)
Story Mode,

Multiplayer, Extras, Options

Genre(s) 3D Platformer/Third Person Shooter

Wario Inc.World Description

It isn't easy being Johnny! After the events of the second game, an alien invasion has dawned on Petaria. Load your weapons and get ready to collect in this awesome new iteration in the Johnny series.


Following Johnny Dog II, Johnny and friends seemingly go out to the stop the alien invasion. However, in the corner he sees an ad for a candy coming back called Stinkies that Johnny loves. He journeys to the FamilySnakerz Store in Zigzag Town with his cousin and roomate Ronny Dog, Lady Kit, his girlfriend, and Moneymounds, his other greedy roommate. He explores, talks to some of his friends, and makes it to the store with his friends.  He also sees some alien shoppers and trys to ignore them, despite Kit saying they should help people. Johnny reaches the Stinkies, but aliens are feasting on them. Johnny then becomes enraged and Moneymounds hands them each a pistol. They destroy the villainous aliens, called the Grubs. Johnny collects the Stinkies, but they are stolen once again by a giant alien mech attacking the store. A vengeful Johnny goes home. Late that night, while Lady Kit is watching CNN Johnny learns from the alien leader, Lord Beedo that everyone will be enslaved by them with no rights. Johnny is heavily against that and plans to join the rebellion tomorrow.













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