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Johnny Dog, is a franchise created by Wario Inc. It is based off of Mario, Ratchet & Clank, and Banjo-Kazooie. It stars Johnny Dog, the mascot of the company.


  • Johnny Dog- The first game in the series, and introduces the format and gameplay of the series
  • Johnny Dog II- The sequel. It introduces a couple new things to the series.
  • Johnny Dog II-D!- A 2D platformer that is simple, but fun.
  • Johnny Invasion- The start of a new saga and subseries about an alien invasion
  • The Johnny Dog War: A non-canon spin-off with strange themes. It was made by Overclocked for Series Swap Day 5.


Johnny Dog- The main character. He is a laid-back and lazy hound.

Lady Kit- Johnny's cat girlfriend. She is at first the damsel in distress, but becomes a playable character in the sequel.

Doctor Meanstien- The main antagionist of the series. He is an evil elderly german scientist who hates Johnny.

Ronny Dog- Johnny's cousin. He is an obese hound, who is stupid, but very strong.

Moneymounds- A large bag of money that is very greedy. He's a shopkeeper and ally.


None so far(To be Updated)

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