Johnny Dog is the 2017 reboot of Wario Inc.'s Johnny Dog series, developed and published by Inora. The game revamps the entire franchise, primarily the first two games, using many of the same ideas and characters but redone for a modern landscape. The game is a 3D platformer with elements from various other games incorporated into it, and was released exclusively for the TimeStrike Neo.

The game's story is canon to the New Fantendoverse and follows four heroes from the planet of Petaria, which is solely inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. When hostile aliens invade, they must unite to stop them. Reception for the title has been (TBA).


The game begins with a beautiful storybook that sets the stage for the game. The lush, gorgeous, and peaceful planet of Petaria is inhabited only by anthropomorphic animals who live together in harmony. Notably, the planet is rich in a resource called Glow Orbs, luminescent crystals that act as a renewable, powerful energy source. The Glow Orbs were scattered across the planet after a massive war that nearly tore the world apart that was caused by the precious gems, and as such, creatures mostly live in small settlements and rural environments.

The book is closed by a wise old librarian named Hush-Hush. As he puts the storybook away, he walks outside to reveal a flourishing grassy village identified by a sign as Zigzag Hills, marked by a massive mountain in the center of it. As children play and birds sing, we see four teenage friends hanging out together. These are Johnny Dog, a goofy, awkward labrador retriever who thinks he's cool, his big, boisterous cousin Ronny Dog, distant relative Shade Dog, a brooding, quiet newfoundland, and snarky, deadpan Lady Kit, a black cat who competes against longtime friend Johnny for girl's affections.















  • The game started as a compilation of HD remakes for the first two games in the series, but turned into a new game entirely.
  • The game takes place in a separate continuity from both The Johnny Dog Identity and The Johnny Dog War.

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