Johnny Dog
Full Name Johnny Dog
Current Age 18
Location Zigzag Hills
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Various ranged weapons and hand-to-hand combat
Not to be confused with Johnny Dog (Game).
If I had a dollar for every unoriginal platformer, I'd be a rich hound
Johnny Dog

Johnny Dog is the main character of Johnny Dog (Series). He is a brave yet greedy dog with yellow/orange fur. He also has very long ears and a bright green shirt. Rather than having any superpowers, Johnny is simply an athletic marksman of a dog.


Johnny was born in 1995 to Donna Hound and Roy Dog. He grew up on Petaria in Zigzag Hills and went hunting first when he was three. After shooting every single target bullseye, his father realized he was skilled with weaponry. He barely made it past school because of lack of attention, but passed High-School and met the beautiful Lady Kit, and the two fell in love.


Johnny has conflicting traits. He is brave and caring, yet a tad bit selfish and greedy. Johnny loves to sleep and watch TV but if adventure calls he will come. Johnny has a goal and will achieve it but will help people(and animals) in danger. Johnny wants to impress Kit and will do it by any means. However, he also loves hunting and shooting which angers his girlfriend. Although his small attention span, Johnny is actually a smart animal.


Johnny is a well fit expert marksman. He has fantastic agility and jumping skills and has trained to dash ahead faster. If there is a firearm or weapon, he can use it and use it well. Johnny rarely misses and has become a winner at many Gun Shows and contests for his large arsenal and skill with it. He is also trained in Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and Kung-Fu as well as American wrestling techniques. He can go on for long hours without tiring but has some weakpoints. Johnny's life in the first two games is only 4, however a more traditional "Bar" will appear in Johnny Invasion. From the first game, Johnny is shown to  be able to carry two tons. All in all, Johnny is a very powerful fighter.