Johnny Cage is one of the DLC characters from the Kombat Pack in Super Smash Bros. Kombat. Johnny is the weakest out of all the Kombat Pack characters.


Johnny Cage is a human being with $50 glasses.

Special Moves

Green Forceball - Johnny's neutral special, Johnny shoots out a force ball at his opponents, does 5% damage.

Green Shadow Kick - Johnny's side special, Johnny kicks the opponent with Green Shadow energy, does 14% damage.

Green Shadow Uppercut - Johnny's up special, Johnny uppercuts the opponent with his elbow with Green Shadow energy, does 20% damage.

Nutkracker - Johnny's down special, Johnny does a split and punches the opponent in the nuts, causing them to be stunned for 6 seconds for a free hit, does 5% damage.

Kasting Kall - Johnny's Final Smash, Johnny does his MKX X-Ray (however it doesn't show him breaking the opponent's bones) with the backwards kick sending them flying off the stage.

Other Moves

Side Grab - Johnny Cage punches the opponent twice and uppercuts them to the air.

Backwards Grab - Johnny throws the opponent backwards and Shadow Kicks him/her.

Upwards Grab - Johnny throws the opponent to the air and Shadow Uppercuts them.

Downwards Grab - Johnny grabs and trips his opponent.

Side Taunt - Johnny signs an autograph and throws it to the opponent's face. Causing them to be blind.

Victory Pose - Johnny does his MKX winning pose animation.

Intro - Johnny does his MK9 intro animation.

Losing Pose - Johnny starts clapping.

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