Johnbray's Adventure-The Luigi Fanatic
Developer(s) Game Freak
HAL Laboratory
Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer, Time Attack
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action And Adventure
Series Fantendo<The Luigi Fan
Successor Johnbray's Adventure 2-4EVA Joins
Media Included Nintendo 64 Controller
Gamecube Controller
Xbox Controller
Johnbray's Adventure-The Luigi Fanatic is the game for The Nintendo 64. It features The Luigi Fanatic saving the day from The Evil Luigi Fanatic, Or The Evil Johnbray. The game was created in 1997.


The story starts off with Johnbray on the computer, Until The Evil Luigi Fanatic struck him, And let people think his actual name was Johnbray. The Evil Luigi Fan also took the computer away with. Until Johnbray's Dad came home. The Evil Luigi Fan struck the dad, And took Johnbray's Dad away. So Lucas, Johnbray's True name, Went out to show everyone that his name is not Johnbray, And that he need's to save the dad, And the computer.


Playable Characters

Johnbray's Adventure-The Luigi Fanatic features only two playable characters, And another is playable only in Time Attack, And Multiplayer.

Character Description
The Luigi FanThe Luigi Fanatic
The Luigi Fanatic is the signature trademark of the game, And the main hero of the game. His attacks are very strong, And very quick. The Luigi Fanatic is the one who saves the day from The Evil Version of The Luigi Fanatic. The Luigi Fanatic's reach in this game is to get the dad, And the computer back
5405508-115960602 1-v1The Luigi Fanatic's Dad
Kevin The Dad
The main taken character in the game, Got kidnapped from The Evil Version of The Luigi Fanatic. The true name is Kevin. Kevin is only playable in Time Attack, And Multiplayer. In the two modes, He is quick to, And is the strongest character in the game.

Non-Playable Characters

Character Description
5405508-115229307 6-v1The Evil Luigi Fanatic
The Evil Johnbray
The Evil Lucas
The main villain in the game. He captured The Nice Version of The Luigi Fanatic's Dad, And is the main arch-nemesis of The Luigi Fanatic. He tries to defeat them for good, And he tries to replace The Nice Luigi Fanatic in the internet.

MORE COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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