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Johnathon Hades
Full Name Johnathon Micheal Hades
Current Age 40 (normal), 124 (The Beginning of the End)
Gender Male
Location New York City
Class Leader of the Brotherhood of Gagmier
Main Weapon(s) Magic, Pistol
Element(s) Fire, Shadow
Vulnerable To He is mortal
Family and Relations
Gagmier, Garamon, Hades Family

Johnathon Micheal Hades is a criminal mastermind and a descendant of Gagmier. His first appearance in a game is in Fantendo Silence. He may appear in The Beginning of the End but this is purely speculation.


Johnathon Hades is a selfish and ruthless individual. He is prone to anger outbursts and has been known to kill his own men for simply delivering bad news. Though he wants great power, he also has a great desire to revive Gagmier, and is convinced that if he does, he will be rewarded with immense power. He is very intelligent and never gives up.

Physical Appearance

Hades has short black hair and gold horn-rim glasses. He usually wears a beige suit jacket with a white undershirt and blood red tie. He is about six and a half feet and is lean and muscular. He possesses great physical strength. He is quite pale and has an unusually pointy nose. He is almost always scowling. In Fantendo Silence, he wears a white lab coat for no apparent reason.


Early History

As a boy, Johnathon Hades was always a subject of ridicule and disgrace at his school, even though he was exceptionally bright. He had a knack for history and science and was especially interested in Greek mythology. He was born into a poor family that could barely provide enough food. One day, his 13th birthday to be exact, he was looking through an old book on Greek Mythology he found in his attic when he found a hand written note that read: "Mo, you know that when I gave birth to John I vowed never to let him know his true heritage. I don't want him to grow up to be a monstrosity. -Love, Linda Hades" As he finished reading the note from his mother to his uncle, Mo Hades came up behind him at that moment. He saw the note and quickly snatched the note away. " What was that about?" He asked his uncle. "Nothing," Mo said gruffly.

"I said what is that?", he asked again, his anger rising. When his uncle repeated his previous answer, Johnathon yelled and punched him. Mo flew through the wall and landed in the yard. John stared at his hands, amazed. He heard a scream from downstairs. John knew his parents would kill him, so he jumped through the hole in the wall. He grabbed his uncle, slung him across his back, and took off from the ground. He had been flying for over 5 minutes before he realized what he was doing. I could go anywhere!, he thought excitedly. He continued flying, across the ocean until he reached his destination. it had taken hm less than 30 seconds. He landed outside Athens, Greece. He then carried his uncle to a nearby forest. He then found a nice cave and set Mo down on the ground. When Mo awoke, Johnathon explained their situation.

"Johnathon," he said sadly. "Their is no point in hiding it from you any longer. You are part Demon." He went on to explain that centuries ago, one of his ancient relations fell in love with a man named Gagmier. Together, they had a son. After she gave birth, Gagmier reviled he was really a powerful Demon. Horrified by what she had done, she threw her self off a cliff, leaving the child to be cared for by Gagmier. He named him Garamon and raised him as a General in his army. After Gagmier was defeated, Garamon disappeared along with the rest of the Demons. "You are his descendant," he concluded.

They traveled back to the United States. Johnathon grew up, secretly practicing his powers. Over time, he lost the ability to fly but gained the power to manipulate heat and fire, among numerous other small things. He started a worldwide terrorist organization, the Bearers of Evil, bent on world domination. But, underneath this already sinister group, he searched the world, looking for descendants of Gagmier's great army. He found every single one and formed a group called the Brotherhood of Gagmier. Those who refused to join him were "taken care of".

Fantendo Silence: The Brotherhood of Gagmier

Hades is the main antagonist of Fantendo Silence: The Brotherhood of Gagmier.

Fantendo Silence and the Evil Brotherhood

In Fantendo Silence (His first appearance), Hades is the leader of the Brotherhood of Gagmier.

Racing on the Side of Evil

In Fantendo Kart, he appears as his major villain role with other villains such as Rob Ber and MineMan. It says in the instruction manuel that he used his Dark magic to learn of a racing championship between heroes and villains, and transported himself there to crash it. Hades special item, the Demon's Claw, pulls the player in first behind Hades. Hades also appears in the sequel, Fantendo Kart 2.

Party Time

In Hades second Fantendo game appearence, Hades is angry that he lost the races in Fantendo Kart so he uses his dark magic create a board hosted by him that is meant to torture the players as revenge. The board would be called Hades New York Inferno. It would start out on a New York street, but you would then enter a large skyscraper with a sign reading Hades Tech. Inc., where you choose a left or right elevator. One elevator, different each time, takes you up to Hades' Penthouse where Hades appears. If you have enough coins, he challenges you to a duel minigame. If you win, you get a Dark Diamond. He then tells you that the elevator will take you back to the lobby. You get in it but when you get out you find yourself in an area that resembles a fiery apocolyptic New York mixed with the Greek Underworld. If you lost the duel, Hades would send you here anyway, but without the Dark Diamond. If you took the other elevator, it would take you here in the first place. Hades then tells you the only way to escape is to collect 4 Dark Diamonds and then take the branching path up a black rocky hill to the Hades Tech. Inc. building, but jet black instead of gray and reading Hades Inferno in fiery letters. You would open the door using the 4 Dark Diamonds, then enter, go in the elevator, which there is now only one of, to reach Hades' Penthouse. The player then must beat Hades in a board exclusive 1-player minigame, similar to the Bowser confrontation in Mario Party 7. It begins with a cutscene of the building falling down around the player, Hades floating in front of a Black crystal platform which the player stands on. The player must dodge Hades fireballs and jump on the Dark energy spheres to send them back at Hades. The first player to beat Hades in this Minigame would win. The players return to the New York street in the real world, Hades Dark world shown crashing down around him.

Other Versions

An alternate universe version of Hades is set to appear in the upcoming novel DemonBlood by Indi555. In the novel, he serves as the main villain. Instead of being the descendant of Gagmire, however, he is actually the son of the demon Legion, sometimes known as Asmodeus or Baykok, as well as many other names. This version of Hades is noticeably less outright evil, though just as, if not more, violent in nature. As his allegiance is to his father and not Gagmire, his goal is fundementally different. In the world of DemonBlood, his goal is to bring DemonBloods to prominence, replacing human beings as the Earth's dominant species. Though his true name is Jonathon Hartford, he took the name of Hades after learning his true nature. In this incarnation, he is still the leader of HadesTech, though his terrorist group, The Demon's Hands, as well as the notorious Brotherhood of Gagmire, is also absent. In this world, he also has a son named Jack, who's mother he killed when the boy was only a child. His physical appearence is basically the same, though he is a bit broader in the shoulders. He is revered by the world at large as a figure of peace and prosperity, and virtually no one is aware of his true nature. In this world, his name is spelled as the more traditional 'Jonathon', not 'Johnathon', which he is commonly mistaken for.


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