Johnathan Brown III
Full Name Johnathan Brown III
Current Age 16
Date of Birth December 5th, 1998
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Student
Family and Relations
Johnathan Brown Sr. (Grandfather)

Maya Brown (Grandmother)

Ethnicity African-American
Voice Actor(s)
Ray Greene
First Appearance Gravity by Pringles
Latest Appearance Sactown Smackdown
Johnathan Brown III is the 16-year old main protagonist of the animated series Gravity by Pringles, and the grandson of Johnathan Brown Sr., and Maya Brown. He is voiced by Ray Greene.




Relationships with other characters

Other Appearences

Sactown Smackdown

Johnathan appears as a starting character in the game Sactown Smackdown. He is one of the more balanced characters as he has no real strengths or weaknesses against any of the other fighters.