Graah, Grrrr! (POW! How does that feel)
John the Joey, Punch-Out!: VR

John the Joey
Weight 253 lb (110 kg)
Height 8.2' (2.55 m)
Nationality Australian
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Age 13

John the Joey (Often shortened to John) is a Red Kangaroo which has the ability to skilfully play boxing. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, John has been trained for proffesional boxing and is ranked 2nd in the Major League of Punch-Out!: VR, With his signature move being the Windmill Punch.


Punch-Out!: VR

John the Joey appears as the final opponent before the champion in the Major League. He usually executes with consecitive quick jabs, Hooks or charged lunges. His signature move is the Windmill Punch, which has John take 2 steps back, spins either arm for a small amount of time and deals a punch which can take away a massive amount of Mac's health. In the trailer, he's seen wearing a top hat with the Union Jack sewn on it and boxing gloves with his claws going through them, Possibly hinting that their is going to be a Title Defense mode.


  • When John does his multiple quick jabs, Ducking is always a good option.
  • Keep an eye on which arm he does the charge for the windmill punch with, If he spins his Right Arm, his punch will be in the right of your perspective and Vice versa,
  • Star Punches are usually an effective way to deal a high amount of damage to John