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John West is a series revolving around the character of the same name. The characters of the John West series make their first offical appearence in the John West-Hood'ems crossover game by Zwölf Elf Sieben, John West's Very Hood'ems Christmas. Because John West was introduced alongside Hood'ems (series), an already well established and well known series, it's popularity shot up dramatically and quickly.


Mario Pets

In Zwölf Elf Sieben's game, Mario Pets, John West made his first appearence. His role in the game is to give the player the second underwater quest, in which the player's pet has to help him recover all 5 of his missing biscuits. Niko Billec, another character in the John West series, also plays a role which consists of selling cars to the player in the pawn shop.

John West's Very Hood'ems Christmas

John West, alongside his other fishy friends, made his first big appearence in the Hood'ems Christmas crossover game. Originally John was not going to be an anthropomorphic character but his character was adapted so he can transform freely from antharopornophic and non-anthropomorphic at his will, to therefore make gameplay easier.

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