John West
John West v2
John (non-anthropomorphic form), as appears in John West's Very Hoodems Christmas
Full Name Mr. John West
Gender Male
Location Serrima
Family and Relations
Lord David West (father)
Niko Billec (uncle)
Vulnerable To Sharks
First Appearance Mario Pets
Latest Appearance John West's Very Hood'ems Christmas

Mr. John West is a fish-like organism who can breath with/without water for long periods of time. He has a phobia of fish fingers and other fish related products that humans enjoy consuming. John West is a herbivore whos diet is mainly sustained by eating Cow and Gate Biscuits and drinking Coca-cola. Despite coming from a mainly un-intellectual race, Mr West is actually very intelligent, and has a good understanding of mathmatics, his speciality subject from when he was but a young tuna. He is the son of Lord David West, and lives in Serrima on Hood'Earth.


John is a blue tuna fish who's colour varies along his body, the bottom part is a light blue, the middle a light yet darker blue, and the top is a still light but significantly darker than the rest shade of blue.


Mario Pets

In Zwölf Elf Sieben's game, Mario Pets, John West made his first ever in-game appearence. He appears as an anthropomorphic fish. His role in the game is leading Underwater Quest 2, in which the player's pet has to help him recover all 5 of his missing precious cow and gate biscuits.

John West's Very Hood'ems Christmas

John West appears as a main hero accopanying the Hood'ems on their adventure. He is playable level 2 onwards. He has gained the power to switch to and from anthropomorphic form.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Championship

John has been confirmed to appear as an item in Fantendo Smash Bros. Championship. Not much is know about his use in the upcoming game yet but will be confirmed shortly.