John Raimi (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Geist
Official Debut Geist (2005)
Availability DLC
John Raimi is an character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified and protagonist from the Gamecube game, Geist. He is an add-on character and the only one from his franchise.


Trophy Info

John Raimi:

John Raimi is a member of CR-2, a team sent to investigate Volks Laboratory. When the labs John investigates captures him, He literally has an out of body experience, in that an experimental machine renders him split from his body as a ghost. He hops from host to host in order to get his body back and to stop Volks, the owner of Volks Corporation. He brings both halves of his self into Smash with his ghostly powers. For John's sake, I hope he does not separate himself too long.

John Raimi(Alt):

Alt Costumes/Palettes

Default Orange His outfit after putting himself together
Alt Blue A plain look with a blue shirt based off of the Prolouge explaining his mission. Has tan pants with a belt.
X-over Blue Takes a Federation outfit from the Metroid universe as his own

Special Attrib.

  • John's victory theme is a brief remix of the title theme
  • Phoenix Wright's "evidence" against John Raimi is his body being used with Volk's schemes and John Raimi possessing an inanimate object.


  • The diector wanted an "unusual" pick for Smash, in a similar vein to the reason for Shulk's selection in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. The director selected John Raimi for this reason
  • The trophy quote "I hope he doesn't separate himself too long," is somewhat true to his game. John needs something to possess whether it's himself, another person, or an object to survive since he can't stay as a ghost too long.

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