John's house is the house where John Mogwai lives. His current house is in John Mogwai Land.

Grand Theft Auto: Logislet

John's earliest shown house appears in Grand Theft Auto: Logislet. As the game is set just after Cry of Fear 2, it can be assumed that he also lived here during Cry of Fear 2. This house was a medium-sized house. It is in Logislet.

Grand Theft Auto VI

John has two houses in GTA VI. John also lives in these houses in GTA: Episodes of John Mogwai Land, as the games are set at the same time.

John's House

When John moves to John Mogwai Land, his first house is small. When he first found it, he discovered that squatters had been living there. He then chased them away and moved into the house.

Latorie's House

Later in the game, John kills Latorie. Out of fear, Latorie's wife and daughter move out of John Mogwai Land, leaving their house empty. John then moves into this house. This house is bigger than John's first house in John Mogwai Land and slightly bigger than his house in Logislet. It can be assumed that he is still living here in Rise of Tuck Chesta.

John Mogwai and Leila Metals



John Mogwai Vs Zak: Fight to the Death

Some time after John Mogwai and Leila Metals, John has bought a new house with his girlfriend, Leila. This is a large sized house. It can be assumed that the security for this house is not very good, as Zak manages to break in.