Joey The Waddle Doo

Joey the Waddle Doo

Joey is the first fan character by GamerAwesomeStuff.

Joey the Waddle Doo
Full Name Joey the Waddle Doo
Gender Male
Species Waddle Doo
Ability/ies Eye Beam
First Appearance Kirby's Adventure 2 (Sub-Game)
Latest Appearance Kirby's Adventure 2 (Sub-Game)


Joey is a former worker of King Dedede. He then quit while in the middle of a battle with him. He was also teamed up with Kirby and his friends. After quiting King Dedede's Army he helps Kirby on adventures.

Game Apperances

Kirby's Adventure 2

Joey made a apperance as a playable Character in the Sub-Game Joey's Adventure. This happened before the events of his Backstory. 


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