Joe Koopa
Joe Koopa is a mutated shell creeper who

appears in Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard

Full Name Joe Koopa
Current Age 71
Date of Birth 3/17/1954
Zodiac Sign It is currently unknown
Gender Male
Species Shellcreeper/Koopa
Location Shellcreeperville
Current Status In relationship
Class Brute
Shellcreeper army, Koopa Troop
Family and Relations
Stepfather to Bowser and Reswob, Sensei to

varies shellcreepers

Bowser, kung-fu, Serwob
Main Weapon(s) Fists
Ability/ies KUNG-FU
Height 3"2'
Weight 90 lbs
Sexuality Bisexual
Dad, Joe Shellcreeper, Sensei
Voice Actor(s)
Arnold Schwarzenegger
First Appearance Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard
Latest Appearance Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard
Series Kirby RBG Infinity Shards
Joe Koopa is a mutated Shellcreeper Summoned by the Infinitry Shard from Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard. He is the stepdad and mentor of Bowser and his twin sister Reswob. He is among the favorite characters in the series along with Prince Gloombo and fans have wanted him to star in his own game for awhile.


Joe Koopa was once a shellcreeper living in the underworld town Shellcreeperville teaching martiel arts to all of the shellcreeper students. Once the Infinity Comet flew over Dreamland and the portal through dimensions was formed, he went through and transformed into a Koopa Troopa. Once in Dreamland, Joe Koopa found Baby Bowser and Baby Reswob. After he figured out that there parents had died then he decided to adopt them and become their new stepdad. Once Waddle Doodle took control of the shellcreepers (see Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard) then he decided to teach Bowser and Reswob Kung-Fu to keep them safe. After the third chapter of the game, Joe goes into Ron's Wand Shop and gets a wand made of Waddle Doo hair and basalisk fang. He uses his patronus during a dementor attack in the second to last chapter while fighting dementors.

After Bowser and Reswob were defeated by Kirby then he could not find them anywhere so he decided to take on Kirby by himself for revenge. He came in contact with Waddle Doodle and told him that he wanted his help to get Kirby. Waddle Doodle agreed, knowing that Kirby wanted to restore peace to dreamland by killing him. Joe Koopa found Kirby shortly after he killed Waddle Doodle and tried to kill kirby, however after he failed he went into hiding and was never seen again.


Joe Koopa has red eyes due to being warped through space through the portal through dimensions. He also has an eyepatch from when he was teaching martiel arts and he was punched in the face. He as a green shell and skin that is slightly more pale due to the lack of oxygen in the underworld. Before he went into Dreamland he also had a hat but he lost it. His wand is made of pheonyx tail and the golve of a Knuckle Joe, giving it a redish brown color. He does not like to use it though because he can do Kung-Fu.


Joe Koopa is very energetic for his age and holds grudges very easily. Once he puts his mind to something, he doesn't stop. His patronus is a hummingbird due to his gentleness but liking to fight. Joe Koopa was once very wise but then he became crazier ever since the portal opened up.