Willie! Use your rainbow farts!
Joe about to be crushed by a giant wave of water.

Joe (The Guap Squad)
Joe (The Guap Squad)
A member of The Guap Squad
Full Name Joe
Current Age 12
Date of Birth March 2, 2002
Gender Male
Location Shapesville
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Sheriff Star
Ability/ies Ride Willie
First Appearance The Guap Squad (2016)
Latest Appearance The Guap Squad 2: The Legend of Wild X

Joe is a main protagonist in The Guap Squad. Him and the other 5 members are 12 year old children that stop evil. He was created by Green Productions.


He seems to be pretty optimistic, but when evil is thrown his way, he gets tough, fast!


Joe is a 12 year old boy with black, short hair, black eyes, a blue buttoned shirt, cyan pants, brown cowboy boots, and a brown cowboy hat.

Game Appearances

The Guap Squad

Joe's first appearance is in The Guap Squad. He's is a main protagonist in the game.

The Guap Squad 2: The Legend of Wild X

Joe is set to reappear in The Guap Squad's sequel as a main hero.




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