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Joe (Smash Bros)
Current Age 11
Gender Male
Species Human
Main Weapon(s) Pencil
Element(s) Creative
Ability/ies Creating things with penci.
Voice Actor(s)
Are you kidding me!?

Joe is a fictionized version of Fastpager200 [down to the name].


Standard B:Pencil slash

Side B:Pacman [slashes and creates Pacman]

Up B: Spinjump [like Sonic]

Down B:Portalgun [Down B goes to aiming mode, A shoots blue, B shoots orange, Down B exits aiming mode]

Final Smash:Randomness [All sorts of wierd things happen, including I.M. Meen dancing, Windows Movie Maker effects, Pilz-e from Neurotically yours covering the screen, and character animations for players glitching. When it ends, a "No Edge" poster with Mario's Head appears then it ends]


[The codec is a reference to Geibuchan's The King's Epic Adventure]

Snake:Who're you?

The King:Snake, is that you? Where have you been!? Where's Otakon?

Snake:We'll get to that later. King, does this kid seem familiar?

The King: No.

Snake:Where are you, anyway?

The King:I'm in the sea.

[The King's screen changes to Tomo Takino]

Tomo:Robotnik, where are you?

Snake:Argh! [hangs up]

[Snake's screen changes to Konata]

Konata:I've finally found you, Tomo! Tonight you die!

Tomo:No, you will die!

Konata:Wait, who's this kid here?

Tomo:Hmm... Trick question. I guess his last name is La-[Both screens freeze and the words "SHUT UP AND LET ME PLAY SOME SMASH" appear on the codec call screen]

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