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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Warriors of Morioh is a topdown freeware roleplaying game developed by Lockstar Studios as a sequel for the JoJo fangame JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 7th Stand User. Although techincally a sequel to 7th Stand User, none of the original content of the previous game makes a reapparance. The player takes control of a student who is hit by an arrow shot by Keicho Nijimura, getting a mysterious power that manifests as a ghost-like being named Stands. As Stand users are drawn to each other, this student is dragged into the mystery of a dangerous serial killer hidden in Morioh.

The game is a retelling of Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable. Like the previous game, the player can build up relationships with the rest of the main cast and alter the story by going through certain events as well having different endings.


End of the Normal Life, Beginning of a Bizarre Adventure

Narrator: For decades, a certain family has managed to stop the absolute evil from threathing the world. Ever since the beginning of their bizarre adventures in 1880, the members of the family prepare themselves to protect the world from whatever threatens it next. This is the story of the newest member of the family, whom resides in the suburbans of S City, known as Morioh. Our story begins 3 months after the new year, in March 1999.
<Player>'s Residence
The scene begins at a second floor of an average house. A boy/girl is sleeping on their bad and their mom comes to the room.
Character Text
<Player>'s Mom <Player>! <Player>! Wake up, you sleepyhead! You are going to miss the first day of school.
<Player> *waking up* Ugh.
<Player>'s Mom Remember to not miss the bus. Go pack up your things.
The mom leaves the room, giving the player control of their character. The player can interact with their family members but the story only progresses once the player leaves the room.
Twin Forests Street
The scene begins with the player crossing a street with an alleyway in the middle. As he/she crosses the street, he/she hears a voice coming from it.'
Character Text
??? Look over here.
<Player> Huh? *Player proceeds to move around trying to find the voice, eventually turning his/her face in front of the alleyway.
??? *Shoots a arrow that proceeds to hit the player's head*
<Player> Gah! *falls unconscious*
Observants *gasp*
??? *The arrow shot by the man suddenly levitates and disappeares in the shadow alleyway.*
Young Man *gets close to the <Player>* Hey kid, are you alright?
<Player> *starts regain consciousness* Ugh...'
Young Man Can you hear me?
<Player> Yes... What happened?
Young Man You fainted suddenly. Are you feeling alright?
<Player> I guess so. By the way, what time is it?
Young Man It's 7:30 AM.
<Player> Oh! I have to get the bus to get to school!
Young Man Hey, don't worry, the bus is coming soon. Are you new here?
<Player> Yes, my family moved here a week ago.
Young Man I noticed the school uniform, what school do you study?
<Player> Budo-ga Oka High School, class 1-B.
Young Man Oh! What a coincidence, I also study there on the same class. Name's Higashikata Josuke, what's yours?
<Player> My name's <Player's name>.
Josuke There's a bus stop nearby that stops close to the high school. Here, come along.
<Player> Thanks for the help.



Stand User

Possible Stands

Stand Description
Scar Tissue
Black the Sun
Anima Animus
Rusted Angel
Red Voodoo
Throttle Junkies
Utopia Parkway
Holy Roller
Street Faërie
Hybrid Theory
The Hush
Venni Vetti Vecci
Terror Twilight

Main Cast

Character Description Stand
Josuke Higashikata
The illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar who lives in the city of Morioh with his mother Tomoko. A deliquent, although his attitude is quite different from the usual deliquent, as he is a very nice person who gets along with his enemies and doesn't gets mad unless you insult his pompaudour. 「Crazy Diamond」
A Stand with a powerful strength and speed, with a special ability of healing others and reverting the state of an object, for example, Crazy Diamond return a piece of torn paper back to it's original state before being ripped apart.
Jotaro Kujo
The protagonist of the previous part, now a respected marine biologist who goes to Morioh to inform Josuke about his true heritage as a member of the Joestar family as well warn Josuke about a dangerous threat hidden inside Morioh. Still stoic and emotionless as ever. 「Star Platinum: The World」
A powerful Stand with immense speed, which has gained the ability to stop time for five seconds.
Koichi Hirose
A freshman at high school whose life was boringly normal until he bumped into Jotaro and got dragged into a bizarre adventure. He gained a Stand after Josuke healed him after Koichi got stabbed by a Stand Arrow. He attracts the attention of a crazy girl who falls in love with him and a mangaka with weird obsessions, much to his dismay. 「Echoes」
A Stand that can evolve. Echoes ACT 1 can plant a sound on a person or a place, making that sound repeat in that person's ears in increasing volume. ACT 2 activates the effect of that sound, so if the "whoosh" sound is planted, a strong gust of wind will appear. ACT 3 allows Echoes to perform a barrage of punches that increases the weight of it's victim.
Okuyasu Nijimura
An impulsive and violent youth with a heart of gold. He is the younger brother of Keicho Nijimura and spent his life going by Keicho's orders and decisions. After his brother's death, he decided to stick with Josuke and the two eventually became good friends. While he is not too smart, Okuyasu is a very helpful ally. 「The Hand」
The Hand is a humanoid-like Stand. Anything that the Stand's right hand swipes through is eliminated from the universe. The space erased by the Hand will be replaced by whatever was adjacent to it.
Rohan Kishibe
A famous mangaka, creator of the long running Pink Dark Boy manga who lives in Morioh. He has an obssesion of making his manga as realistic as possible and as such he does weird things to try to understand certain situations, such as how a spider reacts to being stabbed and how a stabbed spider tastes like. He is apathetic towards everyone with the exception of Koichi, of which he considers to be his best friend, Josuke, who he deeply hates and Reimi, whom saved him from a serial killer. 「Heaven's Door」
A Stand that turns the victim's face into a book, detailing everything they know and everything about the person. Rohan can write anything in the pages of this book, and when he closes it, the action he wrote is going to happen. An example is when he writes "I fly backwards 70mph" in a page of one of his victims, the exact action he wrote happens afterwards.

Supporting Cast

Character Description Stand
Joseph Joestar
The father of Josuke whom wasn't aware of him until recently. A member of the Joestar family who had gone his bizarre adventures saving the Earth from the Pillar Men and DIO. Now senile, Joseph tries to reconcile things with his son. 「Hermit Purple」
Hermit Purple manifests as a vine filled with thorns, of which it can show an image of whatever Joseph wants to see, such as that one time where the Part 3 heroes had to look into his brain. It can also conduct Joseph's Ripple for combat purposes.
Aya Tsuji
The owner of a beauty salon who wishes to be the Fairy Godmother of the Cinderella stories, making people find their true love by utilizing her Stand's power. 「Cinderella」
Cinderella can change the appearance of it's victim by replacing their body parts. It also increases it's target's romantic luck for a temporary time, reverting things back to normal after a certain time passes.
Tonio Trussadri
A famous chef in Morioh whose food is known for being excellent and for it's strange healing capabilities. He also cares a lot of kitchen hygenie. He seeks in Morioh a cure for his lover. 「Pearl Jam」
Pearl Jam is what gives Tonio's food it's strange healing capability. It completely heals any of the people's diseases or disabilities, although the person who eats it goes through a painful process first, but they are completely healed afterwards.
Shigekiyo "Shigechi" Yangu
A young boy who seeks to have friends, although he is a bit annoying. He is also very greedy. He isn't in this story much. 「Harvest」
Harvest are multiple tiny bee-like creatures with four arms that can grab anything that Shigechi wishes for, like money or pieces of torn paper. It can also put substances into people's bodies through it's sting, such as alcohol.
A person who might or not be an alien. Is he an alien? Is he a weird boy? No one is sure. He claims to be a Stand user but he can't see stands. So is he a Stand User? No one knows who or what is Mikitaka, one thing for sure, he can shapeshift, which is quite helpful in case you want to cheat in a dice game. 「Earth, Wind and Fire」
His stand? Is this a Stand? Does he even has one? What even is Mikitaka?








  • The sprites for the characters in the game are reused from the previous game.

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