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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Gangster's Passione is a turn-based RPG inspired by Vento Aureo, the fifth part of the namesake manga, and its fellow JoJo fangame 7th Stand User. It follows a Stand-user created and controlled by the player who finds himself intertwined with the adventures of Giorno Giovanna and other gangsters of Passione in their attempt to overthrow their nameless boss.


The gameplay of Gangster Passione is nearly identical to that of its predecessor, 7th Stand User. The player controls a party of up to four Stand-users consisting of multiple characters from the original story and a single newcomer who acts as the player's avatar. Battles are turn-based and heavily focused around range, with short-range Stands being less effective against distant enemies. However, there are a few key differences that should be mentioned.


The game's story is actually split into two different paths. First is the Original Sin story, which is a standard and unchangeable retelling of Vento Aureo with only a single ending and no drastic changes save for the inclusion of the player character. It is highly recommended for players who, for whatever reason, have not yet read Vento Aureo. Second is the Different Worlds story, which is much more fluid. The plot starts off on the same path, but can be put on a different course through the choices that the player makes. Characters may meet completely different fates in a Different Worlds run.


Vento Aureo introduces Requiem, a form taken by Stands that are pierced by a Stand Arrow. Being a large plot point, it would only be natural that they be included in Gangster's Passione as well. Every Stand in the game, including the player's Stand, is capable of attaining unique and more powerful Requiem abilities upon using an Arrowhead item. Requiem skills can either be totally original abilities or the powers of other Stands, but they are invariably powerful. Additionally, during certain boss fights, using a Stand Arrow on an ally will grant their Stand a new skillset that helps to perfectly combat their opponent's strongest abilities. Stand Arrows and Arrowheads can only be used in this manner in Different Worlds, and function as regular key items in Original Sin.


Character Description Stand
The Player The faceless and nameless Stand-user that you, the player, step into the shoes of upon entering the game. They're essentially a blank slate, and you have the chisel with which to carve into that slate! 「 ??? 」
???-Range ??? Stand.
At the very start of the game, you are required to take a basic personality test that will determine the Stand that you will use. A list of the possible Stands can be found in a section below.
Giorno Giovanna
The half-Japanese bastard child of DIO, conceived with Jonathan Joestar's body. Ever since he was a child, Giorno aspired to become a "GangStar" - the world's greatest gangster - in honor of a man that he helped during his youth. To this end, he joins the Passione mafia and plots to overthrow its anonymous kingpin. 「 Gold Experience 」
S-Range Support Stand.
Though this Stand's physical power is impressive, its real strength lies in its ability to channel its overflowing life energy, transforming inanimate objects into animals and filling allies with newfound vim and vitality.
Bucciarati 7su
Bruno Bucciarati
The first Passione member Giorno and the player meet, and their ticket into the gang. He is generally considered to be the leader of the team, due to his strategic genius and total mastery of his Stand's abilities. 「 Sticky Fingers 」
S-Range Power Stand.
By touching a surface, it can create a zipper that allows it to open temporary holes through a surface to approach its prey from unexpected angles, or to completely remove an enemies' limbs to prevent them from using certain attacks.
Leone Abbacchio
Formerly a police officer, Abbacchio is slightly paranoid and difficult to earn the trust of. When the player and Giorno first join Passione, he refuses to even let them know what his Stand's ability is. 「 Moody Blues 」
M-Range Special Stand.
A stranger Stand capable of copying any action used by an enemy or ally during the battle, making it more versatile as the fight progresses. The less recent the action, however, the more SP it will cost, so timing is vital.
Guido Mista
A carefree and calm sharpshooter who is often designated to assassination missions. He is immensely tetraphobic, and will lose his cool whenever the number 4 happens to rear its head in his direction. 「 Sex Pistols 」
L-Range Speed Stand.
A group of tiny imps that ride on the bullets of Mista's revolver. By kicking the bullets around, they can strike opponents from any direction with pinpoint accuracy. However, Mista's SP is incredibly low, and he will need to Reload to keep on dishing out damage.
Narancia Ghirga
A hotheaded youth whose limited education and tendency to act without precision or forethought generally leads to disaster. However, his outspoken nature never fails to bolster the spirits of the group. 「 Aerosmith 」
L-Range Power Stand.
This Stand's power is devastating, at its most basic, its attacks are random and inaccurate. By sensing the carbon dioxide exhaled by foes afflicted with ailments, though, it can boost its precision to slightly more reliable levels.
Pannacotta Fugo
A prodigal student, caring and fatherly yet gifted with an incredibly short fuse when it comes to error. He often tutors the less educated of his allies, most often Narancia, regardless of age differences. 「 Purple Haze 」
M-Range Control Stand.
The capsules on this Stand's knuckles contain a virus that, upon infecting a target, melts through flesh and spreads rapidly through interaction with others. The virus can also eat other viruses to cure allies of their status ailments.
Trish Una
The spoiled daughter of the mysterious boss of Passione, placed under the protection of Bucciarati's group until she can safely be moved to the boss himself. She eventually develops a Stand of her own. 「 Spice Girl 」
S-Range Power Stand.
A physical brute who punches much harder than nearly any of its allies. Additionally, it is capable of softening anything it touches. It can soften enemies to make them less harmful and much more vulnerable to allies' attacks.
Koichi Hirose
A naive Japanese high school student sent by the Speedwagon Foundation to confirm that Giorno is indeed DIO's son. He doesn't willingly meddle with Passione much, but can be permanently recruited in Different Worlds. 「 Echoes 」
???-Range ??? Stand.
Though weaker than its peers, this Stand can switch between three different ACT forms at will. Each ACT can disable enemies through various methods, and it increases in speed and potency with each form, at the cost of attack range.
Jean Pierre Polnareff
A lighthearted wheelchair-bound Frenchman who aided Jotaro and company during their journey to defeat DIO fourteen years ago. Since then, he has been studying Stand Arrows. He can be permanently recruited in Different Worlds. 「 Silver Chariot 」
S-Range Speed Stand.
A swift swordsmaster whose rapier can pierce anything with incredible precision. By ditching its armor, it can increase its speed drastically, allowing it to create afterimages and strike from multiple directions at once.

Player's StandsEdit

「 Antaean 」
S-Range Power Stand.
A Stand that forms its body out of regular earth, meaning it is visible to normal humans. It possesses immense physical power and defense, but cannot be summoned unless an adequate supply of earth is within the user's range.
「 The Prodigy 」
M-Range Power Stand.
「 ??? 」
L-Range Power Stand.
「 ??? 」
S-Range Speed Stand.
「 ??? 」
M-Range Speed Stand.
「 Sonic Highways 」
L-Range Speed Stand.
The user can transform their body or whatever they're touching into a wind that moves towards to their Stand's position. Anything in the path of the wind will be struck by the object moving through space at speeds impossible to see.
「 Ra Ra Riot 」
S-Range Control Stand.
This Stand is equipped with a hypersonic voice that is capable of confusing anyone on the receiving end, making them more prone to disorientation and suggestion. It can also prove useful in fistfights with its sheer power and impressive speed.
「 Lazyhead and Sleepybones 」
M-Range Control Stand.
A pair of entities who seem to enjoy spiting each other, but are rarely alert enough to actually retaliate. Their gentle drifting can lull enemies to sleep, leaving them vulnerable to the attacks that they perform in perfect unison.
「 ??? 」
L-Range Control Stand.
「 ??? 」
S-Range Special Stand.
「 ??? 」
M-Range Special Stand.
「 ??? 」
L-Range Special Stand.
「 Rose Tattoo 」
S-Range Support Stand.
This Stand manifests as rose-like brambles that cover the user's body, acting as a shell that protects against attacks and passively restores health. Anyone that attacks the user has a chance of being poisoned by the Stand's toxic thorns.
「 Honestly OK 」
M-Range Support Stand.
A completely average Stand in nearly every respect. It is unique, however, in that it can pass this averageness on to allies and enemies to negate buffs or debuffs and completely redistribute the target's stats so that everything is equal.
「 ??? 」
L-Range Support Stand.
「 Papa Roach 」
S-Range Swarm Stand.
This Stand's exoskeleton renders it difficult to harm, but it has little physical power on its own. Instead, it uses powerful pheromones to attract nearby vermin, including rats and cockroaches, to perform all the fighting in its stead.
「 ??? 」
M-Range Swarm Stand.
「 ??? 」
L-Range Swarm Stand.




Gold ExperienceEdit

Skill Level Cost Description
Cardiac Massage 1 5 SP Revives one K.O.'d ally.
Stone Toss 1 1 SP Rangeless Physical attack.
Stand Attack 1 1 SP S-range Stand attack.
Life Flow 1 ? SP Restores some HP to an ally.
Sense Booster ? ? SP Grants Haste to an ally.
Bramble Wall ? ? SP Grants Thorn to an ally.
Sense Overflow ? ? SP Inflicts Confusion to an enemy.
Nullify Attack Requiem ? SP Causes all attacks targeting one ally to deal zero damage for the turn's duration.
The World Requiem ? SP Stops time, completely freezing all allies and enemies for a few turns. Does not freeze others that can stop time.

Sex PistolsEdit

Skill Level Cost Description
Reload 1 0 SP Restores Mista's SP.
Aim 1 0 SP Raises the user's accuracy.
Arm Shot ? 1 SP L-range Physical attack. Lowers attack.
Leg Shot ? 1 SP L-range Physical attack. Lowers speed.
Sharpshooting ? 2 SP L-range Physical attack. Ignores defense.
Headshot ? 4 SP Instantly defeats an enemy. Has a low success rate.

Spice GirlEdit

Skill Level Cost Description
Cardiac Massage 1 5 SP Revives one K.O.'d ally.
Stone Toss 1 1 SP Rangeless Physical attack.
Stand Attack 1 1 SP S-range Stand attack.
Soften 1 ? SP Lowers one enemy's attack and defense.
Soften Blow ? ? SP Greatly lowers one enemy's attack.
Soften Body ? ? SP Greatly lowers one enemy's defense.
Tear Through ? ? SP Instantly defeats a Softened enemy. Has a low success rate.


Skill Level Cost Description
Echoes ACT1 1
(ACTs 2/3)
0 SP Shifts Echoes into ACT1, a L-Range Control Stand.
Echoes ACT2 1
(ACTs 1/3)
0 SP Shifts Echoes into ACT2, a M-Range Special Stand.
Echoes ACT3 1
(ACTs 1/2)
0 SP Shifts Echoes into ACT3, a S-Range Speed Stand.
Cardiac Massage 1
(ACTs 2/3)
5 SP Revives one K.O.'d ally.
Stand Attack 1
(ACT 3)
1 SP S-range Stand attack on one enemy.
S-I-Z-Z-L-E 1
(ACT 2)
8 SP M-range Fire attack. Inflicts OnFire.
Three Freeze 1
(ACT 3)
? SP S-range Stand attack. Inflicts Heaviness.
ACT Freely Requiem Passive Allows ACT-specific skills to be used by any ACT.

Combination SkillsEdit

Skill User Description
Combination Attack Any An attack performed by two Stand-users in tandem. Better Combinations can be discovered as allies become closer.
Golden Sunlight Gold Experience
Rose Tattoo
Gold Experience generates immense life energy, and Rose Tattoo uses its brambles to channel it through its allies.
Earth's Core Echoes
Echoes' Three Freeze drags the enemy down into a pool of quicksand created by Antaean, completely preventing escape.


Item Type Description
Bottled Water Snack Ordinary water in a simple plastic bottle.
Restores a tiny bit of HP and SP. Five uses.
Dora Cola Snack A soda that miraculously fixes wounds.
Restores 35 HP.
Dario Brandy Snack A notoriously unlucky alcoholic drink.
Restores 100 HP. Lowers karma.
Ripple Tea Snack A mystical tea that swirls with strange energy.
Restores 20 SP.
Esi Coffee Snack Coffee hot enough to make your veins boil.
Restores 70 SP. Lowers karma.
Golden Tea Snack A herbal tea that fills you with life.
Restores 10 HP. Cures Poisoning.
Pearl Water Snack Pure snow water from the heights of Kilimanjaro.
Restores 30 HP. Cures all ailments.
Echoes High Snack Makes the word 'tasty' resound through your body.
Restores a little bit of HP and SP.
Pocoloco Punch Snack Organic fruit juice filled with good vibes.
Restores 5 HP. Raises karma.
Mineral Water Snack High-quality Italian mountain spring water.
Cures Poisoning. Restores 25 HP for Trish.
Tuscan Salami Snack A cured sausage, sliced into six even portions.
Restores 15 HP. Grants SP Regeneration for Mista.
Anchovy Pizza Food Pizza topped with salty yet savory fish.
Restores 50 HP.
Ten-Yen Bomb Item A Japanese coin empowered with explosive energy.
Battle only. Fire attack on all enemies.
Steel Ball Item A metal sphere charged with Hamon-like power.
Battle only. Light attack on all enemies.
UV Lasers Item A set of shoulder-mounted light cannons.
Battle only. Light attack on all enemies. Unlimited uses.
Shakedown Leaf Item A leaf from a tree in a distant Japanese town.
Battle only. Inflicts Blindness on all enemies.
Pink Dark Sketch Item The manuscripts for the famous manga Pink Dark Boy.
Battle only. Inflicts Controlled on all enemies.
Ogre's Powder Item A rare toxin sold in London's Ogre Street.
Battle only. Inflicts Poisoning on all enemies.
Stand Arrow Item An arrow that turns those pierced into Stand-users.
Boss battle only. Activates a Requiem Form.
Arrowhead Item The broken point of a lost Stand Arrow.
Grants a Requiem skill. Can only be obtained in Different Worlds runs.
Sabbath Lighter Item A lighter used to test prospective gangsters.
Battle only. Summons Black Sabbath. Can only be obtained in Different Worlds runs.
Brass Knuckles Equip Usually found in your back pocket, not your coat pocket.
+5 Attack.
Knife Equip A regular switchblade, used for self-defense.
+5 Attack. Protects against Binding.
Sunglasses Equip A pair of suave shades for suave dudes.
Protects against Blindness.
Saint Corpse Part Equip A mummified body part with a hallowed aura.
Protects against all ailments.
Sticker's Kiss Equip A sticker that can forcefully split things.
Grants the user a 25% chance of acting twice in one turn.





Character Description Skills
Leaky-Eye Luca TBA! Cranial Strike
Desperation Swing
Bruno Bucciaratti TBA! TBA!
Black Sabbath TBA! TBA!




  • The names of the two story modes, Original Sin and Different Worlds, are both named after songs, as a nod to the classic JoJo trope of having music as a common namesake.