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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Chains of Freedom (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険:自由の女神) is a part in the manga/anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, set in Great Britain during a separate series of events. It follows Joan Joyner, a Stand-user and a member of the Joestar family, in her conflict against a gang of malevolent Stand-users known as the Poker Faces.




Name Description Stand
Joan Joyner A gambling nut with a bad habit of trying to show off her intellectual prowess at inappropriate moments, and the youngest member of England's illustrious Joestar family - a group that has been intertwined with the fate of Stands and the Stone Masks for generations. She has been studying abroad for the past couple of years, and really likes reptiles. 「 Alice In Chains 」
A Stand that can summon ethereal chains to strike distant foes or bind objects in place. Additionally, the user is able to freely place objects or forces inside of the chains, then move them to different points on the chain and release them. The Stand itself can even ride a chain that the user is touching to extend its range.
Snooper Madigan A stubborn and showboating American who used to make his living by fighting in cage wrestling matches alongside his Stand. Until meeting Joan, he simply assumed that his Stand was simply a guardian spirit who was looking after him. 「 French Inhale 」
This Stand can inhale any object, transform it into a new state of matter inside of its lungs, and then forcefully exhale it in its new state. For example, if it inhaled water, the Stand would be able to exhale either scalding clouds of steam or bullet-like chunks of hail. It's capable of inhaling living creature, but runs the risk of having its lungs seriously damaged by the creature's struggles to escape.
Gabri Espinosa An indecisive and nervous student interning with the Speedwagon Foundation who developed a Stand from a tiny cut on her finger that she got while handling a Stand arrow. Her clumsiness earned her a boring job looking after Santana and making sure that the UV lights keeping him trapped don't shut down. 「 Every Avenue ACT1 」
This Stand can use variables to analyze a situation, determining every possible outcome and the probability of each outcome. The more variables it has to analyze, the longer the analysis will have to be to ensure higher levels of accuracy. It is unable to account for variable that are beyond the user's knowledge.
「 Every Avenue ACT2 」
Along with the ability of its predecessor, this Stand can use strange psychic abilities to create an "independent variable" - a variable that will always stay the same, no matter what happens. The variable cannot directly influence the actions of a living creature, but aside from that, there is no limit to what it can turn into an independent variable.
「 Every Avenue ACT3 」
The final form of Every Avenue does not possess its predecessors' abilities. Instead, it can jump forward or backward in time by up to a minute and alter events, such as pushing an object over. While in a different time, its physical power is reduced by about half, and its user in the present will be incapable of using any of Every Avenue's abilities until it returns.
Jean Pierre Joan's pet tortoise. He is lazy and impartial, but also incredibly loyal to Joan through a sort of puppy love. He also tends to snap at strangers. He developed a Stand and a human-level intellect during an assassin's attack on Joan, when he was seemingly killed by a Stand Arrow impaling him through the shell. 「 Sweet Chariot 」
An armored swordfighter equipped with a razor-sharp rapier. It can retreat into its bladed shell-like breastplate to protect itself from harm, or detach it from its body altogether and hurl it like a giant chakram. The armor improves its defenses drastically, but removing it lets it move at high speed.
Diede Brando The adopted granduncle of Joan. He has hidden his vampiric nature from his stepfamily by claiming his eternal youth is another Stand ability. Though calm and apathetic on the surface, he cares deeply for the Joestar family, and will go to extreme and often violent measures to ensure their continued safety. 「 Holy Diver 」
This Stand is able to "freeze" gravity for a short time. In frozen gravity, anything in the air or pushed off of a surface will not fall. For example, if an object was thrown upwards, it would reach the peak of its throw before halting in midair.
Kouki Himura The "Ace of Spades" of the Poker Faces, as well as the gang's kingpin. He's a former thug of the Yakuza who has used his Stand for his own personal gain for as long as anyone can remember, and seeks to transcend the limitations of mortality through any means necessary so that he can experience everything there is to experience. 「 Triggerfinger 」
Triggerfinger is able to deflect any incoming attacks and fire them right back at the sender. At its prime, it can reflect city-engulfing explosions, volleys of mach-speed punches, and Stand abilities that are otherwise considered unblockable. However, it can only deflect once the things out wants to reflect are in an incredibly close range, so complete focus on the task at hand is a must.
「 Absence of the Sun 」
This sarcophagus Stand has no combat potential. Instead, it passively absorbs life energy from dead bodies. This energy is used to revive the user inside the sarcophagus if he should ever die. As it rebuilds the user as he was when Absence of the Sun was first created, any memories or abilities obtained between Absence of the Sun's creation and the user's death, as well as the user's clothes and held objects, will be lost.
Regina Medloh The "Queen of Hearts" of the Poker Faces. She acts as a bodyguard for her sickly younger brother Argus, and handles this role exceptionally well thanks to her Stand's impressive combat potential. 「 Steamhammer 」
A Stand with the ability to store kinetic energy in its limbs before violently releasing it to perform limitlessly powerful attacks, like a spring being compressed. It's physically destructive, but if the user is too distracted, the stored energy may backfire and severely harm the user.
Argus Medloh The "King of Hearts" of the Poker Faces. He is overcome with disease and is incapable of actually fighting. He's kept around by the gang as a secret weapon due to his Stand's incredible powers. He is glum and nihilistic, but lives life in the fast lane knowing he might die any day. 「 Suicide King 」
This inert Stand creates energy at an incredible rate. In fact, a machine tapping into its energy could theoretically run until the end of the universe. He can release the energy from his body as light, heat, electricity, or motion. If the Stand stockpiles too much energy, though, it could explode with enough power to take out an entire city, killing its user in the process.
Boniface Porras The "Jack of Clubs" of the Poker Faces. A professional chessmaster and an unmatched strategist. Usually the brains behind most of the group's operations when Himura isn't directly involved. He has no care for any grunts that work under him, and sees them only as cheap and easily replaced tools. 「 Sever The Ties 」
By touching a drawing or photograph, this Stand can give it a mysterious link to whatever it depicts. Anyone who destroys or damages the picture will be unable to directly sense or interact with whatever it depicts until the picture is repaired or the Stand-user dies.
Joeseph Korr A mysterious individual who associates and occasionally works with the Poker Faces. Known for his unpredictable fighting style, extensive watch collection, and horrible yellow suits. Mr. Korr is not a man to be trifled with. 「 Midnight Oil 」
This Stand is unique in that it can spit out certain liquids at certain times. As its name suggests, at midnight it can spit out blistering hot oil. At 1 in the morning it can fire a torrent of acid, at midday it just spits out regular water, and so on. Both the Stand's power and the liquids it has already spit out will change if taken across a timezone.
Lorenzo Ai A Stand-user who helps run the Bear Tap, a club where Joan meets Snooper. He later helps the Poker Faces before being abandoned after a fight between the two sides. Goes by the nickname "Loverboy" due to how easily he forms crushes on the girls in his club. 「 SAWFT is a Sin 」
This unique Stand allows Lorenzo to switch between two bodies, one with great speed and one with great power. The one not in use floats behind Lorenzo as his Stand.
Santana The sole remaining Pillar Man, often considered the weakest of their number. He was released from his forced petrification in a Speedwagon Foundation facility by the Poker Faces in the hopes that his knowledge of the Stone Masks will help them in their plotting... N/A
This character does not have a Stand.
??? An undecided Stand-user. 「 Johnny B Goode 」
A strange Stand that grants the user immense movement speed. When the user reaches a certain speed, the Stand will also begin to develop pyrokinesis. Moving even faster upon reaching this point will increase the potency and range of the pyrokinesis.