JoJo, the insane chameleon.

I'm JoJo! The most magical wizard of all time! And I will not let you little piglets stop me from making the whole universe tremble on it's knees over me!
JoJo, Skip and Sqak 2

JoJo (AKA The Amazing JoJo) is a Green Chameleon Magician and the Main Antagonist of Skip and Sqak 2. He used to be a very popular magician and tries to be more magical by awakening a Pasiku Statue, causing it to unleash a portal that sends Skip, Sqak and their friends to the future 600 Million years.

It was believed JoJo either got sent to another dimension or erased from existence but he survived as he was sent to the future as well.


It was JoJo's fault that the gang got sent to the future. Before he became bad, he was a great magician as he pulled impossible magic tricks to his audience. He was very popular but his fame was short lived when everyone was tired of seeing his magic. Desperate for more tricks and magic, JoJo tried to be more magical by coming to a Pasiku Statue and awakens it but the Statue goes nuts and opens a portal that sucked JoJo along with Skip, Sqak and their friends.

To The Future


Akutio, JoJo's disguised alter ego

For generations, people spread rumors that JoJo's fate was either death or vanished. But he was sent to the future 6 Million years and disguised himself as a wizard named "Akutio" to make sure no one knows his plans for revenge. When he saw Skip and Sqak and their friends being attacked by Red Ants in the woods, he destroys them with his powers. Before the gang can thank him, he flees back into his hut and the gang caught up with him.

Akutio then explains that he is touched by Dark Iku like Cynder, and decides to help the team by building a machine to take them home and make Sunny City "sunny again". The gang trust the talented wizard very well until at the Red Ant Lab, Akutio/JoJo turns them in to Dr. Sakerine for Money (Solo Mode)/ abandons them (Multiplayer Mode).

Afterwords, the gang were furious at Akutio until he shows them he has a change of heart. The heroes accept his apology, but Dib grows suspicous.

Betrayal and Boss Fight

Soon the SSFF go to Akutio to check how the machine is going, they go to an abandoned amusement park called "Fun Land" where Akutio is building the machine. When the SSFF got to Akutio and his machine, they realized Akutio is actually using it to send Dark Iku across the world. They fought and defeated Akutio and the machine is destroyed, but they were too late to stop Akutio who disappears.

Race Tournament And True Form

At the finals of the Hover Race Tournament, the SSFF race Ravi, Akutio and other racers compete in the championship. When the SSFF win the championship tournament, Akutio gets furious and tries to steal the wish the gang are wishing to go home, resulting a scuffle from Croco.

The tug of war causes Akutio's disguise to fail and reveals to be JoJo The Chameleon disguising himself as a goat. JoJo tries to steal the wish bubble but the SSFF fought him, as the Red Ants summon the Dark Iku Castle to turn the world dark, which sucks the wish bubble into the castle.

The team go on Dr. Tron's new blimp to get the wish bubble back while JoJo crashes into a barrel set of Dark Iku.

Final Battle And Death

However, instead of dying, JoJo becomes fused into the Dark Iku which turns him into a giant beast. Right when the gang were about to get the Wish Bubble to go home, Dark JoJo swallows it and gets his wish, to become the best magician in the world, and tries to kill them.

The SSFF and Dark JoJo have a huge battle while the Blue Ants launch the Light Iku Laser to destroy the castle which blasts right below Dark JoJo's feet and vaporizes him, along with the Wish Bubble. The SSFF manage to escape the falling palace and decide to stay in the future to protect the city now that the Dream Bubble is gone forever.

It is assumed JoJo was completely destroyed and sent to the Underworld.


  • JoJo sort of resembles Leon from the Star Fox Games
  • In his Akutio disguise, he has a talent of rhyming
  • Akutio can be easily compared to Dimentio from Super Paper Mario, since both are jesters, both have magic powers, both betray the protagonists, and both the Final Boss.
  • Akutio's first three letters "Aku" means "Evil" in Japanese, which could refer to how Akutio/JoJo turns out to be a villain.