"Nice to meet you!"

Jo, is the brother of Mo, and an original character from the fighter Fantendo Fight Fest! He is a god, who unlike his brother, is nice, caring, and happy. He is the embodiment of good.

Current Age 25,000,000
Gender Male
Current Status Alive(Immortal)
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Sword
Vulnerable To Darkness
Voice Actor(s)
Jason Griffith
First Appearance Fantendo Fight Fest!
Latest Appearance Fantendo Fight Fest!


Jo, is everything his brother Mo is not. He is kind, loveable, caring, happy, peaceful and more. He is an anchient deity to represent Good. He loves all, even the evil villains, and especially loves his brother Mo, even though they are very different.


Jo, is blonde-haired and has tan skin. He has buck teeth, but they're not that big. He also likes to wear expensive jewelry, and has boots, and gloves. He also wears a necklace that shows an angel, showing that he is good. He like his brother wears jeans, and has a sword attached to his belt.


TBA (Art is coming soon.)