Summary  One of the enemies you face in Okami 3 (name subject to change). Part way through the temple, Kuni's exploration is halted by a ninja seeking to protect Tsunade (who, unbeknownst to either of them, is afflicted by the Nue's miasma), figuring Kuni to be some sort of demon. The ninja, known as Jiraiya, wields a gun, boasts impressive martial arts, and, most impressively, can transform into a giant toad. After learning Kuni wishes to undo Tsunade's affliction (as well as everyone else's), Jiraiya bows, apologizing for his misdeeds. After the Nue is defeated, players can talk to him and get involved in a side quest.

Battle in the Temple


  • Phase 1
Name Description Damage/effects
Kick combo Sweeps a foot in front of him, then swing a foot level with his stomach, then jabs a foot forward. He can cut the combo short. Each strike does a third unit of damage per strike.
Gun sweep Sweeps the butt of the gun in front of him. Deals half a unit of damage.
Gun jab Jabs the butt of the gun quickly in front. Deals a third a unit of damage. Usually chains into gun sweep.
Focus shot Carefully aims and fires a bullet. Kuni can use the celestial brush to power slash the bullet back at Jiraiya to stun him. Deals half a unit of damage.
Block Holds gun out horizontally in front of him, blocking any attacks Kuni might throw. Can break the block with a power slash. Doesn't deal damage, but throw Kuni off before pulling off an attack himself.
  • Phase 2
Name Description Damage/effects
Head butt Levels head down to Kuni's level and thrusts it forward. Deals half a unit of damage.
Tongue sweep combo Flicks tongue out of the side of his mouth. He then sweep it across the floor before swinging it the other way, a little elevated so to trick inattentive players. Spans half the arena's length. Kuni can use power slash on the tongue to stun the toad. Each sweep deals half a unit of damage.
Tongue slam Turns head towards ceiling, flicking tongue up towards the ceiling. He then flicks his head downwards with the intention of slamming the tongue on top of you. Spans the entire length of the arena. Kuni can use power slash on the tongue to stun the toad. Deals a unit of damage.
Tongue catch Scrunches head towards his shoulders (toads have shoulders, right?) before flicking his tongue outward. Spans the length of the arena and focuses on where Kuni stands at the time of unleashing it. After the tongue latches to the surface, players can use the power slash on the tongue to stun the toad. Or they can place a cherry bomb where they stood and have Jiraiya snatch it, having it explode in its mouth for massive damage. If the attack connects, Kuni is yanked into the toads maw and chewed on a bit before being spat out. Does two units of damage.
Belly slam Tries to leap on top of Kuni. Deals a unit of damage on contact.


-techniques necessary: power slash, cherry bomb, waterspout

Kuni enters a rectangular arena surrounded by water. A cutscene plays where Jiraiya hops down from above, aiming a gun at Kuni, threatening to strike him down "with his other demon associates." Despite Kuni's fervent denial, he is forced to beat some sense into him.

So far, he hardly seems to be a challenge. All one has to do to avoid his melee attacks are to retreat a safe distance from him. When you see him cock the gun, get ready to pull up the celestial brush. He does sometimes block attacks before going on the offensive himself. After taking out half of his health, he explains how he was just holding back. He does a series of hand motions before being enveloped in a puff of smoke. When the smoke clears, Jiraiya has been replaced by a toad three times the size of a bear.

With the new transformation, Jiraiya has significantly higher defense than before. Getting close to him while he's not stunned isn't that helpful. Wait for him to unveil his tongue and then power slash it. This causes Jiraiya to stumble forward, stunned, leaving his mouth exposed. Kuni can strike this to deal more damage than they could previously. Look out for when he scrunches up, he's about to pull of an attack that'll leave him especially vulnerable with a well placed cherry bomb. Kuni can also use waterspout to force water into his open mouth to make him and his attacks significantly slower, giving Kuni plenty of opportunity to avoid and counter hi attacks.

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