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Do you think i WANT to be hero? I'd much rather be surfin the web and chillaxin at my house than be doing THIS

-Him to The Mayor in Boomageddon
Jimmy Lokket

Jimmny Lokket is the main character in the Boomageddon series. He is a Green Palzomend that is the last of the Ultimate Warrors. His best friend is Snox Qterb, even though Snox can annoy him. He is in love with Sparkle Avoa, and will do anything to protect her.


Jimmny was born in 7234. Humans have been wiped out due to a experiment gone wrong. Jimmny's father, Gorron Lokket, was killed when he was only 4. His life turned upside down then.He moved to many towns and had moved to 7 towns total by the time he was 14. His newest home has been the one he's been staying at since he was 14. He met friends and finally had a normal life. But then a secret came out. His Great Great Grandfather was a Ultimate warrior. Ultimate Warriors passed down to father to his son to his son'sson to his son's son's son and so on. That's the reason his father was killed. Boomageddon, the expiment gone wrong had raised Living Ghost Bombs to kill the Ultimate Warriors.

Now Jimmny was next.

But now, he discoverd that he had secret power. Powers that could save everything he loved. Powers that in the wrong hands, could be deadly. He must now defeat Doomageddon to end his regin of terror once and for all.


  • Flying: All Pazomends can float. But they can only float feet up. Jimmny can fly up to 50 miles. With this power he is able to defeat flying enemies and save people falling from buildings. This is Jimmny's signature power and is used in all the games.
  • Electric Pulse: Electric Pulses are yellow lighting that comes out of Jimmny. He can shock enemies with it. He can also fry eletronic devices with it. Also he turn into it and go inside machinery to destroy them.
  • Invisablity: Jimmny can turn invisable to hid from enemies. He often uses this to go behind people and shock them. He can fly and get off radars by turning invisable as well.
  • Munch Attacks: Munch attacks are when Jimmny eat's enemies. When doing so, he get's health from the enemny. The downside is that enemies can attack from inside, so he must be careful. Snox came up with the name for them.






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