The hero Jim's appearance, the basic Purple Jim.

This is for the species of most of the characters in Jim of the Floating Isles. For the main character who is also named Jim, see Jim (character).

Jims are a species, usually described as a fuzz ball with black chicken legs, 2 big round eyes, and spike look-alikes on the sides. Jims are only 8 inches tall, and rather odd creatures. They have high IQs compared to most animals, and even speak their own "language" of squeaks that sound like "meep" or "henh". While some are friendly and good as pets, often there are Jims who are rather mean and carries diseases.

In Jim of the Floating Isles, most of them died during the process of being flown into the air, or landing into lava, but some were on perfect plates and were OK, such as the unnamed hero Jim, who was resting under a tree during it.

Known Jim Types


Known Jim Characters

  • Jim- The hero of the game.
  • Sign Spirit- A Jim who was turned into a Sign Spirit by "him".
  • General Cil- The alpha leader of the Snow Castle.
  • Jeniysa- The brother of hero Jim, is playable in Two player and Mini-games.
  • Fat Jim- The main boss of the Forest level who turns out he was having a fit over his food lost, and later helps Jim out.
  • Cactus Jim- A prickled covered Alpha Cactus Jim who is made at Jim for being in his territory.
  • Li'l Cracker- A baby Whip Jim who is lost and Jim must rescue. He later aids Jim in the next level.

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